May 20, 2024

INDONESIA: Mount Ibu Volcano Erupted Saturday 5/18 Evening Forcing Hundreds From 7 Villages To Evacuate. Indonesia Has 127 Active Volcanoes That Sit On The Pacific Ocean "Ring of Fire".

Firstpost published May 20, 2024: Indonesia Volcanic Eruptions: Why is Cold Lava Deadly? Vantage with Palki Sharma.

Indonesia’s second most active volcano sent ash 4 km into the sky, with purple lightning flashing around its crater. Thousands evacuated from the nearby villages as rescue teams moved people to emergency shelters. As residents evacuate and rescue teams mobilize, the danger of cold lava flows looms large. Indonesia, with its 127 active volcanoes, sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, making volcanic eruptions a constant threat. With over 21,000 eruptions last year, Indonesia is no stranger to volcanic disasters. But can it do better? Can disaster preparedness help save lives? Palki Sharma tells you.
The Manila Times published May 18, 2024: Indonesia's Mount Ibu erupts again, forcing hundreds to evacuate. Mount Ibu on Indonesia's remote Halmahera island erupts again -- the second massive eruption in two days -- spewing ash and smoke 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) into the sky. Hundreds of people living near the erupting volcano have been evacuated after authorities raised its alert status to the highest level.
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Reuters News
written by Staff
Sunday May 19, 2024

JAKARTA - A volcano on the remote Indonesian island of Halmahera has spectacularly erupted, spewing a grey ash cloud into the sky, and people from seven nearby villages have been evacuated, authorities said on Sunday.

Mt. Ibu erupted on Saturday evening, sending ash 4 km (2.5 miles) high, as streaks of purple lightning flashed around its crater, according to information and images shared by Indonesia's volcanology agency.

A joint team comprised of police, military and search and rescue officials was dispatched to the area to evacuate residents from surrounding villages, Abdul Muhari, from the disaster mitigation agency, said in a statement.

Photos shared by the disaster agency showed authorities assisting the elderly, while other residents were moved in pick-up trucks and accommodated in emergency tents for the night.

The agency did not provide any information about how many people had been moved, but authorities have recommended that a seven-km (4.35-mile) radius be cleared.

Indonesia's volcanology agency raised the alert level of the volcano to the highest level on Thursday, after Ibu erupted multiple times earlier this month.

Ibu's activities follow a series of eruptions of different volcanoes in Indonesia, which sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and has 127 active volcanoes.

Flash floods and cold lava flow from Mount Marapi, one of the most active in West Sumatra province, covered several nearby districts following torrential rain on May 11, killing more than 60 people.

In recent weeks, North Sulawesi's Ruang volcano has also erupted, spewing incandescent lava. The eruption prompted authorities to evacuate more than 12,000 people on a nearby island.

IRAN: President, Foreign Minister, 6 Others Were Killed In A Helicopter Crash Sunday 5/19 Midday Returning From Inauguration Of Joint Hydroelectric Power Project With Neighbouring Azerbaijan.

Firstpost published May 20, 2024: Iran President Ebrahim Raisi Killed in Helicopter Crash: What Happened. Vantage with Palki Sharma.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi died in a deadly helicopter crash in east Azerbaijan Province of Iran yesterday. His mortal remains were discovered by a rescue team today. While the cause of the crash is yet to be determined, experts say the bad weather could have been a factor. Initial investigation has revealed that Raisi's helicopter made a hard landing. They are also pointing out that President Raisi and his team were flying in a decades-old chopper. No one aboard the chopper survived the crash, including Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, a cleric and five of Raisi's close aides. Raisi was a hardline ruler, and a close aide to Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. After Raisi's departure, Khamenei announced a five-day national mourning period for Iran, and said that the regime will continue to operate "without any disruptions". He has also appointed Vice President Mohammad Mokhber to serve as Iran's interim President until the next Presidential elections in the regime. On Vantage, Palki Sharma brings you a detailed report on Raisi's death and what it could mean for Iran.
Forbes Breaking News published May 20, 2024: Austin Asked Point Blank If Helicopter Crash That Killed Iran's President Raisi Was An Accident.

Reuters News
written by Parisa Hafezi and Yomna Mohamed
Monday May 20, 2024

DUBAI - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, a hardliner seen as a potential successor to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was killed when his helicopter crashed in poor weather in mountains near the Azerbaijan border, officials and state media said on Monday. The charred wreckage of the helicopter which crashed on Sunday carrying Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and six other passengers and crew was found early on Monday after an overnight search in blizzard conditions.

Supreme Leader Khamenei, who holds ultimate power with a final say on foreign policy and Iran's nuclear programme, said First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, would take over as interim president, the official IRNA news agency reported. "I announce five days of public mourning and offer my condolences to the dear people of Iran," Khamenei said in a statement. Mokhber, like Raisi, is seen as close to Khamenei.

The crash comes at a time of growing dissent within Iran over an array of political, social and economic crises. Iran's clerical rulers face international pressure over Tehran's disputed nuclear programme and its deepening military ties with Russia during the war in Ukraine.

Since Iran's ally Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, provoking Israel's assault on Gaza, conflagrations involving Iran-aligned groups have erupted throughout the Middle East.

A long "shadow war" between Iran and Israel broke into the open last month with tit-for-tat exchanges of drone and missile fire.

An Israeli official, who requested anonymity, told Reuters it was not involved in the crash. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he had no insight into the cause of the crash, adding the United States had no part to play in it.

