January 12, 2020

IRAN: The Killing of Soleimani Was Not an ‘Assassination’. Soleimani Led The Quds Force, Which Is Part Of The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps NOT The Iranian Military. Excellent Piece! 👏

National Review
written by Daniel Tenreiro, a College Fix Fellow at National Review. @tenreirodaniel
Friday January 10, 2020

The IRGC commander spent his career undermining the international order. He wasn't entitled to the protections afforded to ordinary political leaders.

Since the strike on Qasem Soleimani, newsrooms have debated whether to use the term “assassination” to describe it. Numerous stories, including from the New York Times and NPR, have called the killing an assassination, as have politicians such as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. NPR’s public editor explained the publication’s policy: “While we have not mandated the word’s use, it has been used in our coverage in headlines and in our stories. We feel it is an appropriate use of the word, which is defined as the killing of a political leader by surprise.”

The killing of foreign political leaders has a fraught history in the United States, detailed by the 1975 Senate Church Committee. That committee’s report implicated the American government in a number of political assassination plots, most notably against Cuban leader Fidel Castro. The Church Committee concluded that “short of war, assassination is incompatible with American principles, international order, and morality,” and in 1976 President Gerald Ford signed an executive order banning political assassinations. But since then, presidents have distinguished between assassinations and “targeted killings,” arguing that the latter are necessary and permissible.

The distinction between targeted killings and assassinations is twofold. First, targeted killing is justified in wartime or in self-defense. Attorney general Eric Holder explained of Obama’s drone program that “the Constitution empowers the President to protect the nation from any imminent threat of violent attack, and international law recognizes the inherent right of self-defense.” Accordingly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo justified the killing of Soleimani with evidence that he was plotting “imminent and sinister attacks.”

Second, and just as important, “targeted killing” is used in reference to non-state actors, not political leaders. Since Donald Rumsfeld termed non-state actors “unlawful combatants” in 2002, the legal consensus has been that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to them. Though the legal status of terrorists remains unclear, the threshold for killing them is significantly lower than that for a military official.

Those using the term “assassination” argue that Soleimani’s status as an Iranian general renders him a political actor. If correct, that makes the killing especially alarming, because, as Karen J. Greenberg argues in the New York Times, “the policy of war designed for nonstate actors has now slipped into a conflict between nation-states.”

But since Ayatollah Khomeini took power in 1979, Iran has conducted itself more like an international crime syndicate than a sovereign state. The concept of state sovereignty as codified in the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 serves as the basis for the rules-based international order. In World Order, Henry Kissinger defines the Westphalian system as one of “independent states refraining from interference in each other’s domestic affairs and checking each other’s ambitions through a general equilibrium of power.” Within this order, national sovereignty carries the obligation of recognizing international borders and the independence of other countries. In other words, a regime can be considered a sovereign state only if it lives up to a standard of behavior.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has never met that standard. In the Ayatollah’s conception of international relations, the state is a tool to be wielded in the service of a revolutionary ideological struggle. The organizing principle of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the unity of the Islamic umma, or community of believers. Accordingly, the Iranian constitution calls on its officials to advance a foreign policy that “prepare[s] the way for the formation of a single world community” transcending national borders. This exhortation emerged from Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1970 manifesto, Velayat-e faqih (Islamic Government), in which he argued that the Middle Eastern borders adopted after World War I “separated the various segments of the Islamic umma [community] from each other and artificially created separate states.” As Kissinger puts it, the Iranian regime claimed “the formal protections of the Westphalian system even while proclaiming it did not believe in it . . . and intended ultimately to replace it.”

Indeed, the inaugural act of Khomeini’s government was to flout international order in holding American diplomatic personnel hostage for 444 days. Given the centrality of diplomatic immunity to the Westphalian system, “revolutionary Iran’s message should have been clear: The Islamic Republic sets itself against the established world order in every regard,” writes diplomat Charles Hill. While American journalists refer to Soleimani as a “senior figure in a sovereign government’s military,” the Iranian government’s foundational text calls for the dissolution of sovereignty altogether.

Soleimani led the Quds Force, which is part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps — not the Iranian military. This is not merely a nominal distinction. As the Council on Foreign Relations explains, Khomeini established the IRGC in order to circumvent the legal and political restraints of state institutions such as the army. As the “IRGC’s de facto external affairs branch,” Soleimani’s Quds Force funds and supports proxy groups across the region in order to export the Iranian revolution.

