March 20, 2024

USA: Los Angeles Socialite Convicted Of Killing 2 Boys In Hit And Run While Speeding And Drunk, Now Accused Of Witness Tampering, Wanting BodyCam Vid Sealed While Locked Up In Prison


This is not a race issue. Because all races are guilty of this kind of illegal misconduct ie; witness tampering etc. This is a people with money, and status issue. (emphasis mine) 
KTLA published March 18, 2024: Los Angeles District Attorney files motion accusing Sandra Grossman of misconduct while in jail. KTLA 5's Samantha Cortese has the latest on how prosecutors would like Grossman’s access to jailhouse phones taken away after their investigation revealed that she has been trying to get her daughter, husband, and legal team to help her get a new trial.
FOX 11 Los Angeles published March 19, 2024: Jailhouse transcripts released in Rebecca Grossman case. Transcripts of Rebecca Grossman's recorded jailhouse calls with her husband and daughter have been released and they include a FOX 11 reporter.
Screenshot from NY Post article showing front end of Grossman's car.

New York Post
written by Nika Shakhnazarova
Tuesday March 19, 2024

The Los Angeles socialite convicted of murdering two young brothers in a drunken hit-and-run has now been accused of attempting to tamper with the jury and influence a judge from behind bars, according to the LA Times.

Prosecutors accuse Grossman of urging misconduct through jailhouse phonecalls, all of which are recorded in a new motion filed Monday.

She is said to have directed her 19-year-old daughter, Alexis, to release bodycam footage which had earlier been sealed by a judge.

“While in custody, the defendant immediately began using her phone privileges to engage in wholly improper conduct or potentially illegal conduct,” the bombshell filing read.

“These calls include admissions to violating the court protective order regarding the disclosure of evidence on the internet and to the press.”

Prosecutors cited it while asking for Grossman’s phone privileges to be revoked.

Grossman, wife of renowned plastic surgeon Peter Grossman, was found guilty on Feb. 23 of all counts over the Sept. 29, 2020, crash which killed brothers Mark Iskander, 11, and Jacob Iskander, 8.

She faces 34 years to life in prison when sentenced.

Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County, Ryan Gould and Jamie Castro, said in their filing they fear Grossman may have bene trying to track down key players in the case to sway Judge Joseph Brandolino toward giving her a new trial.

“These recorded phone calls also document numerous potential criminal conspiracies, such as requests to disclose more protected discovery, discussion of various attempts to interfere with witnesses and their testimony and attempts to influence his honor in regards to sentencing,” the motion added.

In one Feb. 25th call with her husband, Grossman advised her husband to speak to her ex lover, former MLB pitcher Scott Erickson, who had apparently been racing her when the accident took place.

“You should call Scott Erickson and tell him to get on a video and that he needs to confess,” she reportedly said.

Grossman allegedly wrote a letter to the mother of the two boys she killed after she was found guilty last month.

Nancy and Karim Iskander, the parents of the boys said they received the letter from Grossman on March 13 and have asked the county to step in and bar Grossman from contacting them.

Elsewhere, at least two jurors said they were contacted by Paul Stuckey, a private investigator “for the family.”

“This investigator did not properly identify” which family he was working for, the outlet adds.

It is unclear how Stuckley got his hands on the jurors’ contact information, and deputies DAs argue the only possible way would be for him to access a pre-sealing jury list, which amounts to both jury tampering and illegally having personal information of jurors.

Juries’ identities are automatically sealed under California law, and are only released by a judge in exceptional circumstances.

Deputies are seeking to have Grossman barred from receiving visitors who are not on her legal team, and want her mail checked, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In court last month, prosecutors said Grossman, 62, was racing her ex-MLB lover Scott Erickson, who was in another car, after a boozed-up lunch.

Mark and Jacob were crossing the street in the crosswalk with their mother and youngest brother when Grossman slammed into them and fled, leaving the boys for dead.

The socialite struck the boys with such force that the older brother flew more than 250 feet.

Prosecutors presented evidence that the data recorder in Grossman’s white Mercedes showed she was speeding at up to 81 mph and tapped her brakes, slowing her to 73 mph, less than two seconds before a collision that set off her airbags.

Nancy Iskander was at the tragic scene and only narrowly saved herself and her then-5-year-old son Zachary from the same fate.

Grossman — who blew a 0.076% and had Valium in her system — denied killing the boys throughout her trial.

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