March 18, 2024

Al Neal Is Invited To Speak At The Prophecy Club About The New World Order Mind Control And Occult Symbolism Right In Our Faces. Mind Blown With This New Information. 😳😩

GlobalAwareness101 published Al Neal, Prophecy Club: New World Order Mind Control. Mind blown 😳 with this new information. 😩

I typed a transcript starting at 25:52 minutes for you below. This is just a taste of what you'll learn.

Al Neal: I was surfing the internet and found this strange sight. Here's the grandson of Aleister Crowley. For researchers who are familiar with that name, it's the man who made black magic return to our century. There's much at your local library about Aleister Crowley who died in 1947. Notice on this website, it's called the Order of the Evil Eye. We do not need to read out all the particulars. But please notice at the bottom, it says "Death to Christianity."

I pass 6 or 8 billboards on my way driving here today where eyes were used to control the person in the car reading the advertisement on the billboard.

But remember, Michael Hoffman said, "That a medievil peasant would run away from a lot of signs and symbols that we embrace today."

This one is very well known. This is Lucent Technologies. I have a little story behind this. A good crowd of Christian people are very informed about Lucent Technologies. Traveling across the country, especially in Little Rock and Denver, I noticed the biggest, the largest warehouses in the country are owned by Lucent Technologies. I also read that they purchases office space at 666 Fifth Avenue, New York. But it's quite okay. Someone has to purchase office space in that building. So notice, not only do we have a red circle which is a very important symbol in the occult. But it is white in one place, it is the serpent biting his tail which is an old symbol for Lucifer. All of these facts are very well known.

Now I will introduce a fact that is not known. Has not been discussed by researchers in this country. It is actually a Hebrew letter. It is the Hebrew letter Samekh and this letter is portrayed by this symbol. But the Hebrew letter Samekh means a sign or a prop. Notice this is a Lucent sign.

I was at an Expo in Colombus, Ohio. I had a friend travel all the way from Detroit to exchange information. He was a retired dental surgeon. Someone told us there was a headquarters at the edge of town. He said, "Al would you like me to rush out and get a photograph for your research?" I said, "Yes, make sure you get the red O on the sign." So this retired dental surgeon rushed out to get it before it got too dark. This is a public street. I suppose it's a public building. But when he snapped the photograph, the security guard came out and threatened to arrest him. But my friend was an only child, even though he's 65, he's headed toward his 70's, he still gets his way. So he backed off very slowly talking at the same time until he got close to the car and he threw his camera in and drove off. I did not know it's against the law to photograph a sign in a major city. I guess we have a lot to learn. Don't we?

Have you seen this emblem before? There was a controversy in the 80's. This is a typical article that appeared in the newspapers discussing this symbol on a lot of products. There was a big fuss. There was a boycott. People took extreme measures. I do not agree. They went to the plant of Proctor and Gamble. They threw paint on some employees cars. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DEAL WITH ISSUES WHETHER YOU ARE RIGHT OR WRONG. You don't take up balance. You don't create a wrong against a wrong. The way you fight evil is get to the bottom of things and get the truth out. You can prop up a lie. But a truth can stand on its own.

The president of the company made a press release he said, "None of the money of this company goes to the devil." That's probably correct. I am not going to critique Proctor and Gamble at all. I am not going to say anything about that company. Because it was probably the truth.

But it is interesting, that on the Phil Donohue show, this president of Proctor and Gamble finally admitted that he was a member of The Church of Satan.

So maybe the company is clean as a whistle. But maybe sometimes powerful people slip into high places. I want you to understand that they are very very highly educated. Notice this interesting term. I have never dabbled in witchcraft. I have never been intrigued. I've never practiced in any way. But a good General will study his enemy anyway to understand how they think so that he knows how to commit the battle when they meet on the battle ground. So I went to the local library and decided to read up on the witchcraft and to see what they believe. I was very unfamiliar with this fact. Every time I brought it up speaking in cities across the United States no one has heard of this term. Let's read it.