In keeping with the revolutionary vision of a vast caliphate, the Quds Force has successfully established footholds in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain. First developed in Lebanon with the creation of the Islamic Jihad group in 1982, the model entails establishing Shia militia groups in sovereign states undergoing sectarian conflict and supplying them with weapons and training, all in the service of Iranian revolutionary ideology.

Had ISIS succeeded in supplanting the Iraqi or Syrian government, declared itself a sovereign state, and successfully governed their territory, would the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi have been considered a political assassination? I doubt it. The principal difference between ISIS and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is that the latter has existed for a longer period of time, inuring the West to its menacing behavior. None of this is to render a judgment on whether killing Soleimani was the most prudent course of action. But as journalists are fond of saying, words matter. Calling the attack on Soleimani an assassination obscures the nature of the Quds Force as well as the nature of the Iranian regime.

Monitor Mideast published July 13, 2014: Sunni Palestinian Islamic Jihad Thanks Iran and Hezbollah (English Subtitles). Vast billboards had appeared in Gaza expressing thanks to Iran for its help in the conflict between Hamas and Israel in 2012. More recently, Iran is involved in the arming of Palestinian groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In this video, a spokesman for the PIJ thanks Iran and Hezbollah for their support.
Clarion Project
written by Alex VanNess
January 14, 2019

Following a swearing-in ceremony in Detroit, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib hosted a private dinner for close friends and family. One of her guests was Abbas Hamideh, an anti-Semite and supporter of Hezbollah, one of the world’s most powerful terrorist organizations.

Meanwhile, while Tlaib was feting Hamideh, the U.S. government was busy ramping up pressure on Lebanon to clamp down on Hezbollah.

Hamideh is one of the founders of Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, an anti-Israel group that regularly vilifies Israel and opposes its right to exist. Hamideh regularly praises Hezbollah and its leader Hassan Nasrallah. He also claims Jews have no history in Israel and that the Jews should “go back to Brooklyn.”

Clarion Project recently highlighted Tlaib’s connection to a variety of hateful anti-Semites, including Hamideh, as well as his role in Tlaib’s public flip-flop regarding her stance on the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, writing:
Why did Tlaib publicly reverse the policy stances, which she claimed to support? Hamideh is taking credit for Tlaib’s reversal.

On August 8 2018, Hamideh publicly backed Tlaib. Following his endorsement, Electronic Intifada reported on J Street’s endorsement. This news did not sit well for people in Hamideh’s activist circles, so Hamideh assured supporters he “would get to the bottom” of this matter and boasted she was just a phone call or “perhaps a personal meeting” away. Shortly after, Tlaib was upset on Facebook that Hamideh was trying to define who she was and where she stood and accused him of ‘attacking’ her and her friends.

Tlaib later went public with her reversal of her policy stances. Hamideh expressed his continued support and seemed distressed at the accusation that he was “attacking” Tlaib and boasted about how ‘close’ he was with members of her family.
Up until Tlaib’s private dinner, it seemed Tlaib was angry at Hamideh. However, it now appears that Hamideh is back in Tlaib’s good graces.

This raises the question of how much influence will Hamideh have with Tlaib going forward?

It also raises the question of why a member of Congress is supporting someone who supports a terror organization. Just this week, amid feverish American diplomatic activity surrounding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Middle East visit, Washington is urging Lebanon to do what it can to disrupt Iranian-backed Hezbollah.

The terror organization has a big say in the political life of Lebanon. Undersecretary David Hale expressed U.S. concerns during meetings in Beirut over the weekend. A statement from the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon ahead of Hale’s visit made the point clear:
“Hale will also underscore U.S. concerns about Hizballah’s destabilizing activities in Lebanon and the region, including the recent discovery of Hizballah’s cross-border tunnels [into Israel], which defy UN Security Council Resolution 1701, jeopardize the security of the Lebanese people, and undermine the legitimacy of Lebanon’s state institutions.”
American officials have long objected to Hezbollah’s aggression, expansionist operations and its reported 150,000 missiles and rockets, making it the second-strongest military in the Middle East. Now, the State Department and other arms of government believe Hezbollah poses a threat much closer to home, controlling drugs, arms and other activities in Latin America.

