March 17, 2024

George Icemand And Jessie Czebotar Share 20 Min Tape Of Former Illuminati High Priest John Todd, Who Left, The First To Come Out Publicly To Expose The Illuminati. I Typed A Transcript For You.

The Reveal Report published August 5, 2022: TONIGHT - we discuss John Todd former witch that disclosed the ILLUMINATI. TONIGHT 8pm eastern LIVE. Former occultist George Iceman and author Jessie Czebotar discuss the discloser made by John Todd in the 70s from witches to satanism to the illuminati.

Okay, I'm back with this video. I think this is a good time to type the transcript I promised you.

Former Illuminati High Priest John Todd starting at 27:13: The Catholic Church's altar except for the ? or the ? is the exact altar of witchcraft and according to the reports I can get on the Nicean Council most of the ministers at the Nicean Council that set that heresy up were from the Temple of Diana which is witchcraft. Everything. The bell, the incense, the whole ritual. Their holy water is salt water mixture. This comes from witchcraft which they do exorcism with. Everything that they do comes out of witchcraft and they can't get around it.

Okay. Did everybody hear that question? Okay. He wants me to explain the Council of 13. Explain what that is. You're probably wondering and what their purpose or thrust is? Okay. Alright. If you'll all just give me a second and reach in your billfold, you can put it in the offering plate later, reach in your billfold and take out a one dollar bill real quick. We'll settle the whole thing. I'll let you ask your federal government later how this got on the one dollar bill? 

Okay. On the back of the one dollar bill you'll see the crest with the pyramid in it and Dr. Rasmussen has upstairs the whole crest. You only have the words left out on the block. But there are sections. This is a little behind time there's a few new organizations dating history back to the 1800's. But that pyramid in the illuminati consists of 3 pyramids and a phinx. But their crest is this crest. The Illuminati is the occult organization that we belong to. It means the light bearers. The witches call it Mariah, the conquering wind. But it's the captsone above. The eye is Lucifer. The triangle of the capstone is the tribunal of the Rothschild family. Which is called the holy family. They lead the Illuminati. They are would be Paul, Peter for the Catholics, all the saints and Mary and everybody all rolled into one and the Pope.

They are the voice. The doctrine of the occult teaches that Lucifer comes and sits at their dining room table. When they see the table, they leave 13 chairs out and the 13th one is for Lucifer to sit in himself. They set him a plate and everything.

Now I've been there in the mansion and I've seen this go on and they in turn direct to the top block of that pyramid and that top block is the Council of 13 of the Grand Druid Council which I was a member of. Now the Druid system of government is not that the politicians run everything. It is the same system that Rome had. The Priests let whoever wants to rule the government. But the Priests must rule the ruler. Now I'll let that sink on you for a while.

And I want to throw this in with a lot of controversy I'm sure. But it's a fact. Since the time of Woodrow Wilson, including him, there has never been a president of the United States that was not an Illuminati. That did not belong.

Now that'll shatter a few peoples ideas about a Christian president right now. But it's a fact anyway.

And the Grand Druids, although they're just every, supposedly everyday people like me. You look at me now, I'm this way. I was a different way when I was in witchcraft. And part of my authority was whatever governors, senators, or political people were in my area took direct political orders from me. Which I in turn did not think up. But simply translated to them from the orders we got from London, from the Rothschild family. Now that's the Council of 13.

The thrust is, that when I left in 72 they had a chart that said in 8 years, 8 YEARS, they would have the whole world. And from remembering that chart, I haven't seen one thing through the news media not happen on schedule according to that chart. I would say that that's about right.

I would say the word today would be Maranatha. That he's coming real quick. Because their's is coming real quick. They have it. It's not that far away. Be easier to give you the names you want. About 99%.

The man who pulled me out of jail became an Attorney General under Ford. William Saxby. Now that gives you a few names to start with. The best way is to find out who belongs to CFR or who belongs to the CFR.

(he gets asked a question we can't hear.) Not the way it's been written. Uh it's a little ridiculous. I know I'm going to step on a few people's toes who have read about the Illuminati.

But, oh uh he asked me what part Zionism played in the Illuminati?

Rothschild and a few people in the Illuminati were born Jews. But THEY'RE NOT JEWS.
He is referring to the Kabbalist Jews aka Zionists that worship Lucifer by way of Remphan, Baal, and Molech. They do not worship the God of Judaism from the Old Testament Bible and the Torah. And there are Christians who call themselves Zionists too. Incredible. I was fooled into believing Zionists or Kabbalist Jews worshipped the God of the Bible. Now I'm just blown away by all of the lies we have been told. Now I can see what I couldn't see before. (emphasis mine)
You can get in the word of God to find it. The system is this, with the same books that proclaim that the Illuminati is a Jewish Organization also proclaim that the Illuminati is a Luciferian Organization. You can't have BOTH.

A true Jew believes in Yahweh. An Illuminati person and I'm not a Jew and I was a leader of the Illuminati, BELIEVES IN LUCIFER. The god of light, peace, love, blah blah blah blah and so on. It has nothing to do with the same. Because they might be a few Jews born and they might have some ties with Zionism bloodline. But the organization itself has nothing to do with Judaism at all.

It is totally 100% Druid Occult and that's the purpose. In fact the reason the Rothschild's even still reside in London is because England is considered to the witches the same as Palestine is considered to us. It is a holy land. He takes pilgrimages there. You stop off and kiss the stones on the Rothschild mansion for luck and so on and so forth. If by some change you happen to meet a Rothschild and he gives you a blessed sign or a blessed be, then you're whole life is set. It's that type of nature.

But it has nothing to do... there is an interesting thing I'd like to throw in. A lot of witches do wear a thing called, The Star of David. David was long dead before that star was ever drawn. His son drew it and it's called the hexagram and the word to curse with, the hex come from the hexagram. And when witches practice magic they draw a five-pointed star to stand in and they call demons up in the evil sign. What we call, The Star of David.

So before Christians start tying it around their neck, that's called the demon star, or the death star and that's why it was drawn. For a few people it might be confusing about the Solomon aspect. When he backslid, he became the most holiest person in the occult. Everything that we practice are based upon books that he wrote and pictures that he drew when he backslid.

Well, including that exorcism right you asked about. He wrote it.


UPDATE 3/18/24 at 1:08pm: Added info below. 
GlobalAwareness101 published Lord Rothschild Admits His Family Created Israel. They are Illuminati Kabbalist Jews.
GlobalAwareness101 published The Hidden Hand Of The Rothschild Banking Family. Illuminati Kabbalist Jews. Credit To Robert Sepehr who put this together for us.

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