June 22, 2019

USA: New Denver City Council Member: I Will Usher In Communism ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

Daily Wire
written by Ryan Saavedra
Sunday June 16, 2019

Newly elected far-left Denver City Council member Candi CdeBaca has stated that she is "excited to usher" in communism "by any means necessary."

CdeBaca, who won in an upset runoff election earlier this month, said in late March during a candidate forum for City Council District 9:
I don’t believe our current economic system actually works. Um, capitalism by design is extractive and in order to generate profit in a capitalist system, something has to be exploited, that’s land, labor or resources.

And I think that we’re in late phase capitalism and we know it doesn’t work and we have to move into something new. And I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources, and distribution of those resources.

And so, whatever that morphs into I think is what will serve community the best and I’m excited to usher it in by any means necessary. [Emphasis added]
Encyclopedia Britannica defines communism as a "political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (e.g., mines, mills, and factories) and the natural resources of a society."

CdeBaca, who is a democratic socialist, also drew intense criticism for saying that she will "usher" in communism "by any means necessary."

While it's not exactly clear what CdeBaca meant when she said "by any means necessary," PBS notes that Malcolm X used the phrase and it meant "up to and including the use of violence."

The American Mirror added that "by any means necessary" also happens to be a radical far-left organization. Influence Watch reports on By Any Means Necessary (BAMN):

BAMN employs aggressive “militant” direct action and litigation to support its cause.[3] BAMN protests of official government bodies have resulted in flipping tables and other disruptive outbursts.[4] BAMN demonstrators have been arrested for inciting riots,[5] throwing rocks at police,[6] and destruction of property.[7]

ENGLAND: The Parents Of A Muslim Convert Who Went To Syria To Join The Islamic State Have Been Convicted Of Funding Islamic Terrorism.

BBC News
written by Staff
Friday June 21, 2019

The parents of a Muslim convert dubbed "Jihadi Jack" have been found guilty of funding terrorism.

John Letts, 58, and Sally Lane, 57, from Oxford, sent their son £223 while he was in Syria despite concerns he had joined the Islamic State group.

An Old Bailey jury found the couple not guilty of sending him a further £1,000 and could not reach a verdict on a third charge of funding terrorism.

The pair each received 15 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months.

In a statement read by their solicitor, they said: "We have been convicted for doing what any parent would do if they thought that their child's life was in danger."

Muslim convert Jack Letts left his home in Oxford at 18 for Jordan and Kuwait for study and tourism.

In March 2015, police warned the couple they risked prosecution if they sent their son money.

Then in September, Lane transferred money to an account in Lebanon after her son insisted it had "nothing to do with jihad".

She told him: "I would go to prison for you if I thought it gave you a better chance of actually reaching your 25th birthday."

Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said: "It was one thing for parents to be optimistic about their children, and I do acknowledge he is your son who you love very much.

"But in this context you did lose sight of realities."

He told the couple: "The warning signs were there for you to see."

He said that they were "intelligent adults" who set aside their suspicions to "please your son".

In the statement read outside the Old Bailey, the couple said: "The fact the jury acquitted us of some of the allegations makes it clear that the jury accepted we believed that our son's life was in imminent danger."

They added that they had "tried to do the right thing" and co-operate with police in a bid to get Jack home.

"But instead of helping us they used the information we provided to prosecute us."

In the statement, Letts and Lane said that "having escaped from Isis [Jack] is now in limbo".

Jack has been detained for the past 18 months 1by the Kurdish-led YPG in northern Syria.

His parents said: "Jack is still a British citizen and we have pleaded with the government to help us to bring him to safety, even if that meant he might be prosecuted in the UK.

"We are committed to help Jack return home."

Prosecutor Alison Morgan QC had earlier said Jack's parents "turned a blind eye to the obvious".

"Saying they wanted to help Jack is not a defence," she said.

"They had every reason to expect the worst; they just in fact did not want to hear the truth."

She added Letts and Lane were repeatedly told by "numerous police officers" not to send any money.

Letts and Lane were found not guilty of sending a further £1,000 in December 2015 and the jury could not reach a verdict on the couple sending £500 in January 2016.

Jurors heard that in July 2015 Jack Letts spoke about wanting to decapitate a former school friend on social media.

'Not bad people'

Linus Doubtfire posted a picture on Facebook as he completed his Commando Artillery Course in the British army.

Jack then posted: "I would love to perform a martyrdom operation in this scene."

During the trial the court heard the parents consulted an academic expert, who said it was "highly improbable" Jack had not engaged in military activity.

Jurors also heard Lane sent a message to her son which said it was "naive of us to believe" Jack was not a fighter in Syria.

Det Ch Supt Kath Barnes said investigators had "huge empathy" for Letts and Lane, and said the parents were "not bad people".

She added: "It's hard to imagine the kind of agony they must be going through because of the choices their son made."

Letts and Lane criticised the government for their lack of action in helping Jack, and others, return to the UK from Syria.

In their statement they said: "After more than two years in jail, Jack still faces indefinite detention without being charged or tried for any crime.

"Effectively there is no government policy for British citizens, including children, trapped in Syria."

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said: "As long-standing FCO travel advice states, HMG [Her Majesty's Government] does not have a consular presence in Syria from which to provide consular support."