Iranian-backed terror cells in the U.S. pose “a direct threat to the homeland.” That was the conclusion of Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) after hearing from a panel of intelligence experts testifying before the House subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence, The Washington Free Beacon reported last year.
written by Spencer Ackerman
December 13, 2011

According to federal prosecutors, Hezbollah has started to learn the lesson that took funk legend Rick James a lifetime to absorb: cocaine is a hell of a drug.

The Lebanese terrorist group isn't selling blow itself. It's doing something more lucrative: getting a percentage of the drug trade, through money laundering. ProPublica's Sebastian Rotella reports that U.S. federal prosecutors are putting together a case linking Hezbollah to a massive, multi-continent cocaine smuggling operation, one that worked with the bloody Zetas cartel to launder drug money.

Ayman Joumaa, an accused Hezbollah financier, "allegedly coordinated the smuggling of at least 85 tons of Colombian cocaine through Central America and Mexico in partnership with the Zetas," Rotella reports, citing an indictment released on Tuesday. About $85 million in cash got laundered through "money exchange houses, used car businesses and other companies" on four continents. Joumaa's operation dates back to 1997.

The cocaine ended up on American streets, by way of Mexico.

It's hard not to think of the bizarre story, also told by federal prosecutors recently, that Iranian operatives tried to work with the cartels to assassinate a Saudi ambassador in Washington. The Drug Enforcement Agency has long suspected that Mideastern terrorists were starting to collaborate with drug gangs, but the evidence thus far has been scant.

It's also unclear what the indictment really means for Hezbollah. The terrorist group and Iranian proxy is now ensconced in the Lebanese government. It recently rolled up several CIA informants trying to infiltrate the organization, thanks to the spies' faulty codewords.

Then again, if the Mexican-Hezbollah drug connection all seems a bit paranoid, well, you know, paranoia is a side effect of cocaine. Rick James could certainly tell you that.
The United States Dept. of Justice
Thursday May 30, 2013
(Obama was President)

Manssor Arbabsiar, aka “Mansour Arbabsiar,” was sentenced today in New York City federal court to 25 years in prison for participating in a plot to murder the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. while the Ambassador was in the U.S., announced John Carlin, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division at the Department of Justice and Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Arbabsiar, a 58 year-old naturalized U.S. citizen holding both Iranian and U.S. passports, was arrested on Sept. 29, 2011, at John F. Kennedy International Airport. He pleaded guilty on Oct. 17, 2012, to one count of murder-for-hire, one count of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, and one count of conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism transcending national boundaries before U.S. District Judge John F. Keenan, who also imposed today’s sentence.

“Thanks to the collaborative efforts of many U.S. law enforcement and intelligence professionals, Manssor Arbabsiar is today being held accountable for his role in this assassination plot,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin. “I applaud all those responsible for ensuring that Arbabsiar and his co-conspirators in Iran’s Qods Force failed in their efforts. Today’s sentencing serves as a reminder of the evolving threat environment we face.”

“Manssor Arbabsiar was an enemy among us – the key conduit for, and facilitator of, a nefarious international plot concocted by members of the Iranian military to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States and as many innocent bystanders as necessary to get the job done,” said U.S. Attorney Bharara. “And but for the vigilance of our FBI and DEA partners, his plot, and the unspeakable harm it would have caused, may well have come to fruition, which is exactly why our commitment to using every resource we have to root out, prosecute and punish people like Arbabsiar, who act as emissaries for our enemies, remains unflagging.”

According to the complaint and indictment filed in federal court:

From the spring of 2011 to October 2011, Arbabsiar and his Iran-based co-conspirators, including members of Iran’s Qods Force, plotted the murder of the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. In furtherance of this conspiracy, Arbabsiar met on a number of occasions in Mexico with a DEA confidential source (CS-1) who posed as an associate of a violent international drug trafficking cartel.  Arbabsiar arranged to hire CS-1 and CS-1’s purported accomplices to murder the Ambassador with the awareness and approval of his Iran-based co-conspirators. Arbabsiar wired approximately $100,000 to a bank account in the U.S. as a down payment to CS-1 for the anticipated killing of the Ambassador, which was to take place in the U.S, also with the approval of his co-conspirators.