Under the Islamic Republic's constitution, a new presidential election must be held within 50 days. Any candidate must first be vetted by the Guardian Council, a hardline watchdog that has often disqualified even prominent conservative and moderate officials, meaning the overall thrust of Iranian policy would be unlikely to change.

"As Iran selects a new president, we reaffirm our support for the Iranian people and their struggle for human rights and fundamental freedoms," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said as the U.S. expressed its "official condolences".


Government loyalists packed into mosques and squares to pray for Raisi, but most shops remained open and the authorities made little effort to interrupt ordinary life.

"He was a hard working president. His legacy will endure as long as we are alive," said Mohammad Hossein Zarrabi, 28, a member of the volunteer Basij religious militia in the holy Shi'ite city of Qom. But other Iranians showed little sorrow.

"Who cares. One hardliner dies, another takes over and our misery continues," said Reza, 47, a shopkeeper in the central desert city of Yazd who did not give his full name, fearing reprisals. "We're too busy with economic and social issues to worry about such news."

State media reported that images from the site showed the U.S.-made Bell 212 helicopter slammed into a mountain peak, although there was no official word on the cause of the crash. The dead also included the governor of East Azerbaijan Province and a senior imam from Tabriz city.

Iran was a major buyer of Bell helicopters under the U.S.-backed Shah before the 1979 Islamic revolution, though the exact origin of the aircraft that crashed was not clear. Decades of sanctions have made it hard for Iran to obtain parts or upgrade its aircraft.

The helicopter went down in Varzeqan region north of Tabriz, as Raisi returned from an official visit to the border with Azerbaijan, in Iran's northwest, to inaugurate the Qiz-Qalasi Dam, a joint project.

BBC News, UK
written by Staff
Sunday May 19, 2024

President Ebrahim Raisi and seven other people were killed on Sunday when the helicopter they were travelling in came down near the border with Azerbaijan, Iranian authorities have confirmed.

This is what we know so far about the crash.

Why was the president flying in a helicopter?

Raisi flew to the far north-western province of East Azerbaijan on Sunday morning for the inauguration of the Qiz Qalasi and Khoda Afarin dams, a joint hydroelectric power project with neighbouring Azerbaijan on the Aras river.

He was joined at the ceremony by Azerbaijan’s President, Ilham Aliyev, who said he had bid a “friendly farewell” before the helicopter departed the dam area and flew towards the city of Tabriz, about 130km (80 miles) to the south.

Raisi had been scheduled to inaugurate a project at the Tabriz oil refinery.

Who else was on board the aircraft?

There were seven people accompanying the president who also died in the crash, according to the commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC), Major General Hossein Salami.

They included Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, as well as the governor of East Azerbaijan province, Malek Rahmati, and Tabriz’s Friday prayer leader, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Al-e Hashem, a senior Shia cleric who was also Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s official representative in East Azerbaijan.

Gen Salami identified the others as IRGC Brig-Gen Mohammad Mehdi Mousavi, the head of the president's security team, pilots Col Mohsen Daryanush and Col Seyyed Taher Mostafavi, and technician Maj Behrouz Qadimi.

Where did the helicopter crash?

The incident occurred at around 13:30 local time (10:00 GMT) in a remote, mountainous area about 58km (36 miles) south of the Qiz-Qalasi Dam and 2km south-west of the village of Uzi, according to Iranian officials and photographs published by state media.

But it was not until after 16:00 local time (12:45 GMT) that Iranian state TV reported that the helicopter carrying the president had experienced what it called a “hard landing” while flying to Tabriz in heavy fog and rain.

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi later confirmed that the president’s delegation had been travelling in a convoy of three helicopters and that his aircraft was “forced to make a hard landing due to bad weather conditions and fog in the area”.

He said multiple rescue teams were heading to the area but that fog, snow and rain and the local terrain were hampering the search operation.

As for the other two helicopters that were flying alongside the president's helicopter, they had initiated a search for 15 to 20 minutes after communication was lost. They were then forced to make emergency landings, an official told state TV as the operation continued into the night.

Vice President for Executive Affairs Mohsen Mansouri also said contacts had been made with two people on the president’s helicopter - a flight crew member and one other individual.

"This indicates that the severity of the incident was not very high, as two of the individuals inside the helicopter managed to communicate with our team multiple times,” he added, without providing further details.

However, any hopes that Raisi and his entourage had survived were dashed after daybreak on Monday.

What was found at the scene?

At about 05:00 (01:30 GMT), rescuers spotted the wreckage from a distance from about 2km (1.2 miles) and then took about an hour to reach it, according to the head of the Iranian Red Crescent, Pirhossein Kolivand.

Once at the crash site, which was at an altitude of around 2,200m (7,200ft), they found “no signs of life”, Mr Kolivand told state TV.

State TV also broadcast grainy footage of the crash site on a mountainside, as seen from across a valley. It appeared to show the blue-and-white tail of a helicopter next to a number of burnt shrubs.

Later, after the death of President Raisi and the others on board had been announced, state TV broadcast footage showing a correspondent standing in front of the tail and what appeared to be other parts of the wreckage.

State news agency Irna also posted video showing rescuers carrying a body wrapped in a blanket in a stretcher.

The bodies were recovered and transferred to a cemetery in Tabriz, state TV said.

The head of Iran’s crisis management agency, Mohammad Nami, told the semi-official Tasnim news agency that all of the bodies were identifiable, with “no need for DNA examinations”.

He also said Ayatollah Al-e Hashem was alive for an hour after the crash and that he made contact with the head of the president’s office before he died.

WORLD: NIH Admits It Funded "Gain of Function" Research at Wuhan Lab In China During Congressional Hearing Thursday 5/16.