The spokesperson added that anyone who chose to travel to Syria was "putting themselves in considerable danger".

ENGLAND: Barnet Stabbing Victim Becomes Fifth Person Killed In London In Six Days.

Independent News, UK
written by Staff
Wednesday June 19, 2019

Two teenagers charged over one fatal incident to appear in Old Bailey on Wednesday

A man has died following a triple stabbing in north London, the fifth killing in the capital in six days, triggering a murder investigation.

Officers were called to Welbeck Road, Barnet, at 10.50pm on Tuesday following reports of a fight.

Scotland Yard said three men who had been stabbed were taken to hospital, one of whom later died.

The two other injured men – one in his 20s and another in his 30s – were not in a life-threatening condition, the force said.

A crime scene remained in place on Wednesday morning as murder detectives opened an investigation.

Any witnesses or anyone with information about the killing was urged to contact police.

The suspected murder comes after a man in his 40s was stabbed to death in Whalebone Lane, Stratford, in the early hours of Monday.

That killing followed three homicides in the space of 24 hours, including two teenagers who were fatally attacked at teatime on Friday.

Cheyon Evans, 18, was found stabbed on Deeside Road in Wandsworth, southwest London, at 4.42pm, and died at the scene.

In the second killing, Eniola Aluko, 19, from Thamesmead, southeast London, was shot dead in Hartville Road, Plumstead, shortly before 5pm.

On Saturday, a man in his 30s was stabbed to death next to a nursery and a mosque in Tower Hamlets, east London, just before 2pm.

As well as the violent deaths, another victim, 45, was left in a critical condition when he was stabbed in Enfield at about 3.30pm on Saturday.

A 17-year-old boy was also left fighting for his life after he was shot on the Tulse Hill Estate in south London at around 9.40pm on Sunday.

Another man, aged 28, was also shot shortly after 11.30am on Monday in Leytonstone, east London, but his injuries were non-life threatening or changing.

The Metropolitan Police said it had boosted activity by its violent crime taskforce in certain hotspots.

Mohamed Nadir Dafallah, 18, from Wandsworth, and a 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have been charged with Cheyon’s murder and are due to appear at the Old Bailey on Wednesday.

USA: A man was sentenced to five years of supervised probation for sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl, who later tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease.

Fox11, Los Angeles local
written by Kelly Taylor Hayes
Tuesday June 18, 2019

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A Missouri man was sentenced to five years of supervised probation for molesting an 11-year-old girl, who later tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease.

Joseph Meili, 22, of Russellville, pleaded guilty on Friday in Greene County Court to one count of third-degree child molestation, court records show. Charges of child kidnapping and statutory rape were dismissed after prosecutors reached a plea agreement with Meili in March.

The girl gave her address while using her mother's phone to exchange messages with Meili on the MeetMe dating app. A probable cause statement from police said Meili went to the girl's house in July 2017 and drove her to a Springfield apartment.

Police said that while the girl was being sexually assaulted, a search was underway for her with authorities knocking on doors, searching nearby wooded areas and pinging the cellphone.

The girl later returned home and was found in her bedroom packing a bag to leave again, according to The Jefferson City News Tribune. She said she had fallen asleep while at the apartment and woke up feeling as though something sexual had happened, the newspaper reported.

The girl subsequently tested positive for chlamydia. Investigators allegedly found semen on the girl's underwear, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

Third-degree child molestation is considered a Class C felony under Missouri law, and a conviction can lead to three to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Meili, who was arrested and originally charged in 2017, and told authorities he met up with a girl, but her page on the app showed that she was 18 years old.

Meili's attorney Scott Pierson said his client was "essentially catfished," and he felt horrible when he found out she was 11, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

During Friday's hearing, Judge Calvin Holden sentenced Meili to probation despite the state asking that he be sent to prison for a 120-day program, Pierson told the newspaper.

As part of his plea deal, Meili will also be required to register as a sex offender, the newspaper reported.

USA: An Islamist From Iraq Who Moved To Toronto As A Refugee In 1993 And Became A Canadian Citizen In 1997 Sentenced To 26 Years In Prison For Role In Suicide Attack On U.S. Soldiers In Iraq.

CBC News, Canada
written by AP staff
Tuesday June 18, 2019

Man arrested in Edmonton in 2011 while living with his girlfriend and her children

An Edmonton man has been sentenced to 26 years in U.S. prison for supporting a group of jihadists who committed a 2009 suicide attack that killed five American soldiers in Iraq.

Faruq Khalil Muhammad 'Isa played a limited role in the conspiracy and did not deserve the life term called for under federal sentencing guidelines, U.S. District Judge Roslynn Mauskopf said Tuesday.

The sentence was spelled out in a plea agreement that remains under seal in federal court in Brooklyn.

Several of the soldiers' relatives urged the judge to impose a life sentence.

But Mauskopf said 'Isa played a limited role compared to other co-conspirators and wasn't involved in planning the actual attack.

'Isa, who also goes by the name Sayfildin Tahir Sharif, pleaded guilty to sending the attackers money and providing them logistical support.

Born in Iraq, 'Isa was arrested in 2011 on a U.S. warrant after an investigation by authorities in New York, Canada and Tunisia.

'Isa moved to Toronto as a refugee in 1993 and became a Canadian citizen in 1997. When he was arrested, he was living in an Edmonton apartment with his girlfriend and her children.