The Qods Force is a branch of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which conducts sensitive covert operations abroad, including terrorist attacks, assassinations, and kidnappings, and is believed to have sponsored attacks against Coalition Forces in Iraq. In October 2007, the U.S. Treasury Department designated the Qods Force as a terrorist supporter for providing material support to the Taliban and other terrorist organizations.
UPDATE 1/12/2020 at 12:46pm: Added info below.
UPDATE 1/12/2020 at 1:11pm: Added info below.

January 11, 2020

I'm Dying To Tell You That I Am In Love With This Stunning Show, Penny Dreadful. I Just Came Across It Last Week And I End Each Episode Applauding. Truly A Masterpiece. I Don't Want It To End.

Penny Dreadful on SHOWTIME published May 6, 2016: Seasons 1-3 Super Trailer. An epic trailer spanning the first three seasons of the SHOWTIME series Penny Dreadful, where the most dangerous demons are found within. Starring Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and Timothy Dalton.

Penny Dreadful on SHOWTIME published April 15, 2016: Behind the Scenes: From the Beginning (Season 1 & 2) | Season 3. The cast of Penny Dreadful looks back on the series so far and what's in store for them in Season 3. Starring Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and Timothy Dalton.

As most of you know my GlobalAwareness101 Twitter account has been locked and I'm waiting to hear back to regain access to my Twitter account that I've had for 10 years. I don't normally post this kind of message here on my Instagram account. I'm dying to tell you that I am in love with this show, Penny Dreadful. I came across Penny Dreadful last week and decided to give it a try. It came out in 2014 and ended in 2016 after Showtime delivered 3 seasons for us. I love everything about it, the amazing story writing, the plot twists, the characters, the actors, the production. I am so captivated by this show. I end each episode applauding. Right now I'm watching Season 3, Episode 2. I don't want it to end. ❤ WARNING this show is for mature audiences only. Definitely not for kids or the faint of heart. Do not watch this show if you get offended easily. #drama #suspense #supernatural #thriller #horror #spiritual
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Twitter said my account was automatically locked due to suspicious activity. All I need to do to regain control of my account is change my password which I did and verify my identity. Well Twitter is not letting verify my account because as you can see they're telling me my phone carrier is not supported. But I look up what carriers are supported and Twitter guidelines says that ALL U.S. carriers are supported. Twitter is not giving me other options to verify my identity like using my email address on file. I sent several emails to Twitter support hoping to get help and have not heard back from them. This really sucks.

IRAN: Massive Protests Erupt To Demand Iran's Theocratic Dictator Ali Khamenei's Resignation After Officials Shot Down A Commercial Plane Killing 176 Civilians On Board Flight To Ukraine.

Business Insider
written by Ellen Cranley
Saturday January 11, 2020

Thousands of protestors flooded the streets of Tehran days after Iran shot down a Ukrainian commercial airliner, killing all 176 passengers on board.

Emotional vigils for the passengers who were killed in the attack devolved into fiery demonstrations that saw Iranians marching with signs to demand the resignation of the country's leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In video captured by The New York Times, angry protestors chanted "death to the dictator," and "shameless," with protestors on university campuses reportedly calling the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps "incompetent" and "the people's shame."
Video posted to social media showed the protests triggered violent clashes with riot police, who responded with tear gas.
Tensions in the country reached a breaking point when Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752, which was carrying at least 130 Iranian citizens, was shot down on January 8 by Revolutionary Guard air defense forces after it took off from Tehran.

The country initially denied responsibility for the plane crash, suggesting it was a mechanical problem. However, in a statement released by military officials early January 11, Iran admitted to hitting the plane with a missile.

Despite the statement, foreign minister Javad Zarif immediately pointed some blame at the US, saying the crash was caused by "human error at a time of crisis caused by US adventurism."

US-Iran relations quickly devolved as the countries have traded barbs since Iran's attacks in retaliation to the US killing of Qassem Soleimani, a top military official, who was killed by a drone strike ordered by President Donald Trump.
REMINDER or better yet, CLARIFICATION to this NYT's writer above to this misrepresented statement about reason why President Trump ordered Soleimani be taken out. Iran had committed many crimes against the United States and Iran got away with it. President Trump drew a red line and threatened to retaliate against Iran if ANY AMERICAN is killed by Iran under his watch. Iran attacked our military and killed an American contractor. The U.S. killed dozens of Iran-backed Hezbollah Islamic militant group in Iraq that were responsible for attack with missiles strikes in response. Then Iran ordered these same Iranian-backed Hezbollah Islamic militant group to first appear to be "protesting" outside of our U.S. Embassy in Bagdad, Iraq. Then Iran through their Hezbollah Islamic militant group stormed, ATTACKED our U.S. Embassy, which is U.S. soil. They would have KILLED MORE AMERICANS inside our U.S. Embassy if President Trump didn't react IMMEDIATELY to send our U.S. Marines to safeguard our U.S. Embassy and stop terrorist attack by Iran against the U.S.