To put it simply, gain-of-function is when the mad scientists mutate a virus, by tinkering with it in a laboratory, that could only transmit/infect animal to animal and they changed the virus so it can infect a human being when it would never have naturally. Then get it to pass human to human. That's what these sickos did with the HIV/AIDS virus that deliberately targeted, infected the gay male population in San Francisco and then the virus spread worldwide and into the straight community. (emphasis mine)
Fox News published May 17, 2024: NIH admits to funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan lab. Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup weighs in after NIH's Dr. Lawrence Tabak made the 'startling' admission during a congressional hearing Thursday.
New York Post
written by Josh Christenson
Thursday May 16, 2024

At long last, National Institutes of Health (NIH) principal deputy director Lawrence Tabak admitted to Congress Thursday that US taxpayers funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China in the months and years before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Dr. Tabak,” asked Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Ariz.) of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, “did NIH fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through [Manhattan-based nonprofit] EcoHealth [Alliance]?”

“It depends on your definition of gain-of-function research,” Tabak answered. “If you’re speaking about the generic term, yes, we did.”

The response comes after more than four years of evasions from federal public health officials — including Tabak himself and former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Dr. Anthony Fauci — about the controversial research practice that modifies viruses to make them more infectious.

Tabak added that “this is research, the generic term [gain-of-function], is research that goes on in many, many labs around the country. It is not regulated. And the reason it’s not regulated is it poses no threat or harm to anybody.”

Dr. Bryce Nickels, a professor of genetics at Rutgers University and co-founder of the pandemic oversight group Biosafety Now, told The Post the exchange “was two people talking past each other.”

“Tabak was engaging in the usual obfuscation and semantic manipulation that is so frustrating and pointless,” Nickels said, adding that the NIH bigwig was resisting accountability for risky research that can create pathogens of pandemic potential.

“Instead of addressing this directly, Tabak launched into a useless response about how ‘gain-of-function’ encompasses many types of experiments,” he added.

In July 2023, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) barred the Wuhan Institute of Virology from receiving federal grants for the next 10 years.

EcoHealth Alliance, whose mission statement declares it is “working to prevent pandemics,” had all of its grant funding pulled by HHS for the next three years on Tuesday.

EcoHealth Alliance president Dr. Peter Daszak, in a hearing earlier this month before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, testified that his organization “never has and did not do gain-of-function research, by definition.”

But that claim directly contradicted Daszak’s private correspondence, including a 2016 email in which he celebrated the end of an Obama administration pause on gain-of-function research.

The EcoHealth head was also called out in sworn testimony to the COVID panel by Dr. Ralph Baric, a leading coronavirologist who initiated the research himself and declared it was “absolutely” gain-of-function.

In an October 2021 letter to Congress, Tabak had acknowledged NIH funded a “limited experiment” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology that tested whether “spike proteins from naturally occurring bat coronaviruses circulating in China were capable of binding to the human ACE2 receptor in a mouse model.”

He did not describe it as gain-of-function research — but disclosed that EcoHealth “failed to report” the bat coronaviruses modified with SARS and MERS viruses had been made 10,000 times more infectious, in violation of its grant terms.

The NIH scrubbed its website of a longstanding definition for gain-of-function research the same day that the letter was sent.

Tabak also noted in his October 2021 letter that the “sequences of the viruses are genetically very distant” from COVID-19 — but other grant proposals from EcoHealth have since drawn scrutiny for their genetic similarities.

Fauci has repeatedly denied that the Wuhan lab research involved gain-of-function experiments, clashing with Republicans in high-profile hearings and “playing semantics” with the term during a closed-door interview with the House COVID panel earlier this year.

“He needs to define his definition of gain-of-function research, because as I have through this process in the last three years, read many, many published articles about gain-of-function research, or creation of a chimera, this is a new one,” COVID subcommittee Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) said following Fauci’s grilling in January.

The ex-NIAID head and White House medical adviser under President Biden was escorted by Capitol Police and his attorneys to and from the committee room for his two days of interviews — and repeatedly dodged The Post’s questions about gain-of-function research and pandemic lockdown restrictions.

In 2021, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) held Fauci’s feet to the fire over the evasions in several hearings.

“The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Fauci declared that May.

In another House hearing the same month, then-NIH director Dr. Francis Collins testified that researchers at the Wuhan lab “were not approved by NIH for doing gain-of-function research.”

“We are, of course, not aware of other sources of funds or other activities they might have undertaken outside of what our approved grant allowed,” Collins added cautiously at the time.

That ignorance about what experiments came about as a result of the NIH grants was underscored by Daszak during his COVID subcommittee hearing last week.

The EcoHealth leader acknowledged he had not asked longtime collaborator and Wuhan Institute of Virology deputy director Shi Zhengli for any viral sequences since before the pandemic began.

In his own closed-door testimony to the House subcommittee released Thursday, Collins echoed Tabak’s comments but went further by saying there “is a generic description of gain-of-function which is utilized in scientific and public conversation, but is not appropriate to apply that to a circumstance where we’re talking about a potential pathogen.”

“We need to be highly cognizant of the risks of gain-of-function technology now that scientific capabilities exist for creating something in a lab that didn’t exist 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago,” Wenstrup told The Post following Thursday’s hearing.

“Drs. Fauci and Collins, over a decade ago, both conceded that there are risks associated with gain-of-function research.”

EcoHealth received more than half a million dollars for its work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology as part of a grant of more than $4 million to study the emergence of bat coronaviruses between 2014 and 2024.

