September 18, 2022

Dr. Tom Horn's 2013 Presentation On The Prophecy Of The Popes, His Trip To Mt. Graham To Meet The Vatican's Astronomers, The Secret Vatican And Alien Antichrist Connection.

God's Roadmap to the End published September 14, 2022: Predictive Programming Pointing to September 23rd and Associated Events - This Year Perhaps? This video contains a montage of clips through which predictive programming would seem to be pointing to September 23rd as a day on which world-changing events may occur.
Jesus Christ Is The Almighty Creator † King James Bible Colossians Chapter 1๐ŸŒพChristina published August 29, 2019: The Secret Vatican and Alien Antichrist Connection DVD Featuring Dr. Thomas Horn.

From Dr. Chuck Missler's 2013 Strategic Perspectives Conference, see Dr. Tom Horn's presentation on the Prophecy of the Popes, his trip to Mt. Graham to meet the Vatican's astronomers, etc.


I typed the first 12 minutes of this transcript for you below:

Dr. Chuck Missler: I have the priviledge of introducing a dear friend and I've got all this propaganda here. He's a internationally recognized lecturer, radio host, best-selling author, is a columnist, a well known columnist whose articles have been referred to by writers in the LA Times syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, New Man Magazine, World Net Daily, Newsmax and it goes on and on and on. The people have used him as an authority. But let me tell you, he and Chris Putnam undertook a book called that dealt with the prophecy of the Popes and they published it back in I believe it was March or April of 2012. And they among other things predicted that the sitting Pope at the time would abdicate and a year later in February 2013 the Pope for the first time in 600 years abdicated. Which of course put Tom Horn and Chris Putnam on the headlines okay. And so you'd think that would be pretty good, no, no, they had a book coming out last month or a few months ago now but I haven't talked to him about his ability to pick good titles.

The title of his second book was called, EXO - Vaticana and I've read the book and I respected highly, I still don't understand why it was named that way, but the point I'm getting at is of that book as many of you may know I have had a very early and continuing interest in an area that has to be the most difficult area to research on the landscape, the area called UFO's. It's very difficult to research because most of the information is nonsense and foolishness, some well intended, some malicious. It's a very very difficult to take seriously and yet I've discovered that they did a book,  he and Chris Putnam that is unquestionably the most scholarly most thorough most competent development of that very difficult area. And among other things it predicts the, it reveals that of all things the Vatican is openly, openly preparing to receive an alien visitor. And if that doesn't disturb you it should you weren't listening. So, Tom much to my delight requested that I do the introduction of that which gave me a preview glimpse of the chapters and I was stunned with the depth of scholarship and the thoroughness that they've done. So I was pleased to be part of that. It's become one of my most treasured volumes in my library, EXO - Vaticana by Tom Horn and Chris Putnam.

Now he's done a number of other books he's well-known for of course, Apollyn Rising 2012. If you're interested in the occult of the Freemasons that sort of thing, there's lots of nonsense around. It's a great book on that and related subjects. What he doesn't have on the list here he has published a book called, Zenith 2016 which is Apollyon Rising brought up to date. He's modernized it, cleaned it up and added some things and that's also become one of my favorite sources in an area that's very difficult to get competent insights into, the Freemasons being just an example of that.

You're going to hear from one of the guys that I respect more, I can't think of anyone I respect more highly, in the publishing field, in the Christian publishing field than Tom Horn. That's as candidly and strongly as I can express it. That's as good as it gets Tom. [applause] It's a prividge having you with us my friend.

Dr. Tom Horn: Well, I was hiding back there hoping that he would keep on going on about all that stuff. I was really enjoying that. Can I get a copy of those notes. Well greetings everybody. Are you enjoying the Strategic Perpective 2013, I almost said 2012, I'm still hung-up on the past ain't I. Old preachers can't ever get out of the past, can't ever stop preaching the old sermons. I do want to say one thing. Last night Peter Flint gave you that piece of artwork, he said it was 1 of 14. And I don't know how I felt about that. But if he's got 13 leftover I would think 1 maybe ought to make its way towards Missouri. Don't you think so? Put the heat on him. I mean I'm just saying.