BOTH Qassem Soleimani AND Hezbollah Islamic militant group ARE classified as TERRORISTS by the U.S. and other countries. U.S. Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) OPENLY support and defend Hezbollah and Hamas Islamic militant groups that are Iranian-backed terror organizations. (emphasis mine)

written by Maia Davis
Saturday January 11, 2020

A group of Iranian protesters demanded Saturday that the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, step down after the government said its military had by mistake shot down a Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 people on board.

Also on Saturday, Iran briefly detained the British ambassador to Iran.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab slammed the Iranian action as breaking international law.

"The arrest of our Ambassador in Tehran without grounds or explanation is a flagrant violation of international law," Raab said. "The Iranian government is at a cross-roads moment. It can continue its march towards pariah status with all the political and economic isolation that entails, or take steps to deescalate tensions and engage in a diplomatic path forwards."

The protesters in Iran on Saturday expressed anger at what they perceived as an initial cover-up on the cause of the crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752, which went down shortly after it took off from Tehran early Wednesday.

Prior to Iran's admission Saturday, it had denied shooting down the plane.

Those aboard the doomed flight included 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians and 11 Ukrainians, including the nine crew members. Ten passengers were from Sweden, four from Afghanistan, three from Germany and three from the United Kingdom.
U.S. intelligence officials had said earlier that evidence suggested the plane was shot down by an Iranian missile by mistake, multiple officials said.

"Commander-in-chief (Khamenei) resign, resign," videos posted on Twitter showed hundreds of people chanting, in front of Tehran’s Amir Kabir university.

The crowds included middle-class professionals, as well as students.

President Donald Trump weighed in Saturday, tweeting support for the protesters.
UPDATE 1/11/2020 at 4:24pm: Added info below.
Business Insider
written by Frank Olito
Saturday January 11, 2020

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is speaking out about the commercial airplane that Iran accidentally shut down Wednesday, saying he expects a full admission of guilt.

On Saturday, the president said in the statement that he wants more answers from Iran after it admitted to mistakenly shooting down a Ukraine International Airlines plane and killing 176 passengers on board.

"Iran has pleaded guilty to crashing the Ukrainian plane, but we insist on a full admission of guilt," President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said. "We expect from Iran assurances of their readiness for a full and open investigation, bringing those responsible to justice, the return of the bodies of the dead, the payment of compensation, official apologies through diplomatic channels."

Iran initially denied involvement in the plane crash, but videos showed that a ground-to-air missile in Iran shot down the plane just hours after the country launched missiles on US troops in a military base in Iraq. It wasn't until Friday that the country took responsibility for the crash, blaming it on human error.

Onboard the plane, there were 82 Iranians, 11 Ukrainians, 63 Canadians, students, and newlyweds — all of whom died in the crash.
UPDATE 1/11/2020 at 4:31pm: Added info below.
CBS News
written by Staff
Saturday January 11, 2020

The British ambassador to Iran was arrested Saturday in Iran, the U.S. State Department said. The arrest occurred as hundreds protested in Tehran after the government admitted it had "unintentionally" shot down a jetliner earlier this week.

President Trump tweeted support to Iranians who backed protesters.

President Trump said Friday that four U.S. embassies, including the American Embassy in Baghdad, were targeted in a planned attack orchestrated by Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in an American drone strike last week. The president made the new comments in a Fox News interview as his administration faces pressure to provide more information about the imminent threat Iran's top general posed that justified the U.S. strike.

The U.S. State Department said Saturday that the British ambassador to Iran was arrested. "This violates the Vienna Convention, which the regime has a notorious history of violating. We call on the regime to formally apologize to the UK for violating his rights and to respect the rights of all diplomats," State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus tweeted.

The arrest occurred during protests in Tehran, according to BBC News.