He was held in Edmonton until he lost an extradition fight in 2015.

June 19, 2019

USA: A Former Aide To Dem Senator Maggie Hassan And Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Headed To Prison For The Largest Known Data Theft In Senate History To Harm Republicans By Releasing Personal Data.

The Daily Caller
written by Luke Rosiak, Investigative Reporter
Wednesday June 19, 2019
  • A former Democratic congressional aide who doxxed Republican senators during a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be sentenced to prison Wednesday.
  • Former computer administrator Jackson Cosko carried out what prosecutors said was the largest known data theft in Senate history and used it to blackmail a witness, to plot to extort a senator and to threaten others.
  • He left operational spy devices on the Senate network that went undetected by police even after he was arrested and his plot was discovered, prosecutors said.
  • Prosecutors are seeking to make an example of Cosko for criminally attacking people who disagreed with him politically, citing a rise in such incidents.
A former aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is headed to prison Wednesday for what prosecutors said was the largest known data theft in Senate history.

The former aide, Jackson Cosko, pleaded guilty in April to crimes related to an unparalleled effort to ransack a Senate office, extorting a Democratic senator, illegally harming Republicans for their political views, and blackmailing a witness.

Prosecutors asked for nearly five years in prison for Cosko, a onetime congressional IT aide to Hassan. Cosko admitted he stole the New Hampshire Democrat’s data out of revenge for being fired, then used it to doxx Republicans during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

“The government believes that a significant sentence would help to make clear that difference of political opinion do not entitle people to engage in politically motivated, criminal attacks threatening elected officials with whom he disagrees, and would thereby encourage respect for the law, and deter future criminal conduct,” prosecutors wrote.

New details emerged in their sentencing memo that made the case of Cosko — the Bernie Sanders-supporting son of a millionaire San Francisco developer with ties to California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — even more shocking.

A second Hassan staffer who was friends with Cosko served as his accomplice in exchange for rent money helped him physically break into the office at night and pilfer internal emails even after he was fired, prosecutors’ sentencing memo shows.

The Daily Caller News Foundation first reported that the accomplice, who has since been fired, is Samantha DeForest-Davis. Hassan’s office subsequently confirmed her identity, yet DeForest-Davis has not been charged with any crime.

Even after Cosko was arrested and a computer was quarantined, Capitol Police and Senate employees did not realize that keylogger devices were plugged in to many of the office’s computers, according to prosecutors. The devices continued to beam every keystroke — including passwords to personal and business accounts — over a WiFi signal that could be accessed from the public hallway.

The Senate later realized that it was still being spied on only because Cosko informed government agents of the devices, the memo says. Police still have been unable to detect the devices’s WiFi signals, making it impossible to rule out that they aren’t plugged in elsewhere in Congress.

Prosecutors say the case is emblematic of rising threats against political opponents

Prosecutors said Cosko had “self-righteous entitlement” and a “belief that he could violate the sanctity of the United States Senate at will and threaten individual Senators as he pleased.”

He wanted to use stolen data “to punish people who disagreed with his politics” by publishing the personal information of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Mitch McConnell, the memo says, which noted that Cosko laughed about his actions.

Prosecutors said his case must be a deterrent to what they said are rising politically-motivated attacks.

“The defendant operated under the belief that he was entitled to inflict emotional distress upon United States Senators and their families, simply because they disagreed with the defendant and had different political views,” prosecutors wrote. “The government believes that there appears to have been an increase in similar criminal harassment, particularly through social media channels, by people across the political spectrum.”

In a sentencing memo, prosecutors described “a months-long series of burglaries and sophisticated data theft offenses directed at the office of United States Senator Maggie Hassan; to a separate set of ‘doxxing’ offenses through which he maliciously released personal information of Senators Lindsay Graham, Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Mitch McConnell; and to obstruction of justice, because he attempted to silence a witness by threatening to release the private health information of a Senator’s children, because he corrupted another person and persuaded her to attempt to ‘wipe down’ the scene of his burglaries, and because he attempted to destroy evidence in his own apartment.”

Prosecutors dismissed arguments by Cosko’s team of attorneys that drugs were behind the defendant’s behavior and that high-end counseling and treatment paid for by his parents could cure it. They said Cosko’s behavior was premeditated and deliberate and that he took pleasure in learning of Republicans’ pain.

Prosecutors said Cosko laughed “aha it ruined [Hatch’s] wifes birthday [sic].”

A vengeful employee

Hassan hired Cosko as an IT administrator “entrusted with access to all of the computer systems and data in the Senator’s office,” even though he had a prior criminal record, prosecutors said. In May 2018, he was “terminated for performance-related reasons” that Hassan has declined to explain. (RELATED: Hearing Reveals Congress Provided ‘No Supervision’ Of IT Aides, Missed Red Flags, But Members Block Proposed Reforms)

Prosecutors said he “continued to be angry about his termination for months” and took “advantage of his in-depth knowledge of the office’s computer security measures and practices, engaged in an extensive computer fraud and data theft scheme that he carried out by repeatedly burglarizing Senator Hassan’s Office.”

“The defendant ultimately copied entire network drives, sorted and organized sensitive data, and explored ways to use that data to his benefit,” they continued.