That grant was revoked in 2020, reinstated in 2023 and finally suspended and proposed for debarment this week.

The House subcommittee is still investigating whether COVID-19 accidentally leaked out of a lab in Wuhan, which has been described as the most likely cause of the pandemic by the FBI, US Energy Department, ex-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Dr. Robert Redfield and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.

Nickels also slammed Tabak Thursday for still claiming the evidence points to SARS-CoV-2 originating in a “wild animal market in Wuhan.”

“No credible scientist still believes this. In fact, the wet market theory has even been refuted by the world’s leading coronavirus expert, Ralph Baric, in his testimony from January,” Nickels said.

The Rutgers prof added that Thursday’s hearing highlighted the lack of oversight for scientific research on pathogens that poses a threat to humans, making it “up to the grantee to oversee themselves,” as Wenstrup put it.

“It’s pure insanity to continue to delegate responsibly for risk/benefit analysis of research that poses an existential threat to humanity to the scientist that will perform the work and their institutions,” Nickels claimed.

“We just had a devastating pandemic likely caused by creation of a [Pathogen with Enhanced Pandemic Potential] in a lab, and yet scientists want the public to trust them that they can police themselves?” he balked. “That’s just total and complete nonsense.”

Fauci is scheduled to answer questions about the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab and theories of the origin of the pandemic in a public subcommittee hearing set for June 3.


EXCERPT FROM ARTICLE: Why does Fauci have a small investment in a neighborhood SF Italian restaurant 3,000 miles from his Washington, D.C. home?

Fauci was visiting SF in the late 70s and early 80s researching the new mysterious HIV, which at the time we called "gay-related immune deficiency" (GRID) or simply “gay cancer.” Around that time, Kreitzman was a cook at North Beach restaurant Vanessi’s (it moved to Nob Hill in 1986, and closed in 1997), and the place was something of a celebrity magnet. Fauci was no celebrity at the time, but he is known to love Italian food. He struck up a friendship with Kreitzman, and when Kreitzman opened his own restaurant, Fauci put up an investment.

Kreitzman says, though, that he and Fauci have never been terribly close. “I’ve only met him a few times,” he tells Eater SF. “I think he’s only been to Jackson Fillmore a couple of times... I really don’t know. I don’t talk to him. I don’t talk to any of my partners. They’re just investors.”

GlobalAwareness101 published Never Forget How They Treated The Unvaccinated Who Questioned BS Science that Fauci now admits BEHIND CLOSED DOORS that the pandemic "guidance was not based on any scientific data."

UPDATE 5/20/24 at 7:53pm: Added info below.
My X account was recently restored thankfully now that I've been vindicated. But this was why formerly Twitter suspended my account in January 2020. (emphasis mine)

ENGLAND: UK Rejects World Health Organization's (WHO) Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. Will Only Accept "If It Is Firmly In The UK National Interest And Respects National Sovereignty."

TalkTV published April 21, 2024: LONDON - “They Could MAKE Us Have Vaccine Passports” Pandemic Treaty Could Strip Britain Of Powers To WHO.

MPs are cautioning against Britain relinquishing control over pandemic policies to unelected World Health Organisation (WHO) officials.

Concerns have arisen over a proposed "pandemic treaty" being drafted by the WHO, which could pressure the UK into implementing stricter measures during future global health crises.

Critics fear that the treaty may mandate actions like vaccine passports, border closures, and quarantines.

A group of Conservative MPs and peers has expressed concerns about the lack of scrutiny facing the treaty, emphasising the need for parliamentary oversight and caution against ceding significant control over public health policies to unelected officials.

Dr David Bull and Dr Renee Hoenderkamp speak with Co-founder of 'UsForThem,' Molly Kingsley.

Reuters News
written by Staff
Wednesday May 8, 2024

Britain is refusing to sign the World Health Organization's (WHO) pandemic accord because the country says it would have to give away a fifth of its vaccines, the Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

According to a draft of the pandemic accord being negotiated at the WHO, richer countries should be asked to pull their weight in helping the world cope with pandemics, including reserving 20% of tests, treatments and vaccines for the WHO to distribute in poorer countries during emergencies.

"We will only support the adoption of the accord and accept it on behalf of the UK, if it is firmly in the UK national interest and respects national sovereignty," a spokesperson for Britain's Department of Health and Social Care said in a statement to Reuters.

The spokesperson did not comment on the details of the specific proposals from the accord, adding that "no proposals have been agreed."

The WHO did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.

The new pact and a series of updates to existing rules for dealing with pandemics from the WHO are intended to shore up the world's defenses against new pathogens after the COVID-19 pandemic killed millions of people.

One of the main points of disagreement between wealthy countries and developing states is the vexed issue of sharing drugs and vaccines fairly.

Countries are due to finalise negotiations on the accord on May 10, with a view to adopting it at the WHO's annual meeting later this month.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said last week that countries need to agree to the accord within the deadline to help fight future pandemics, adding that countries who did not fully agree with the text to at least refrain from blocking consensus among WHO's 194 member states.

May 17, 2024

SLOVAKIA: Slovakia First Prime Minister Was Shot 5 Times In Assassination Attempt. He Is Expected To Survive. This Is After He Rejected WHO Pandemic Treaty And EU Immigration Rules.

GlobalAwareness101 published Assassination Attempt On Slovakia First PM After Rejecting WHO Pandemic Treaty. If you want to skip his full speech, jump to 2:50 to see the news about his assassination attempt.