In a statement to BBC News, U.K. foreign secretary Dominic Raab said said "the arrest of our ambassador in Tehran without grounds or explanation is a flagrant violation of international law. The Iranian government is at a crossroads moment. It can continue its march toward pariah status with all the political and economic isolation that entails, or take steps to deescalate tensions and engage in a diplomatic path forwards."

UPDATE 1/11/2020 at 5:24pm: Added info below.

Erica Kasraie published Jan 6, 2020: Truth from an Iranian. Speaking truth about the Middle East chaos, Erica Saghar Kasraie is an Iran-born American Middle East expert, activist, and voice for vulnerable religious minorities. She organized and supervised Congressionally-hosted global conferences in Washington for activists to plan the constitutional future of a free, democratic Iran. She was Executive Director of the Iranian Freedom Institute and a research assistant at the School of Culture and Security at the Institute of World Politics, educating the public and lawmakers around the world. Erica and her family fled to Italy shortly after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Erica is the Vice President of Human Rights Policy for the Middle East with the Victor Marx Group.

Follow Erica and learn more about her work at support Erica's work for the Middle East through Victor Marx and All Things Possible: https://victormarx.com/erica/

UPDATE 1/12/2020 at 12:48pm: Added info below.

January 10, 2020

Full Moon ECLIPSE in Cancer On Thursday January 10th. A Quintuple 20:20:20:20:20 Gateway Activates by Tania Gabrielle.

written by Tania Gabrielle

On January 10, 2020 the first full moon of the decade creates a dynamic quadruple opposition from the Moon to the stellium in Capricorn – Pluto/Saturn/Sun/Mercury!

That stellium is exact only hours later on January 12.

What a way to start 2020!

During the Eclipse, Uranus stations direct again too…

Truly, it doesn’t get more intense, liberating and life-changing!

To start with, a quintuple 20:20:20:20:20 Gateway activates during the eclipse:
  • The Moon is at 20° Cancer opposite the Sun at 20°
  • Mercury conjuncts the Sun at 20°
  • We are in 2020.
As for the Moon’s placement in Cancer – this is a private, internal sign of emotional security. It describes your internal frame of reference.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and symbolizes the Cosmic Mother, nurturing, home, safety, love, caring, kindness and family.

This eclipse – preceding the Stellium in Capricorn – is incredibly powerful since the Moon forms a quadruple opposition to Pluto / Saturn – now at 22° Capricorn – Sun and Mercury at 20° Capricorn.

Thus the Moon, ruler of Cancer, is seeking emotional balance – within you tension needs to resolve and energetically brought into HARMONY

This is series of cosmic events in the 2nd week of 2020 with planets at 20° and 22° signals a very important shift in human history.
Be sure to watch the new Star Code Forecast podcast on the Eclipse!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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IRAQ: The Genocide of the Iraqi People, Kurds Under Saddam Hussein And The Genocide Of Armenians Under Ottoman Empire Is Directly Connected To Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem Amin Al-Husseini, Hitler/Nazis, Progressive Left/Right.

1918 Iraq New Borders: The First World War comes to a close with the humiliating defeat of the Germans and the Turkish Ottoman Empire. England and France redesign the map of the Middle East and create new artificial borders creating new boundaries for Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Kuwait and Lebanon.

1914-1917 Husseini’s First Taste of Jihad, Allegiance to Ottoman Empire: Amin Al-Husseini swears allegiance to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide. He is an officer stationed in Smyrna and participates first-hand in the Armenian genocide. One and a half million Christian Armenians are slaughtered under the sword of Islamic Jihad by the Ottoman Army.

1933 Hitler rises to power: Hitler’s party: Nationalist Socialist Party. Nazi Parties form in Middle East: Young Egypt (led by Nasser) and Social Nationalist Party of Syria (led by Anton Sa’ada)

1937 Amin Al-Husseini Nazi: Amin Al-Husseini visits Jerusalem German Consul and seeks cooperation with the Nazis. Amin al Husseini subsequently receives financial and military aid from Nazi Germany. Amin Al Husseini In Berlin during WWII.