One of his aims was to extort Hassan’s office into giving him a positive job reference and finding out whether it had given him bad references, prosecutors said.

Regardless, Texas Democrat Jackson Lee hired him anyway, despite the criminal record and termination from Hassan’s office. The job was unpaid, a lifestyle apparently made possible by Cosko’s parents’ wealth. But it gave him access to the House computer network, which he used to continue his data theft and extortion.

“The defendant broke into Senator Hassan’s Office on at least four occasions, including on or about July 26, 2018, August 6, 2018, and October 2, 2018,” prosecutors said. “The defendant gained access to Senator Hassan’s Office by unlawfully obtaining keys from SUBJECT A, a staffer who was (at the time) employed in the Office.”

“The defendant obtained and took dozens of means of identification (including network login credentials) belonging to at least six employees of the Office of Senator Hassan – that is, his conduct constituted numerous instances of identity theft,” they continued. “The defendant also surreptitiously installed ‘keylogger’ devices on at least six computers in Senator Hassan’s Office,” which were “designed to be unobtrusive, legitimate looking devices that would go unnoticed by the individuals that were using the affected computers.”

The devices were “designed to record the keystrokes that Senate staffers typed on their Senate-owned computers – including the keystrokes that comprised usernames and passwords for Senate computers and computer networks, as well as personal e-mail accounts,” prosecutors said.

Then, during the confirmation hearings of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Cosko used his House computer to post the stolen personal information of Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to Wikipedia.

After Kentucky Republican Paul — who was the victim of a physical assault and has been shot at — demanded accountability for the mystery “doxxer,” Cosko targeted Paul and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “with the intent to intimidate them,” posting their personal addresses and phone numbers, knowing that others would use the information to harass them, prosecutors said.

On Oct. 2, Cosko went back to Hassan’s office for more after asking Deforest-Davis for her key. According to prosectors, he was caught in the act by a Hassan employee and fled, then emailed the witness: “If you tell anyone I will leak it all. Emails signal conversations gmails. Senators children’s health information and socials.”

Luke Rosiak is the author of the new book Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats, about a computer hack on the House of Representatives.

USA: Co-founder And Self-proclaimed Guru Of “Sex-Slave Cult” Nxivm, Guilty Of Racketeering, Sex Trafficking, Forced Labor Conspiracy, Sexual Exploitation Of A Child, Child Pornography, etc.

CBS New York published on Jun 19, 2019: Guilty Verdict For NXIVM Celebrity Sex Cult Founder. The alleged founder of a celebrity sex cult in upstate New York has been found guilty on all charges. CBS2's Valerie Castro reports.

CBC News: The National published on Jun 19, 2019: NXIVM leader found guilty on all 'sex cult' charges. Keith Raniere was accused of sexual offences, extortion and even forcing women to have abortions, a litany of charges linked to his time as leader of the self-help group he founded called NXIVM. Now, after a 7-week trial, a jury has found him guilty on all charges.
written by Lisette Voytko, Forbes Staff and Will Yakowicz, Forbes Staff
Wednesday June 19, 2019

Topline: Keith Raniere, the cofounder and self-proclaimed guru of “sex-cult” Nxivm, was found guilty Wednesday of racketeering, sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy and other felony charges.
  • The jury, which heard from half a dozen former Nxivm members, delivered its verdict finding Raniere guilty on all seven charges, which included sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography.
  • "Raniere, who portrayed himself as a savant and a genius, was in fact, a master manipulator, a con man and the crime boss of a cult-like organization involved in sex trafficking, child pornography, extortion, compelled abortions, branding, degradation and humiliation,” said Richard P. Donoghue, United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, outside the Brooklyn federal courthouse shortly after the jury delivered the verdict on Wednesday.
  • Raniere, 58, faces a possible life sentence in prison. He will be sentenced September 25, 2019.
  • Forbes first raised questions about the cult-like Nxivm—and Raniere—in 2003.
During closing arguments on Tuesday at Federal District Court in Brooklyn, prosecutor Moira Penza told jurors that Raniere posed as a spiritual guru and claimed he could help people lead better lives, but in reality he was running a criminal organization that served his appetite for sex.

“You saw him for what he was,” Ms. Penza told the jurors, as the New York Times reported. “A con man, a predator, a crime boss.”

Penza said that Nxivm and the “sex-slave group” he founded called DOS allowed Raniere to tap into “a never-ending flow of women and money.”

Key background: Raniere cofounded Nxivm in 1998 in a town near Albany, New York, as a purported self-help group. An estimated 17,000 people took courses, including Sheila Johnson, a cofounder of Black Entertainment Television; Antonia Novello, a former U.S. surgeon general; and Stephen Cooper, now CEO of Warner Music Group. Nxivm also hosted an event on an island owned by Richard Branson. The people who took a class or two had no idea of the darker forces at work—only a small sliver of people ended up staying and gaining admission to Raniere’s inner circle.

Clare Bronfman, an heiress to the Seagram liquor fortune and a longtime member of the group, largely funded Nxivm with her trust fund and pleaded guilty to two felonies in April after being charged along with Raniere. Allison Mack, the TV actress, Nancy Salzman, Raniere’s cofounder, and her daughter Lauren Salzman also pleaded guilty to crimes.