He is a Slovakia First Prime Minister. The media are shaming anyone who connects the assassination with the PM rejecting the WHO Pandemic Treaty and putting his foot down with EU immigration demands.

You can manipulate the video player and pause the video to read each page. Look on the lower left of the video to see the play, pause, stop button. Also on the lower right you'll see a button to enlarge your screen to read better.
CBS Chicago published May 15, 2024: Prime Minister of Slovakia shot 5 times in assassination attempt. A top government official now says Prime Minister Robert Fico is expected to survive.
Sky News published May 16, 2024: Slovak PM shooting suspect named as 71-year-old writer and poet. A man charged with attempted murder following the shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has been named as 71-year-old Juraj Cintula.

Sky News
written by Staff
Friday May 17, 2024

Juraj Cintula is described as a writer who penned a poem in which he describes how he grew up to be someone who strikes back. He is also said to have initiated the creation of a movement called Against Violence.

A man charged with attempted murder following the shooting of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has been named as 71-year-old Juraj Cintula.

The pensioner, from the town of Levice in western Slovakia, is said to be a writer and poet.

In one of his poems he describes how he grew up to be someone who strikes back, they say.

Eight years ago, however, he initiated the creation of a movement called Against Violence, and published a statement about it online.

Cintula previously worked as a security guard, during which time he was reportedly badly beaten by a man in a shop.

Meanwhile, one of his neighbours said he was "shocked" about the shooting of the prime minister.

'Fantastic man'

"We had no problems with them. He is a fantastic man. I can't explain it," the neighbour said.

"I knew him and his wife as well. They were great people - pensioners. His wife was a university teacher - they used to go for a walk - great family."

Asked whether it was clear that Cintula had a gun, the neighbour added: "He didn't tell me. Police should check old people [and carry out psychological tests]."

Cintula founded a literary club in Levice and is the author of several poetry collections, local media reported.

He has also written a novel called The Message Of Sacrifice and is said to be a member of the Society of Slovak Writers.

Mr Fico - who is fighting for his life in hospital after Wednesday's assassination attempt - was shot several times in the town of Handlova, around 85 miles northeast of the capital Bratislava, where he was meeting supporters.

Slovakia's interior minister, Matus Sutaj Estok, told reporters that Cintula was a "lone wolf".

The suspect "acted alone", Mr Estok said.

Speaking previously, he said the attempt on Mr Fico's life was "politically motivated".

On Wednesday, he said an initial investigation found the suspect had a "clear political motivation" for carrying out the shooting, adding the "perpetrator's decision was born closely after the presidential election".

President-elect Peter Pellegrini, an ally of Mr Fico, won a fiercely contested presidential election last month.

The alleged gunman fired five bullets at the 59-year-old prime minister as he greeted supporters following a government meeting in a former coal mining town in central Slovakia.

What have those who knew the suspect said?

News outlet cited the suspect's son as saying his father was the legal holder of a gun licence.

"I have absolutely no idea what my father intended, what he planned, what happened," it quoted the son as saying.

He said all he could say about his father's views about the prime minister was that he did not vote for him.

He also said his father was not a psychiatric patient.

A member of the Rainbow Literary Club in Levice told Reuters she knew the suspect.

She said he was one of the club's founding members and had been its chairman for a time.

In a statement, the club condemned the attack and said that as a strictly apolitical group it had revoked the suspected attacker's membership with "immediate effect".

VATICAN: The Vatican Is Offering New Guidance Friday Regarding Supernatural Phenomena And Other Apparitions. News Started Reporting People Having 'Demon Face Syndrome' In March 2024.

NewsNation published May 17, 2024: Vatican releases new supernatural guidelines.

The Vatican is offering new guidance Friday regarding supernatural phenomena and other apparitions, presenting new provisions of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. Historical theologian Dr. Paul Thigpen said the Vatican will likely not mention aliens or UFOs, explaining the press conference will focus on apparitions of spiritual beings.
NewsNation published May 17, 2024: Vatican moves to overhaul process for evaluating visions of Mary.

The Vatican on Friday overhauled its process for evaluating alleged visions of the Virgin Mary, weeping statues and other seemingly supernatural phenomena that have marked church history, putting the brakes on making definitive declarations unless the event is obviously fabricated.

written by Catherine Nicholls, Christopher Lamb and Lianne Kolirin
Friday May 17, 2024

The Vatican has tightened up its guidance on recognizing supernatural phenomena such as apparitions of the Virgin Mary and seemingly blood-soaked crucifixes.

The new guidelines replace rules drawn up in 1978 and say that bishops should no longer act independently over such sightings but instead consult the Vatican.

The changes made by the Vatican’s doctrinal office (DDF) aim to to bring the church up to date in responding to the swift spread of claims of apparitions online.

According to the document released by the Vatican Friday, the new procedure will allow for “faster decisions while respecting popular devotion” when it comes to assessing claims of supernatural phenomena, which could include the appearance of stigmata and other purported miracles.

Under the previous guidelines, a local bishop could rapidly declare a phenomenon’s supernatural nature, the Vatican said, “only for the Holy Office to express a different decision later.” In other instances a bishop might decide whether or not an occurrence was supernatural only for his successor to conclude the opposite, the statement continued.

The new Vatican guidelines say “as a rule” bishops and church officials will not declare whether alleged phenomena are supernatural or not, leaving this decision to the Pope.

The head of the DDF, Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, told reporters that often these events “have led to a great richness of spiritual fruits, growth in faith, devotion, fraternity, and service. In some cases, they have given rise to shrines throughout the world that are at the heart of many people’s popular piety today.”