It's very important. "The Old' Un' is a dialect term used to indicate the devil. Yet the Old Religion (that's a way of saying witchcraft) Yet the Old Religion, with its roots in Nature (it's nature worship), still lived on in the hearts and minds of the people. This way of referring to the Devil as 'The Old' Un' is an instance of this..."

And here is the documentation. It's from a book printed in 1973. I acquired it at the Branch Division of my local library. It was missing soon after that. I've learned that Occultist would rather steal their literature than purchase it. So I got to thinking about this old term, The Un' and I said it's very well known in their language and their communication that they refer to the Devil is Un'. There is a Devil hand product. I won't mention it by name. But you can guess what the first 2 letters are. There's another very well known product that men use. They purchase these products to fix up their house. There is a Devil on the cover of all their paint cans, all their products and of course they're located at Union, New Jersey and that begins with 2 letters, U.N.

I decided to be bold. I wrote the Church of Satan. I told them I need an application. They probably thought I would be a member right away. Please notice a few things from the header of the return letter. I have the application. If you're thinking of joining. See me later. I'll get you a copy. Please notice. Here's that infamous inverted Pentagram. The red circle is very important to the Occult. It symbolizes the Sun. It symbolizes Sun worship. You may not think that's important. I have a dozen to 2 dozen ads where the Sun is in the advertisement and the number 666 is also in the advertisement. You may notice there are hundreds of companies in the United States that dot their i, if they have the letter i in their name, with a small red dot. One oil company has one letter that is red and it stands out from the rest of the letters. Enough on the inverted Pentagram. Enough on the circle.

Please notice there are Hebrew letters around the points of this inverted Pentagram. I guess Satanists are intellectuals. It appears that they know something about foreign languages. Please notice the post office box. Is it a coincidence? My question is why would the postmaster allow some society, but you know we have freedom of religion in America, why would he allow someone like The Church of Satan to acquire a box number 666. Please file in your memory what State this is in because we're going to do some word play on this State in just a moment.

But for this little part please notice the inverted Pentagram. Let's go to Washington D.C. This is the headquarters for Eastern Star. There are 2 inverted Pentagrams in the iron grillwork around the building. Even the ironwork has inverted Pentagrams. I wonder about those fine ladies. Have they ever questioned anyone about the symbol for their organization? I think they need to ban together and find a new one.

Let's do a quick study from the Funk and Wagnall's Dictionary of Folklore about a character named Pan. Not everyone is familiar with this character Pan. It is actually a term used for the Devil in Greece. You might remember the cartoon drawings about Pan. But there are some things we need to note. In this little definition about Pan we learn 2 or 3 important facts. Number one he was over reproduction of the flocks, usually the goat and the sheep. A lot of these Occult groups are protecting what is known as fertility worship.We won't expound on that. You adults know exactly what I'm talking when I say fertility worship. He had horns. He could only be found in the darkest forest. If you went to search for Pan in the noonday sun. He was always in the darkest place. His mere presence created such fear. It is the origin of the word, panic. That is the origin of the word. Because of the great fear he created.

But this is 20th century America. Why would we begin to mention someone named Pan? Here's Pan on the cover of 'Vanity Fair'. Again, here's Pan on the cover of 'The New Yorker'. I'm not saying anything against these magazines. I read a lot of New Yorkers. It wasn't meant in any evil fashion. It's just showing that Pan is very well known. Even if you make a cartoon or some little remark about Pan. But what is Pan doing in the middle of Indianapolis, in the middle of the concrete jungle downtown? Remember I said Pan dwelt in the darkest part of the forest? Right in the middle of the concrete jungle in Indianapolis, there is a statue of Pan in the trees. He's always found in the deep dark forests. Also in Indianapolis someone was playing word games I believe because there's Pan's consort, Diana. You can find the word Diana in Indiana or Indianapolis. Word games are prevalent in secret socieites.