In 2003, Forbes published the first critical article about Raniere and Nxivm, explaining that while it seemed to tap into the “high-profit fad of executive coaching,” critics also saw a “darker and more manipulative side” to Raniere. And the cover story included a whopping charge from Clare’s father, billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr.: “I think it’s a cult.”

Last week, a 29-year-old former member who went by “Jay” took the witness stand to testify about her experience as a “sex slave.”

Jay said that to gain admission to DOS, which was pitched to her as the ultimate women’s empowerment group, women had to submit collateral, including naked pictures of themselves, on the first of every month “like rent.” She testified that once she was admitted to DOS (an acronym for a Latin phrase that loosely translates to “master over submissive women”), her grand master, Smallville actress Allison Mack, told her she had to ask for permission to complete basic tasks, including eating a meal. And if she did not obey her masters’ demands, Jay said she believed they would make her collateral public.

DOS members were made to stay on strict low-calorie diets and told not to shave their pubic hair in order to fit Raniere’s sexual preferences. Eventually, Jay was told to “seduce” Raniere but was able to escape. “Everything was crumbling,” Jay said from the witness stand. “It was my worst nightmare come to life—that it would be a cult and someone would want to sleep with me. And that’s what it was.”

In his closing statements on Tuesday, Marc Agnifilo, Raniere’s lead attorney, characterized the experience of DOS as “strong medicine,” the New York Times reported, but stressed that the members made their own “adult choices” to gain membership.
Law & Crime
written by Matt Naham
Wednesday June 19, 2019

There was no shortage whatsoever of lurid testimony over the course of an accused sex cult leader’s trial in the Eastern District of New York, and it didn’t take long for a jury of his peers to reach a verdict. Keith Raniere, also known as “Vanguard” and the founder of NXIVM (nex-ee-um), was found guilty Wednesday of all criminal charges.

According to reporters on scene, it took jurors only four hours of deliberation to reach a verdict. The verdict was scheduled to be read at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

While the co-defendants in the case–some of them rich and famous–opted to plead guilty but not to sex crimes, Raniere, 58, chose to go on trial alone to fight sex trafficking, child exploitation, wire fraud conspiracy and child pornography charges.

The seemingly endless list of felonies:
There were plenty of cringe-inducing moments throughout trial.

In one instance, Judge Nicholas Garaufis (who apparently has quite a reputation) erupted, yelled “You’re done” multiple times at Raniere’s defense lawyer Marc Agnifilo. It happened while government cooperator, Lauren Salzman, was being cross examined by Agnifilo. This prompted Agnifilo to file a motion for a mistrial. The judge rejected his argument. Salzman, a former NXIVM member, recounted how she and Raniere were taking a nap at a Mexican villa when the feds showed up to arrest him. She said this happened just before a planned group oral sex session was to occur.

Agnifilo argued as recently as Tuesday that Raniere may be seen to be gross and “distasteful,” but not a criminal.

“You might find many things about him distasteful, but most of them aren’t part of the charges,” Agnifilo told jurors. “Disgusting lifestyles aren’t criminal.”

Prosecutors argued that Raniere, a self-described self-help guru, started a secret society in his organization, and leveraged women into “master-slave” relationships; he and his cohorts collected dirt on victims in order to control them. The so-called slaves would become masters by getting their own slaves. This was a pyramid with Raniere at the top, authorities said. The case roped in high-profile co-defendants like Smallville actress Allison Mack and Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman.

Mack was accused of recruiting several women to be slaves in the organization; these women were allegedly forced to have sex with Raniere and perform labor under threat of extortion. Mack admitted to receiving “labor and services” from two alleged female slaves she oversaw on Raniere’s behalf. Additionally, Mack admitted to engaging in a conspiracy to commit the above federal crime. What she didn’t plead guilty to were the sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy charges in the indictment. Like Mack, Bronfman didn’t plead guilty to sex offenses — a significant difference for sentencing purposes.

Raniere, on the other hand, faces life in prison.

Several former members of NXIVM came forward with stories of sexual initiation rituals and being forcibly branded with both Raniere’s and Mack’s initials while part of the latter’s “slave pod.”

Among the ugly details that emerged at trial: Raniere allegedly called one woman “Norelco” because she had no pubic hair, urged her to have an abortion as a “great opportunity to lose weight and get fit,” and shamed women he’d surrounded himself with to lose weight so he could have sex with them. Even Agnifilo acknowledged early on that Raniere used abortions a part of a desire to have sex with many women.

Alberto Luperon contributed to this report.

[Images via YouTube/Keith Raniere Conversations screengrab]

USA: Federal Authorities Arrested An Islamist Syrian Refugee Accused Of Plotting Terrorist Suicide Bombing Attack On Pittsburgh Christian Church.

CBS Pittsburgh published on June 19, 2019: Syrian Refugee Charged For Allegedly Planning To Bomb Pittsburgh Church In The Name Of ISIS. A Pittsburgh resident was arrested on terrorism charges after he allegedly was planning to attack the Legacy International Worship Center on the North Side, according to the FBI.
ABC News
written by Alexander Mallin
Wednesday June 19, 2019

The Department of Justice announced the arrest of a Syrian refugee on Wednesday in connection with an Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack on a Christian church in Pittsburgh.

Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, 21, was accused by federal prosecutors in court documents filed on Wednesday of planning to attack a church on the north side of Pittsburgh, the Legacy International Worship Center, "to support the cause of ISIS and to inspire other ISIS supporters in the United States."

According to the criminal complaint, Alowemer was born in Daraa, Syria and was admitted to the U.S. as a refugee in August 2016.

He allegedly provided "multiple instructional documents" on how to build improvised explosive devices, referred to as IEDs, to an undercover FBI agent who he believed was a fellow ISIS supporter, according to the DOJ.

The complaint also alleges that Alowemer further detailed his plans and support for ISIS and jihad in social media communications.

"Alowemer also distributed propaganda materials, offered to provide potential targets in the Pittsburgh area, requested a weapon with a silencer, and recorded a video of himself pledging an oath of allegiance to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," the DOJ said in a statement.

The DOJ also said Alowemer had drafted a "10-point handwritten plan" related to a plot to bomb the church, and printed out copies of satellite maps from Google which he provided to a source working for the FBI as well as an undercover FBI employee.

According to prosecutors, Alowemer also recently bought a number of items that could be used in making a bomb including —nails for shrapnel, batteries and consumer products that contained chemicals that could be used in bomb-making. He allegedly planned to carry out his attack in July 2019.

The arrest comes on the heels of a meeting hosted by the FBI at their headquarters in Washington, D.C. in which faith leaders and law enforcement discussed recent attacks on houses of worship.

Alowemer is expected to make his first court appearance Friday for a hearing on the conditions of his detention.

USA: Child Porn Ringleader From New York Was Stabbed, Beaten To Death By Fellow Inmates In Michigan Prison. He Plead Guilty To A Child Exploitation Enterprise A Month Before.

WFLA8 NBC News, Michigan local
written by AP staff
January 10, 2019
I know this news is from January of this year. I thought it was newsworthy to still share with you. (emphasis mine)
MILAN, Michigan - A New York man sentenced to 40 years in prison as the leader of a child pornography ring died after a fight involving seven inmates at a federal detention center in Michigan, authorities said Friday.

Christian Maire was involved in an “altercation” Wednesday at the Milan detention center, about 50 miles southwest of Detroit, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons said.

No details of the fight were released. But the government said Maire’s death was being investigated as a homicide. He was from Binghamton, New York. Three other inmates had serious injuries, and two staff members had minor injuries.

Men are housed at the center while awaiting trial, sentencing or a permanent prison assignment after being sentenced in federal court. It’s on the grounds of the low-security Milan federal prison.

Maire, 40, was sentenced a month ago in U.S. District Court in Detroit after pleading guilty to a child exploitation enterprise. Prosecutors said he was the “mastermind” of an “egregious crime syndicate” that coerced vulnerable girls to engage in sexual activity on a website.

“They hunted girls. They lied to girls. They manipulated girls. ... And they did so repeatedly, for years, victimizing more than 100 girls, only a fraction of whom have been positively identified,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Mulcahy said in a court filing when he requested a life sentence for Maire.

Maire disputed that he was the ringleader but told a judge in December that he had “shattered so many lives.”

“I never thought I could sink this low. I apologize to all of my victims,” Maire said.

CANADA: Quebec Is The First Jurisdiction In North America To Ban Public-Sector Employees From Wearing Religious Garb On The Job.

Wall Street Journal
written by Kim Mackrael
Monday June 17, 2019

OTTAWA—Quebec will prohibit teachers, police officers and certain other public-sector employees from wearing religious symbols while on the job, making the French-speaking Canadian province the first North American jurisdiction in decades to enact such a ban.

The new Quebec law, which also covers judges and provincial prosecutors, applies to all religious symbols including the crucifix, the government has said. Civil-liberties groups have argued it will disproportionately affect religious minorities such as Muslim women who wear head scarfs and Sikh men who wear turbans.

The law exempts public-sector employees as long as they remain in their current positions. That exemption is lost if an employee is transferred or promoted, or if their mandate in a particular job ends. The law passed late Sunday in Quebec’s legislature by a vote of 73 to 35, after a marathon weekend session that saw the ruling Coalition Avenir Quรฉbec force an early end to the debate.

“Secularism is a value that is dear and fundamental for Quebecers,” Simon Jolin-Barrette, the province’s immigration minister, said during the debate in the Quebec legislature. Quebec’s right-leaning government has said the ban should mark an end to roughly a decade of divisive debate about accommodating religious minorities in the province.

As a French-speaking province in predominantly English Canada, Quebec has long sought to protect its distinct language and culture, which has in recent decades included a commitment to the separation of religion and the state.

Civil-liberties and religious groups denounced the law. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the National Council of Canadian Muslims on Monday said they had started legal proceedings to persuade the Court of Quebec to declare the law invalid because it violates Canada’s constitution. The group also asked the court to suspend implementation of the law until the court issues a ruling.

“The Quebec government has legalized religious discrimination,” said Leila Nasr, from the National Council of Canadian Muslims. “This is one of the biggest civil-liberties challenges in recent Canadian history.”

The World Sikh Organization said the law sends a message that Quebec has shut its doors to diversity and inclusion. “Stripping members of minority communities of their rights is a shocking move that will have long-term repercussions for Quebec and Canada,” the organization’s president said.