Speaking at a Vatican press conference, the cardinal cited Lourdes, the Marian shrine in the southwest of France visited by those with physical and spiritual ailments, as a positive example.

However, he went on to add that some alleged events which derive from the pursuit of “profit, power, fame, social recognition, or other personal interest” may harm the faithful, potentially even to the extent of “exerting control over people or carrying out abuses.”

Bishops will now generally be expected to issue a “nihil obstat” which will allow for worship but will leave open the issue of formal recognition of “supernatural” activity to the Vatican. However, Fernandez said that this recognition would be “very exceptional”.

Other options available to the bishops include the option to formally reject an experience as supernatural, as well as steps to ban or limit worship of phenomena regarded with suspicion. The guidelines state that those spreading false claims can face sanctions, including formal church penalties.

Positive criteria that will be considered by the Church when making a conclusion include the credibility and reputation of those reporting the occurrence, while negative criteria include possible errors, overt pursuit of personal interest, and “any psychosis (or) collective hysteria.”

One site of alleged Marian apparitions still under review by the Vatican is Medjugorje, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Cardinal Fernandez telling reporters the claims would be studied according to the new norms.

GlobalAwareness101 published Look at the Negative Image of King Charles First Portrait. Trippy images. How can you explain this away? Do see these images? Because people keep saying that it's a reflection of what's in our head. And why do the NWO Commie globalist Luciferians keep warning us seeing demon faces and now apparitions? What are they unleashing on us? They're preparing us. They're saying that what you're seeing or going to see is not real. What are your thoughts on this? Do you see the images I pointed out or images I didn't catch?

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FOX 26 Houston published March 22, 2024: Rare 'demon face' syndrome. In this segment, we discuss a medical condition that could scare you if you have it.

ENGLAND: King Charles First Official Portrait Since Coronation Was Unveiled This Week.

GlobalAwarneness101 published King Charles First Official Portrait Is Red And Filled With Demons.
GlobalAwareness101 published Look at the Negative Image of King Charles First Portrait. Trippy images. How can you explain this away? Do see these images? Because people keep saying that it's a reflection of what's in our head. And why do the NWO Commie globalist Luciferians keep warning us seeing demon faces and now apparitions? What are they unleashing on us? They're preparing us. They're saying that what you're seeing or going to see is not real. What are your thoughts on this? Do you see the images I pointed out or images I didn't catch?
CNN News18 published May 15, 2024: New Portrait Of King Charles: People Have A Lot Of Thoughts About The Striking New Portrait. The King unveiled a new portrait by Real Jonathan Yeo at Buckingham Palace. The painting - commissioned by The Draper’s Company - is the first official portrait to be completed since His Majesty’s Coronation. It will hang in Draper’s Hall in London. 
ABC News published May 16, 2024: Londoners react to King Charles III's portrait. "It's kind of ghoulish." People in London were asked what they thought of the official portrait of King Charles III, and they didn't hold back.

BBC News
written by Katie Razzall, Culture and media editor
Tuesday May 14, 2024

The first official painted portrait of King Charles III since his coronation has been unveiled at Buckingham Palace.

The vast oil on canvas shows a larger-than-life King Charles in the uniform of the Welsh Guards.

The vivid red work, measuring about 8ft 6in by 6ft 6in, is by Jonathan Yeo, who has also painted Tony Blair, Sir David Attenborough and Malala Yousafzai.

Queen Camilla is said to have looked at the painting and told Yeo: "Yes, you've got him."

In the new portrait, the King is depicted, sword in hand, with a butterfly landing on his shoulder.

Unveilings are always a little nerve-wracking, both for the sitter and the artist, but particularly when one of them is a King.

Yeo jokes: "If this was seen as treasonous, I could literally pay for it with my head, which would be an appropriate way for a portrait painter to die - to have their head removed!"

In reality, Yeo isn't going to lose his head of course - no executions for a badly received portrait of a monarch, in modern times anyway.

The Queen dropped in during the final sitting and said the artist had captured the King well. Yeo says the best judge of a portrait is someone who knows your sitter really well because they have instant recognition of whether it feels familiar.

The King also got a glimpse of it, says Yeo, in its "half-done state… He was initially mildly surprised by the strong colour but otherwise he seemed to be smiling approvingly".

It is a vibrant painting.

The King was made Regimental Colonel in the Welsh Guards in 1975. In the picture, the red of the uniform fades into the red background, bringing the King's face into even more prominence.

Yeo says he wanted the painting to be distinctive and a break with the past. He was aiming for something personal.

"My interest is really in figuring out who someone is and trying to get that on a canvas."

Yeo decided to use some of the traditions of royal portraiture - the military outfit, the sword - but aimed to achieve something more modern, particularly with the deep colour and the butterfly.

He says he's referencing the tradition of official royal portraits but suggesting that's something "from the past and what's interesting about them is something a bit different from that".

"In history of art, the butterfly symbolises metamorphosis and rebirth," he explains, fitting for a portrait being painted of a monarch who has recently ascended to the throne.

The butterfly is also a reference to the King's long held interest in the environment, causes "he has championed most of his life and certainly long before they became a mainstream conversation".

Yeo says it was Charles' idea after they talked about the opportunity they had to tell a story with the portrait.

"I said, when schoolchildren are looking at this in 200 years and they're looking at the who's who of the monarchs, what clues can you give them?

"He said 'what about a butterfly landing on my shoulder?'".

Yeo began the portrait when Charles was still Prince of Wales, with the first sitting at Highgrove in June 2021.