Remember we're looking for this creature named Pan. This is the Washington Cathedral. This is where you're politicians go to worship on Sunday morning in Washington D.C. It can be located by going to the higest point in Washington D.C. It's interesting to me because in the Old Testament, the prophets of Baal were always worshipping at the highest point. I went in to talk to the female reverend briefly. But please note how high, how tall, this Cathedral is. Please note the 2 doors at the bottom. Notice above the doors there is some type of sculpture. I won't hold this up too long. Actually if you figure out what it is, it is very provocative because there are nude men and women in the sculpture over the doors where the people enter. I have enlargements. But we won't show them. I wonder what they worship there at the Cathedral. But I had to go looking around to see what I could find. So I went to the garden where the trees and the shrubs and there was Pan at the Washington Cathedral in Washington D.C. Probably just a harmless little statue.

In 35 years of reserch, the biggest shock to come to me was that the people in secret societies, in occult underground groups, seem to know more about scripture, seem to know more about the bible than people who carry one and profess to be God believing Christian people. Now they're very very well versed in their beliefs and Christian beliefs also and they love to play word games.

Of course Pennsylvania is named for that great man that had liberty, religious liberty in his state William Penn. But please note, that the Romans had another name for Pan. They called him Sylvanus, Salinas, Sylvane, Sylvan, a Sylvan Compass. There are towns in this country called Sylvan Grove because it's where there are trees. On this map you will note the largest national forest in the state of Pennsylvania. Both words can be punned into Pennsylvania. If you're very observant. If you look close you would have noted that the route number is 666.

There's a product advertised in Life Magazine in 1955, it's called 666 and it's for head colds. I have ads going back to 1937 advertising this product. I wonder why people would choose such a number for a product. Don't they think they might offend Christian people? I mean everyone is familiar with that infamous number mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Very few Christians realize the number appears twice in the Old Testament. If you'll do your homework, you'll find a common thread running between these verses. God knew everything from the beginning. I did a little research on this company. They are located in Jacksonville, Florida. I thought it was a big drug company. I drove down to take some photographs. It was just one little building under the trees. They had one bronze plaque beside the door and it was advertising this product. Maybe this is all they make. Please note the name of the drug company. A lot of people call it, call the name, Montecello. Actually, the correct pronunciation is Mon-te-chello. Montecello are 2 French words. So this product is manufactured at Montecello in Jacksonville, Florida.

I'm not critiquing their product. I'm not saying that this is more than a coincidence. But I am noticing patterns about some of these numbers and names in the United States. Please keep it in mind while we study this great road. This is a federal road. It was in 4 states two years ago. The state of Arizona voted to change this route number. They said, "We do not want route 666 in our state anymore." I think that's they way things should be done. If you're product number or your name begins to offend people why not change it. Why not take into consideration even the beliefs of Christian people. Whether there is no evil intention at the beginning or not. Here we have a road. This is a federal road that goes between states. It used to go up from the Mexican border up through the state of Arizona, it turned east and went into Gallop, New Mexico. Then it turned north and went through the southwestern corner of Colorado. Then it turn west and found itself in the state of Utah and that's where it ended at Montecello, Utah. Now we have a match. Twice we've used the term Montecello in association with the number 666. But then again I wonder how many people can even read Hebrew? I'm not a scholar. I do a little Hebrew studies to see what I can find in the Old Testament. The Hebrew word Tav means a mark. This road ends in Utah and it is actually the serpent hanging on the cross. Because this road weaves itself around 4 corners USA.

In 1984, here's proof from Time Magazine that they made a specific number appear when discussing the relationship of a new phone that they were going to promise the American people. They said, "We can put a phone in every automobile." They had a name for this new system. This is where it's being introduced in 1984 Time Magazine. Bells are ringing on the road. I think that's great. Every American can call home from the automobile. On a cellular. Did you catch that word? C.E.L.L. Remember Montecello? Mon-te-chello? Every American may call home on the way to the office on their new cellular phone. In this article we are told that the FCC allotted 666 channels for cellular telephone. I think that's a great number.

This is Time Magazine 1972. If you're not aware of the fact there is an Occult revival in the United States. Do not get angry. I think it's the only revival going on in the United States. Please note there's that 5 pointed inverted Pentagram again. There are a lot of symbols and these symbols go beyond just advertising. Of course, Time Magazine did not mean this in an evil way. I'm not critiquing Time. I get Time and Newsweek every week. I have for a decade. But I'm saying that they even know, it's portrayed showing you that these Occult groups use this inverted Pentagram.


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