In addition to the ban on religious symbols for public servants, the new Quebec law requires anyone giving or receiving public services to have their faces visible. Critics argue that portion of the law targets the tiny minority of Quebecers who wear the face-covering niqab or burqa.

The Quebec law follows in the footsteps of some jurisdictions in Europe. France and some German states have imposed rules on religious garb for teachers, while France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark have partial or complete bans on full-face coverings in public spaces.

U.S. states have prohibited religious symbols for teachers but didn’t apply those rules to other public-sector employees. Most states have since repealed those laws. Pennsylvania’s state legislature is currently considering a bill to repeal its so-called religious-garb law for teachers.

A spokesman for Canada’s Liberal government said the law undermines fundamental rights and individual freedoms by forcing some people to choose between their religion and their job. “It’s not up to politicians to tell people what to wear or not to wear. Canada is already a secular state and that is reflected in our institutions,” the spokesman said, adding the federal government would monitor how the law is implemented.

Several Quebec school boards oppose the law, and Montreal’s English-language school board has said it wouldn’t enforce the rules if the law was passed. The board said in March it had never received a complaint from a student or parent about a teacher wearing a religious symbol or headgear such as a head scarf or turban.

Polls indicate a majority of Quebecers are in favor of restricting religious garb for public servants, with support concentrated among French speakers. However, respondents’ support for the law appeared to vary depending on the religious symbol.

A survey by the Angus Reid Institute released in December found a majority of respondents opposed public servants wearing Muslim head scarfs and turbans, but were more accepting for those wearing a crucifix or the Star of David.

June 18, 2019

USA: U.S. Authorities Seized 33,000 Pounds, or 15,000 Kilograms, Of Cocaine From A Ship At Philadelphia’s Port In What They Described As One Of The Largest Drug Busts In American History.

The Associated Press
written by Michael Rubinkam and Matt Rourke
Tuesday June 18, 2019

PHILADELPHIA — U.S. authorities seized 33,000 pounds, or 15,000 kilograms, of cocaine from a ship at Philadelphia’s port in what they described as one of the largest drug busts in American history.

They said the haul could have been worth more than $1 billion on the street.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Philadelphia announced the massive bust on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, saying that law enforcement agents found the cocaine on a ship at the Packer Marine Terminal. Two members of the crew were arrested and face federal charges.

Agents with dogs swarmed the colossal ship Tuesday afternoon, including one officer who could be seen climbing into the back of a large red container on wheels. Court documents said the bust began Monday.

An affidavit alleged that crew members helped load the cocaine onto the MSC Gayane while it was at sea off the west coast of South America. Citing an interview with one of the crew members, authorities said a total of 14 boats approached the vessel on two separate occasions during its voyage. Several crew members allegedly helped transfer bales of cocaine.

The ship’s second mate, Ivan Durasevic, and another crew member, Fonofaavae Tiasage, were charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine aboard a ship. An online court docket did not list attorneys for the defendants. It wasn’t clear whether other crew members would face charges.

The drug seizure is the latest in a series of large cocaine busts along the East Coast. In a March bust in Philadelphia, drug dogs sniffed out 1,185 pounds (538 kilograms) of cocaine worth about $38 million — at that time the city’s largest seizure of the drug in more than two decades.

In February, customs agents seized 3,200 pounds (1,451 kilograms) at the Port of New York and New Jersey with a street value estimated at $77 million. That was the largest cocaine bust at the ports since 1994.

Online ship trackers said the vessel detained in Philadelphia sails under the flag of Liberia and arrived in Philadelphia after 5 a.m. Monday. The ship’s previous ports of call were the Bahamas on June 13, Panama on June 9, Peru on May 24 and Colombia on May 19, records show.

Federal authorities say Colombia is the primary supplier of cocaine to the U.S.

The MSC Gayane’s owner, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co., said in a statement it was “aware of reports of an incident at the Port of Philadelphia in which U.S. authorities made a seizure of illicit cargo.” The privately owned Swiss shipping company said it “takes this matter very seriously and is grateful to the authorities for identifying any suspected abuse of its services.”

Patrick Trainor, a spokesman for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Philadelphia, said that based on current prices in the area, the street value of the haul is around $525 million to well over $1 billion.

Tuesday’s seizure did not set a U.S. record. A 1989 bust in downtown Los Angeles netted almost 43,000 pounds (19,504 kilograms) of the drug.

WPVI6 ABC affiliate, Philadelphia local
written by Maggie Kent and Dann Cuellar
Tuesday June 18, 2019

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania - Federal authorities have seized more than 16.5 tons of cocaine, with a street value of over $1 billion, at the Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia.

An official said the ship was headed from Chile to Europe when the drugs were found in Philadelphia after authorities received a tip Monday night. The cocaine was discovered inside eight containers from a cargo ship, sources tell Action News.

According to a senior DEA official in Washington, the latest count of the seizure is at 34,341 pounds which is just over 17 tons.

The ship's course started in Chile then stopped in Peru and the Bahamas before making its way to Philadelphia. The US Attorney's Office Eastern District of Pennsylvania says the ship was then headed to Europe with a stop in Rotterdam.

The intended destination for the cocaine shipment is unclear.

U.S. Attorney William McSwain tweeted this statement: "This is one of the largest drug seizures in United States history. This amount of cocaine could kill millions - MILLIONS - of people. My Office is committed to keeping our borders secure and streets safe from deadly narcotics."