1937 Saddam Hussein Born in Iraq: Saddam Hussein, future dictator of Iraq, is born in a peasant Iraqi family.

1941 Amin Al Husseini in Bagdad with Rashid Al-Qailani, Leader of Pro-Nazi Iraqi Coup: Amin Al-Husseini declares Fatwa-Jihad against Britain. Amin al Husseini instigates a pro-nazi coup in Baghdad, Iraq. By his side, Rashid Ali el Gailani, Kharaillah Tulfah and the Golden Square squad of pro-nazi officers. Tulfah is Saddam Hussein’s mentor, uncle and Father-in-Law.

Germany sends weapons and aircrafts to Husseini. In May 1941, the British re-take control and the coup fails. Amin Al-Husseini flees to Teheran, Iran.

Palestinian Volunteers to the Iraqi Army for 1941 Pro-Nazi Coup in Bagdad.

1944 Arab League Includes Iraq: Amin Al-Husseini is one of the founders of Arab League. Goal is to reinforce Pan-Islamic unity. Founding countries are: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. Husseini is appointed to President in Absentia of Fourth Higher Committee of Arab League.

1946 Amin Al- Husseini/Arafat Seeds of Second Generation: Back in Palestine, Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat meets Amin Al-Husseini at age 17 and becomes one of his fervent admirers and followers. Husseini enrolls Arafat to his service. Amin Al-Husseini allegedly great-uncle of Arafat, whose real name is Mohammed Abder Rauf Arafat Al-Kudwa Al-Husseini. Amin Al-Husseini places Yasser Arafat in charge of arms procurement and shipment for the Mufti’s Irregular Forces: “The Holy Strugglers”. See Arafat/Palestine section.

1947 Saddam’s Nazi Education: Young Saddam Hussein was raised from age 10 on by his uncle Kharaillah Tulfah, close friend of Amin Al-Husseini and his main partner during the pro-Nazi coup in 1941 in Baghdad. Later, Saddam Hussein will marry his daughter.

1959 Saddam Hussein Early Political Career: Saddam Hussein failed out of Baghdad’s Military Academy and sought revolutionary means to reach power and achieve his uncle’s Pan-Islamic/Nazi alliance. Attempted assassination of Iraqi leader Abdel Karim Qassim by Saddam Hussein. Assassination fails and Saddam is forced to flee Iraq for Egypt.

1959-1963 Saddam Hussein with Fellow Iraqis in Exile in Cairo. Egyptian Refuge For Saddam: Saddam Hussein finds refuge in Egypt, where he is granted protection and resources. Since 1952, Egypt is run by former head of Young Egypt (Nazi) party Gamal Abdul Nasser. Egyptian government has incorporated thousands of Nazis through the Odessa Network (1949-1952) (see Amin Al Husseini section).

Amin Al Husseini with Abdel Nasser: President of Egypt.

1962 Saddam Hussein Marries Daughter of Pro-Nazi Uncle and Mentor: Saddam marries his first cousin Sajida Tulfah. Sajidah is the daughter of Saddam Hussein’s uncle Kharaillah Tulfah. Tulfah was his mentor. Saddam was a great admirer of his and grew up in his house until 1947. Tulfah was one of the main organizers of Pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in 1941 with Rashid Ali el Gailani.

1963 Saddam Returns to Iraq: Iraqi government toppled by Ba’ath party, where Saddam Hussein is a prominent member. CIA heavily involved in toppling President Qassim because of fear that he would support the Communist Soviet Union. Ba’ath party establishes full dictatorship. Saddam Hussein returns to Iraq and assumes prominent position in Ba’ath Party. In the first month of Ba’ath rule, over 700 political figures assassinated. Saddam Hussein becomes interrogator and torturer at Baghdad’s infamous ‘Palace of the End’, which was a torture chamber under Ba’ath rule. Saddam Hussein becomes head of State Security.

1979 President Saddam Hussein: Saddam Hussein takes over leadership of Ba’ath Party. Becomes Iraqi President. He instantly orders the execution of over twenty top leaders of his own Ba’ath Party and assumes total unconditional control of Iraq. Nazi-inspired full dictatorship is imposed. No freedom of expression. All political opposition outlawed. Countless Iraqis murdered by Saddam’s Security Department, run by his son. As an answer to Kurdish feelings of self-determination, an all out genocide of the Kurds is implemented. America turns a blind eye in exchange for oil concessions and guarantee that Iraq will not turn to the Soviet Union. In the meantime, Saddam Hussein establishes concentration camps throughout the land for people opposing his regime.