The King sat four times in all, for about an hour at a time, with the final sitting at Clarence House in November 2023. Did the artist notice any obvious change in the man after he became King?

Yeo says he's spotted "a physical change" in politicians he's painted in the past. "They physically look and feel different when they're in high office or out of it."

Yeo adds the King "had already been gaining presence and stature by the time I started it, and it went up a level again when he became King, as you'd expect".

The sittings ended before the King's cancer was diagnosed. He had a lot going on, says Yeo, with an upcoming speech at the COP Summit, but "didn't seem like someone who was physically exhausted".

He was "in good spirits", the painter adds.

King Charles posed in his full Welsh Guards uniform and had to stand leaning on his sword for around 40 minutes each time.

"He stood impressively still, and didn't get distracted like some sitters do."

Yeo won't reveal much of what they talked about during sittings, although he says Charles III has "a great sense of humour" and is a "very engaging person".

His interest in art meant Charles wanted to discuss the process of creating the work and the brushes being used. They also talked about "how he'd learned to paint and about some of the pictures on the walls".

But Yeo says "there's a sanctity to the portrait process". Your sitters "need to believe what goes on is between the two of you because that way I think they feel more comfortable about opening up".

Royal portraits in the past have had an important role to play in signifying power and projecting an image. They were part of the tools used to ensure the survival of the monarch. Some of the most memorable include Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger. The Tudor king employed Holbein as court artist, although only two portraits survive.

But Yeo says our relationship with royalty has shifted since those days.

"On the one hand, we know they're real people with quirks and personality traits. We've seen that much more of them. On the other hand, we still want to buy into the mysticism and the fairy tale that they're different from us, that there's a bit of magic there."

In his portrait, he was "trying to figure out how to do both at once".

Painting a portrait of this size was "quite an operation", says Yeo. Having used his first sittings with the king for photographs and sketches, he did most of the painting between the third and fourth sittings.

He then had to hire a truck to transport the canvas and his equipment to Clarence House for the last time he saw the King.

As well as easel, painting tables and lighting, they had to "cover all the carpets in sheets so we didn't damage these priceless carpets".

Yeo also brought "a dais, a sort of platform, for me to stand on so I was up high enough to paint his face and one for him to stand on so that he's on a level as well".

The artist claims not to have been interested in getting involved in the "rigid formality" of royal portraiture previously. But as he turned 50, he began to think about how "you have to see how you measure up against the works of the past".

The portrait was commissioned by the Drapers' Company, the City of London livery company which has been collecting royal portraits for centuries.

His painting will go up in Drapers' Hall in London surrounded by "a dozen other fabulous, similarly huge portraits of Queen Victoria and various other kings and queens".

For him, painting Charles III was different from most previous commissions, where you start from scratch.

"All my life I'd known who he was and what he looked like so it was really just a case of deciding what to show and trying to slightly channel who he seems to be now."

He deliberately minimized the visual distractions in his portrait to "allow people to connect with the human being underneath".

There's a great deal of sympathy for the King, Yeo adds. The portrait "reflects exactly who he is, everything he represents and what he's been through".

The portrait will go on public display at the Philip Mould Gallery in London from 16 May until 14 June. It will be displayed at Drapers' Hall from the end of August.

May 13, 2024

USA: Federal Judge Postpones Trump Classified Documents Trial Indefinitely After Lead DOJ Prosecutor Admitted FBI Used Props For Infamous “Classified Documents” Photo Taken At Mar-A-Lago

FOX 32 Chicago published May 8, 2024: Donald Trump secures legal victory with postponed trial. Former President Donald Trump got a legal win Wednesday in his classified documents case with a federal judge is postponing the trial indefinitely.
written by Katelyn Polantz, Hannah Rabinowitz, Holmes Lybrand and Tierney Sneed
Tuesday May 7, 2024

Judge Aileen Cannon has indefinitely postponed former President Donald Trump’s classified documents trial in Florida, citing significant issues around classified evidence that would need to be worked out before the federal criminal case goes to a jury.

In an order Tuesday, Cannon cancelled the May trial date and did not set a new date. While Trump was in criminal court Tuesday for his hush money trial in New York, Cannon’s move means there are no trial dates currently set for the other three criminal cases against him.

By indefinitely postponing the classified documents trial, Cannon’s order pushes it closer to the 2024 election – and potentially afterward.

The judge’s new schedule lays out all the legal disputes that Cannon must decide before a jury could hear the case. Cannon said that process will take at least until late July of this year.

Cannon noted in her Tuesday order that there are eight substantive pending motions she has yet to decide. She also reiterated that she believes the national security mishandling allegations in the case “present novel and difficult questions.”

Though all parties agreed that the case wouldn’t be ready to go before a jury in May, prosecutors still pushed for a July trial date, while Trump and his co-defendants proposed dates in August and September. Although Trump’s attorneys have continuously asserted in court filings that a pre-election trial would be “unfair.”

The further delayed trial also could put Trump’s two federal cases on a collision course.

In Washington, DC, the former president is charged with alleged crimes he committed during his presidency to reverse the 2020 election results. That case, also brought by special counsel Jack Smith’s team, has been on pause while the Supreme Court considers Trump’s claims of sweeping immunity. A decision from the high court is expected by July.

Trump is charged in the Florida case with mishandling classified documents and with working with two co-defendants, Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira, to obstruct the Justice Department’s investigation. All three have pleaded not guilty.

Cannon said in her new scheduling order that she will hold a hearing on what had been considered Trump’s longshot request for records from the Biden administration.

The hearing will start on June 24 and is scheduled to last three days.

