September 19, 2022

Righteous Bold Lions One Minute Gem Bible Teachings Such As When Is The Rapture? What Did Jesus Tell His 12 Disciples? The TRUTH Behind The Great Reset - 4000 Years In The Making.

Righteous Bold Lions published October 16, 2021: When is the Rapture? What did Jesus say? Matt 24 Rev 6/7. The rapture has been a big topic for many Christians for a long time now, but when is it? Well it wasn't just us that wanted to know, the 12 disciples wanted to know what would happen at the end. 

They asked Jesus and this is what He said.
Righteous Bold Lions published November 26, 2021: Jesus is the Alpha and Omega or the Aleph Tav.
Righteous Bold Lions published October 21, 2021: Hidden message in the first 5 books of the bible? Amazing!
Righteous Bold Lions published October 1, 2021: The camp of Israel reveals a cross shape from above. The bible has so many layers and lots of hidden references to future events especially Jesus. one is found when we read about the Children of Israel camping in the wilderness. this one truly is amazing. 
Righteous Bold Lions published October 1, 2021: Hidden message about the 144,000 in the Hebrew names. The 144,000 have had lots said about them and lots more views on them. in this video I'm going to show you what the tribe names really mean and if it gives us an indication of what the 144,000 could be.
Righteous Bold Lions published September 9, 2021: Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega but he was speaking Hebrew not Greek Rev 1:8 (Aleph Tav). Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega but he would have spoken in Hebrew and said the Aleph Tav but why is this important? Hebrew has symbolic meanings that why!
Righteous Bold Lions published September 13, 2021: Part 7: God reveals Himself to us on a macro-level. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. God has been revealing himself to humanity for 6000s years. There is a striking pattern every 2000 years on what God focuses on in the bible and it shows an amazing pattern. 
Righteous Bold Lions published October 4, 2021: What does the first word of the Bible mean? Beresheet? The first word in the bible reveals Gods gospel, that's right the very first word Beresheet. Translated to English it means 'In the beginning' but there a much bigger meaning in the tradition symbols of ancient Hebrew.
Righteous Bold Lions published October 15, 2021: The TRUTH behind The Great Reset - 4000 years in the making (Part 1) What if I was to tell you the Great Reset happened 4000 years ago? This video will expose what the Great Reset really leads to and how it's already happened according to the Bible. As we are fast approaching what the Bible calls the End Times this plan by the global elites is just a repeat of what's already happened 4000 years ago.

What many people don't realize though is the Bible has showed us how we are to survive and escape their new system (part 2).
Righteous Bold Lions published November 19, 2021: Surviving the Great Reset - (2nd Exodus?!?) (Part 2) The Great Reset had many Christians thinking about the end times and what we are meant to do. This video aims to help Christians to navigate through these volatile times and to prepare for the worst as well as what the Bible and especially Jesus say's about these events.

Note: I have tried to include as much as I can in this video and explain where in scripture it states the things I'm talking about but it's impossible for me to explain everything or to include all my thoughts and what the bible says in this short video. Please keep this in mind and don't assume I'm saying something which I haven't said. I DON'T believe we will go through God's wrath but I do believe what Jesus says in Matt 24 and in Revelation applies to all believers now and tomorrow.
Righteous Bold Lions published October 6, 2020: The bible predicts the future, Purim feast. This amazing story shows how the bible isn't just a history book but the true word of God. Able to predict the future and teach us lessons throughout all on time.

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