1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War, One million soldiers die, One million children die: Clash between expansionist Shi’ite movement of Iranian Islamic Revolution and Saddam Hussein vision of the region. Social and economic devastation followed.

Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini recruits between five hundred thousand (500,000) and one million Iranian children (mostly Basij children) to seek martyrdom by walking across Iraqi mine fields. Nine out of ten reportedly died in Martyrdom. In 1999, Grand Ayatollah al Sayyid Mohammed Sadiq al Sadr executed by Saddam Hussein.

1987-88 Kurdish Genocide, 200,000 Kurds Murdered, Halabja Massacre. Kurdish Victim of Saddam's Chemical and Biological Warfare, One million Iraqi Kurdish refugees: 3000 Kurdish villages destroyed. One million Kurds and Turkomen are displaced. Hundreds of thousands live to this day in refugee camps in Iran under extreme conditions.

Saddam Hussein places his cousin General Ali Hassan Al-Majeed (dubbed ‘Chemical Ali’) in charge of the Kurdish genocide.

Halapja massacre (03/16/88) “Chemical Ali” drops mustard gas, nerve agent surin, tabun and VX gas on Kurdish village. Five thousand (5000) die in minutes. Tens of thousands crippled. Gassed Iraqi Kurdish Children: Victims of Saddam's Chemical Warfare.

1990 Invasion of Kuwait War with America and Israel: August 2nd, 1990. Saddam Hussein breaks ties with America and launches invasion of Kuwait, claiming pre-1918 Iraqi borders.

Scud missiles sent on Israel to rally Pan-Islamic support. America leads massive counter-offensive and defeats Saddam Hussein.

1993 New York, First World Trade Center Attack: Operation on American soil linked to Yasser Arafat and backed by Iraqi government

Masterminded by Ramzi Youssef and Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. (now serving a life sentence). Youssef was quoted to say that his wish was to have killed 250,000 American civilians.

July 1999 Saddam Hussein Billionaire: Forbes Magazine July ’99. Saddam Hussein’s personal wealth estimated at nine billion dollars, from oil and smuggling.

Saddam offers $25,000 for Every Palestinian Suicide attack, Arafat salutes Saddam: Saddam Hussein offers $25,000 for each Palestinian child willing to blow himself up in martyrdom against Israel. Countless deaths result. Saddam broadcasts propaganda supporting suicide attacks against the West and the Jews. Yasser Arafat receives weapons from Iraq.

April 2003 Iraq War, The Fall of the Iraqi Baath Party And its Dictator Saddam Hussein: April 2003. The United States of America and Great Britain invade Iraq in order to topple the regime of Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein was in breach of UN resolutions regarding arms inspections, with a 12 year history of non-compliance. He is accused of harboring terrorism and manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction and committing countless crimes against humanity.

Saddam's army is easily defeated. An interim governing council of Iraqis is appointed by the US and headed by L. Paul Bremmer. Saddam goes on the run. His two sons Uday and Qusay are killed. Most Baath leadership is captured or killed.

The post-war reconstruction effort is hampered by die-hard supporters of Saddam and hired mercenaries from Muslim lands. The fedayeen and Al Qaeda are suspected of involvement, as are the governments of Syria and Iran.

The Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Conference, with France and Germany, were opposed to the war in the first place. [Of course (emphasis mine)]

After the war, they continue to oppose the American occupation and demand a prompt withdrawal. With the toppling of Saddam's Baath party, France looses a major commercial ally and friend.

French President Chirac, leader of the anti-American movement. 1976 Saddam Hussein visits French nuclear reactor with Jacques Chirac the future President of France. The French supplied Saddam with Ozirak, which was Iraq's first nuclear plant. France's leading oil company, Total Elf, which has held exclusive negotiating rights for the huge Majnoun and Bin Omar oil fields was about to sign new contracts with the Iraqi dictator. France received approximately 23% of Iraq's oil.

December 14, 2003 U.S. announce the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Saddam's notorious Lawyer Jacques Verges From Nazi Klaus Barbie to Saddam Hussein: The notorious Jacques Verges accepts to defend Saddam Hussein in court upon request by Saddam's nephew Ali Al-Tikriti. Verges is notorious for defending the Palestinian terrorist group PLFP, the famous Carlos the Jackal and the Nazi Leader Klaus Barbie, also known as the Butcher of Lyons..