The move by Cannon is a significant win for the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee. The proceeding will give Trump and his attorneys a platform to air unfounded theories about the prosecution, including the accusation that it is politically motivated.

Attorneys for Smith have vehemently denied allegations of political bias and opposed the move to hold the hearing as unnecessary and unjustified.

Cannon also scheduled a June 21 hearing on Trump’s claims that Smith was unlawfully appointed.

In his bid for records from the Biden administration, Trump has argued that he is entitled to a broad swath of records from various federal agencies, including from President Joe Biden’s White House, because Trump claims those agencies are effectively part of the prosecution team.

Smith’s office countered that Trump’s theories were “baseless,” that the discovery request was “frivolous,” and that the defense lawyers’ arguments had fallen well short of the high threshold for holding such a proceeding.
The Daily Caller
written by Reagan Reese
Tuesday May 7, 2024.

The FBI brought props to its raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago for classified documents that were pictured in an infamous photo taken at the alleged crime scene, according to court documents.

Jay Bratt, the lead Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutor now assigned to special counsel Jack Smith’s team, admitted in a recent court filing that FBI agents brought cover sheets reading “top secret” to the raid of Mar-a-Lago to use as placeholders in their gathering of classified documents. The classified documents, however, now appear to be out of order following their seizure, both Trump’s defense attorney and the special counsel have admitted, according to court documents first reported by Declassified with Julie Kelly.

The crime scene photo of classified documents allegedly found at Mar-a-Lago, complete with the bright red “classification” cover sheets, went viral in the weeks after the raid. Corporate media outlets breathlessly reported on the photo and the cover sheets as proof that Trump had been storing classified documents at his Florida property.

“[If] the investigative team found a document with classification markings, it removed the document, segregated it, and replaced it with a placeholder sheet. The investigative team used classified cover sheets for that purpose,” Bratt wrote in a recent filing.

In a May filing, defense attorneys for Trump c0-defendant Waltine Nauta wrote that the placeholders which the FBI brought to the scene to mark classified documents in stacks were out of place.

“Following defense counsel’s review of the physical boxes…and the documents produced in classified discovery, defense counsel has learned that the cross-reference provided by the Special Counsel’s Office does not contain accurate information,” the attorneys wrote, according to Kelly.

“[Thirteen] boxes or containers contained documents with classification markings, and in all, over one hundred unique documents with classification markings…were seized. Certain of the documents had colored cover sheets indicating their classification status. (Emphasis added.) See, e.g., Attachment F (redacted FBI photograph of certain documents and classified cover sheets recovered from a container in the ‘45 office’),” Bratt wrote in an August 2022 court filing.

Kelly writes that Bratt’s original filing did not explain where those classified document sheets had come from, though later he admitted that the sheets were in fact brought to the scene by FBI agents.

“In other words, in their zeal to stage a phony photo using official classified cover sheets, FBI agents might have failed to accurately match the placeholder sheet with the appropriate document. This is a potentially case-blowing mistake, particularly if the document in question is one of the 34 records that represents the basis of espionage charges against Trump,” Kelly reported.

In response to Nauta’s filing, Bratt admitted that the placeholders had been rearranged, and that not all of them had been properly matched with the right placeholder sheet, according to a court document.

“In many but not all instances, the FBI was able to determine which document with classification markings corresponded to a particular placeholder sheet,” Bratt wrote in response to the defense attorney’s request for more time.

While Trump is being charged for mishandling classified documents, President Joe Biden had a special counsel of his own investigate him for his handling of similarly classified documents. Despite the FBI seizing documents from Biden’s Delaware home, the photo of the raid showed the president’s documents in boxes, rather than sprawled out with “top secret” placeholders.

Special Counsel Robert Hur did not recommend bringing charges against Biden.
America First Legal (AFL)
written by Staff
Thursday April 4, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, America First Legal (AFL) sued the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to compel the immediate release of documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding the secretive Presidential Information Technology Committee (PITC) created by former President Barack Obama.

In January, AFL filed a FOIA with the Defense Information Systems Agency, part of the Department of Defense, to understand PITC.

PITC is highly relevant today as it creates a presumption that the President controls all information he receives. Thus, it is relevant to what a President may reasonably believe about information given to him in office.

If information stored on the PITC network formed the basis for Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution of former President Trump, that evidence should have been disclosed to the former President and may be relevant to his liability. This is especially significant given the Special Counsel’s case in Florida hinges on the notion that former President Trump was not “authorized” to retain certain documents. The PITC memo could create a reasonable belief for any President that he has such authority.

Additionally, suppose the records Trump allegedly destroyed are still preserved within the EOP or the U.S. Department of Defense as part of PITC-created information systems. In that case, claims in the indictment that President Trump removed or destroyed records may be baseless.

Given the DOD’s failure to hand over the requested information, AFL has filed a lawsuit. AFL will not cease in its legal battle until the DOD produces documents as required under the law.

Statement from Dan Epstein, America First Legal Vice President:

“America First Legal’s suit today raises significant legal questions the Biden Administration must confront. First, the President’s Information Technology Committee presumes that all information received by the President is within his control. That principle complicates the indictment by the Special Counsel’s Office, particularly on the question of what President Trump was authorized to access and retain. Alternatively, if the Court finds that records subject to PITC are agency records, not presidential records, and were separately preserved by the Department of Defense, then it raises serious questions about the National Archives’ decision to refer Trump to the Department of Justice as that referral would be based on the false claim that President Trump removed presidential records.” said Dan Epstein.

Read the lawsuit here.