I am glad to be here today to talk to you of all things about the prophecy of the Popes and how in the world did Chris Putnam and I predict a year in advance not only that Pope Benedict would step down but by the way we got it actually to the month and we didn't even know we did. We said in the book if you read it which came out before his resignation, we suggested that he was going to step down in April of 2012 citing health reasons and be the first Pope to do so as you say in 600 years. When April came and went we thought well we missed the date but the book is still important. But then when he did resign this year in February, the El Observatory Romano which is the official mouthpiece for the Vatican, gave an interview with the New York Times in which they said well really he retired when he returned at the end of March 2012. He did it internally, made it official in April to the Curia and we had actually got the month right. But there's another story if you read the book because 61 years ago a Catholic mystic prophesized exactly when Gloria Olivae, Pope Benedict number 111 on the prophecy of the Popes would step down. 61 years in advance he said it would happen in April of 2012.

So, if you read the book you'll go through a lot of that and you'll find out that there are other mysteries that we only hint at that Putnam and I came across. For instance, having to do with the Conclave itself that process by which that medievel process by which the Cardinals go there to Saint Peter's Square sequester themselves into the Sistine Chapel and they go through that very ancient of electing a Pope and during this last election there were a lot of questions. People out there asking questions how does that process work. You had Comedianne Greg Ferguson the talk show host guy he was on tv and he was saying now how does this process work? He says I know they have these little papers right and they roll them up and then they vote and they tear them up and then they throw them in that thing they temporarily hooked up that stove with the stovepipe that's going up out of the top of the Sistine Chapel and they mix chemicals with it. And he said now if the smoke comes up and it's black they haven't yet elected a Pope. If the smoke comes out and it's white, they have elected a Pope. But Ferguson said what would we make of it if all of sudden green smoke started coming up out of the Sistine Chapel. And Putnam and I put our heads together on that, rolled up little pieces of paper green smoke, we determined if that happened that Willie Nelson had snuck into the Sistine Chapel and they need to get him out of there. Alright. Well okay that's not why I'm here to talk about. But we did come across other mysteries I'm just saying maybe at some point we'll talk about that nonsense too.

Okay, to get started I want to blame you folks for the excursions that I've been on for the last 24 months or at least those of you who were here two years ago when I spoke on Transhumanism. How many were here two years ago? So some of you were, I blame you for what I've had to go through. Want to know why? Because anytime you get in an auditorium filled with spirit-filled people you're going to start to get inspired right? That's the problem. Here I was minding my own business standing back there with my son, you can see him standing there Joe artist the wild man of the Ozarks. And we were talking about how it was unusual that you have a 900 year old medievel prophecy that's about to come to its end and nobody had written a thorough investigation into the prophecy of the Popes. Do you believe in it? Do you not believe in it? What does it mean? Who does believe in it that's in the Vatican? Why did some of the Popes go out of the way to show themselves as being as being the fulfillment of it? and all of that.

So we're back there minding out business but the radiation coming off of you folks is inspiring me and did that ever get me in trouble. So all of a sudden I didn't have any more sense than to think well okay then if nobody's written it, I'm a publisher maybe I have an insight on writing this book and doing the investigation. So I go up here in my beautiful room to write down some notes on how I would go about investigating the prophecy of the Popes. But because I'm on the road my cell phone is turned off. I'm thinking if somebody is trying to get an emergency through to me they might have sent me an email. So I opened up my email, believe it or not, here is an email from a guy by the name of Chris Putnam. Now at that time I didn't know Chris. We'd never spoke. I didn't know anything about him. Somebody I think told me that he had a blog site. But that was all I knew. And but here's this email from Chris Putnam and I opened the email and can you believe he wants to talk to me about the prophecy of the Popes.

And to make a long story short, I can't give it to you blow by blow, but that set in motion what we believe to be a whole series of preturnatural leading up to actual and accurate predication and I am not a prophet. This was all based on systematized approach which you can read about if you have or will read that book. Oh this film just came out Joseph Farah produced this movie you see there on the screen, The Last Pope. This was produced by the same film company that made, Isaiah 9:10 Judgement. Which has been the number one selling Christian faith film for a year and a half based on the Harbinger stuff that our friend Jonathan Cahn did and so that just came out and it's based upon this story what happened, how did we get involved with it. They go all over the world. Jerome Corsi goes over to the Vatican and talks with Vatican historians. Then they go to Ireland they talk to the leaders of the church, the historians over there about Malachi O'Morgair.

As I'm going along here and I say that name Malachi O'Morgair it dawns on me that a whole lot of you may not know what I'm talking about with the prophecy of the Popes. So very quickly, in 1139 there was a Catholic Bishop. He was a very popular Bishop...

I want to get this important information out to you now.

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