September 19, 2022

Daniel's Prophecy, 7 Year Tribulation? Sept 25, 2022 End of 49 Year Sabbatical Cycle. Sept 26, 2022 First Day Of The First Year Of A New 7 Year Super Shmita Year. 10 Days Later Is 70th Jubilee

RockIslandBooks published May 28, 2022: Jubilee 2022? - Whiteboard Animation (Plus Bonus Content): Is 2022 a Jubilee year? This would have MAJOR prophetic importance if so. Find out as author C.J. Lovik explores the chronology and unfolds this amazing mystery!

Jubilee 2022 Part 2 Whiteboard Animation 

I typed a transcript starting at 13:21:

"And what is that sign? The answer is the tribulation that will begin on a jubilee year followed immediately by the 70th week of Daniel and it looks like the year 2022 is not only the 70th jubilee but perhaps the 70th jubilee that the Lord wants His church to view and understand what it means.

So, why might the 70th week of Daniel begin a jubilee year?"
RockIslandBooks published May 28, 2022: Daniel's Prophecy, the Berisheet Prophecy, and a 2022 Tribulation? (Whiteboard Animation). In this video, author C.J. Lovik discusses the 2520 End Times prophecy dates with the Berisheet prophecy dates and reveals an amazing truth hidden between the two.


He states in this video that "the shmita year that ended in 2001 was the year that the twin towers collapsed and began the greatest financial stock market collapse up until that time in history and the shmita year that ended in 2008 was the year that started an epic worldwide financial collapse unlike anything that ever happened before."

Hmm...🤔 (emphasis mine)

RockIslandBooks published Who Is YHVH (Whiteboard Animation)? The name of the LORD has been concealed over 7000 times in the ancient Hebrew scriptures. How? Why? What does it mean? Listen and be amazed!
RockIslandBooks published Is the End of Days Prophesied in the First Word of the Bible?

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