Members of the ship's crew have been arrested and federally charged.

An affidavit of probable cause obtained by Action News shows that two of the ship's crew members have admitted taking part in loading the cocaine from 14 separate boats while en route at sea.

The illicit drugs are currently being processed.

Authorities say this is the largest drug seizure in the history of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Investigators are expected to hold a news conference in the coming days.

The historic bust -- the largest in the history of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania -- comes amid a series of large seizures of the drug in the Northeast, including a seizure back in May of roughly 450 kilos of cocaine at the Port of Philadelphia.

Another bust at the Port of Philadelphia in March netted a total of 450 bricks of cocaine, weighing 1,185 pounds with a street value of $38 million. At the time, law enforcement officials said it was their biggest cocaine bust at the Port of Philadelphia in 21 years.

New York saw its largest cocaine bust in a quarter century in March as well with $77 million worth of the drug seized from a cargo ship in the port of New York and New Jersey.

Traffickers have been seeking out a new market for cocaine by mixing it with the powerful drug fentanyl, which is 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine. Synthetic opioids, like fentanyl have been responsible for thousands of overdose deaths a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Cocaine, New York's nemesis of the 90s, is back-indicating traffickers push to build an emerging customer base of users mixing cocaine with fentanyl," DEA Special Agent in Charge Ray Donovan said at the time of the New York seizure. "This record-breaking seizure draws attention to this new threat and shows law enforcement's collaborative efforts in seizing illicit drugs before it gets to the streets and into users' hands."

In July of 2018, routine examinations at the Port of Philadelphia led to a big fentanyl bust. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized 110 pounds of the deadly opioid, with a street value estimated at $1.7 million.

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June 17, 2019

My Storyboard Spiritual Visual Interpretation Of What This Full Moon In Sagittarius On Monday, June 17th Is Ushering In For Us. ๐Ÿ’–

The pictures and gifs that I share sum up my interpretation of the current astrological message.

UPDATE 6/18/19 at 2:19am: I want to emphasize the last picture gif showing Bambi filled with wonder emulating the grasshopper. It's not just a cute little cartoon gif. It sums up all the other picture gifs. For more clarity, please read the spiritual meaning below:

[source: Light Force Network]

Symbology: The grasshopper is associated with astral travel. They have the ability to leap through time and into space where the true mysteries of life exist. People with this medicine have the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles efficiently and are able to jump into successful ventures without preparation or planning. When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear. Usually that specific area is one that we have avoided and is often connected to change on a larger scale. This can represent a change in location, relationships, career or just in the way we perceive ourselves.

Grasshoppers can only jump forward....not backward, or sideways. So, when grasshopper shows up he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation. Or it could be that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you. This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world. Grasshopper's ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why he is also a symbol of your inner voice. He could be telling you to trust yours.

[source: Spirit Animal Totems]

In this case grasshopper symbolism is asking you to take a leap of faith. Similar to the black horse, you must go ahead and do it without knowing the outcome. Usually, this is something that you have avoided doing and is part of a large-scale change in direction. This shift can be an adjustment in a relationship, advance in a career or a transition within yourself. Grasshopper symbolism also means that you have the wisdom that you need to get past any obstacles in an efficient manner. For the most part, all possible outcomes will be positive.

[source: Hep6 Shamanism]

The grasshopper may be inherently an earth creature, it is also heavily attuned to the wind. Hence, it is both grounded and free, striking a balance between humility and daydreaming, between having its feet on the ground and having its head in the clouds.

In this sense, the grasshopper exhorts us to dream, and to not be afraid to consider flights of fancy. What we may consider impossible and out of reach may be right before our eyes in a moment. And just as the grasshopper leaps and hops into each opportunity, it encourages us to stretch our bones and search for the truth in our dreams.

When the grasshopper appears as your spirit animal, it is pushing us to start considering the “great unknown” that is facing our lives. There may be a question that we are evading, or an opening in our lives that we are not even looking at because we don’t know what lies beyond.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Is On Monday June 17th. Galactic Center Activation! by Tania Gabrielle.

Full Moon in Sagittarius
Galactic Center Activation!
written by Tania Gabrielle
contact her at www.TaniaGabrielle.com

What an incredibly wonderful full moon forecast we are blessed with in June, as the brilliant Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17 takes place on a powerful point in the heavens – pointing directly at Galactic Center!

Galactic Center resides at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy so this full moon is unleashing some powerful magic…

(Even if you’re not a Sagittarius, this forecast still applies to you!)
  • Sagittarius represents our Quest for Truth.
  • Optimism and faith are enhanced.
  • You have greater peace of mind.
  • Your positive expectations convert into positive outcomes.
  • The solutions you seek catapult you into success.
Plenty of planetary transits magnify the positive impact! They include:
  • Moon conjunct Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius)
  • Moon and Sun square Neptune
  • Mercury trine Neptune
  • Mars trine Neptune
Plus two additional transits have an especially big positive impact – both involve Neptune and trigger the number 18, doubling up June’s 18 Universal Month number:
  • Jupiter squares Neptune at 18°
  • Saturn sextiles Neptune at 18°
It’s ALL coming together right before the exciting Summer Solstice on June 21… SO much to share, including many tips and takeaways!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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