February 19, 2015

HAPPY Chinese New Year! :) Year of the Yin Green Wood Sheep/Goat/Ram 2015 Overview.

Thursday February 19 2015 - Sunday February 07 2016
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Happy Year of the Sheep!

The lunar Year of the Yin Green Wood Sheep runs from Thursday Feb 19 2015 to Sunday Feb 7 2016. In a Sheep year, we enter an era of beauty, art, romance and abundance. We can expect the occasional upset, as this is an emotional sign, but overall the Sheep attunes to peace. It's a good time to resolve stubborn problems or break free of negative cycles.

This is also called Year of the Goat or Ram, as the Chinese character symbol Yáng can mean Sheep (miányáng) or Goat (shānyáng). Yáng is also used for the words "sun" and "ocean", and here we start to get a sense of the dualistic nature of the Sheep year.

Year of the Sheep 2015-16: Overview

The interaction of opposite yet complimentary energies is intrinsic to all things. Represented by the symbol Yáng, the Sheep has a Yin polarity. Considered the most feminine of the signs, the Sheep, Goat or Ram attunes to the Moon but is a creature of the day and carries the power of the Sun. It's no surprise that this animal sign embodies the fundamental qualities of harmony and balance.

Year of the Sheep 2015 colors: green, brown, red, purple, white.
Numbers of the Sheep: Eight (8), three (3), four (4), nine (9).
Universal number of 2015: eight (8).
Phrase/Motto: I depend
Sheep's Elements: Earth, Fire.
Stem: Yin
Hours of the Sheep: 1 pm - 3 pm
Corresponding Sun sign: Cancer
Season of the Sheep: Summer (July)
Gemstones: white jade, sapphire, ruby, pearl
Metals: gold, copper
Shape: spiral
Flowers & Herbs: primrose, carnation, apple blossom, peppermint

The 2015-16 Year of the Sheep is a Yin Wood year. Corresponding to renewal, growth and balance, Wood is a perfect compliment to the zodiac Sheep, which contains Fire, Earth and also some Wood. Fire creates Earth, Earth produces Wood, Wood feeds Fire. This dynamic process can be seen as a simplified version or subset of the Wu Xing or Five Element cycle.

So, while the Year of the Sheep is far from sedate, there are a number of stabilizing factors. We have time to stop and smell the flowers along the way. The Sheep likes to play and explore the world with bright-eyed wonder. This sign invites you to nurture your inner child and cultivate the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Trends turn to beautiful pleasures, elegant simplicity and creature comforts. In this renaissance year the arts flourish in all forms including visual art, literature, textile, theater, video, culinary arts, comedy, music and dance.

The Sheep attunes to the home, and Wood relates to the kitchen. Domestic activities and renovations are on the rise. Popular entertainment includes creative dinner parties and intimate wine-tasting soirees. The Sheep year is also prolific for arts or music festivals, community events and other gatherings of like-minded folk.

Nourishment comes from the Earth. Work we do with our hands can be satisfying and productive. Interest shifts to such pursuits as gardening, pottery, camping and getting back to nature.

Travel for health or amusement is on the rise. There's a hint of nostalgia in the air. It's a good time to research your family tree or journey to lands of ancient civilizations.

As dominant Yin influence promotes inward seeking, attention turns to personal improvement and self-image on spiritual, physical and mental levels. Wardrobe revamps, new hairstyles and salon visits increase for both men and women. Artistic Sheep energy inspires an influx of new fashion trends from chic to outrageous.

The Sheep year is a time of Love. Romance reigns and relationship harmony improves. New love blossoms and true love prevails. Soul connections that last a lifetime can form in an instant. Tend your garden of Love with care, and it will grow in abundance. Overall this is a favorable time for matters of the heart, but there are a few warnings.

The Sheep's Fire element stimulates passion, and this emotional sign is prone to occasional flare-ups. At the same time, the Sheep's pacifist nature favors calm and dislikes confrontation. If relationship problems arise it can be tempting to ignore them and hope they'll go away - but they won't.

In 2015-16 an unlucky Feng Shui Flying Star locates at the center or Heart of the home, which can cause bickering and breakups. For more info about the Flying Stars please see the star chart for the Year of the Sheep. To counteract harmful energy in 2015, place red or Fire symbols in the center area of your dwelling. Avoid wooden objects there. Resolve any problems as they arise to ease the flow of happy relationship Qi.

This year can be lucky for love and intimacy; but be careful if you want to get married, as 2015-16 is a Widow Year. If you're superstitious, this year is bad news, as is the following Monkey Year 2016-17. The next lucky marriage year is that of the Rooster in 2017-18. It doesn't mean you can't marry, though, as even in Widow Years there are always a few auspicious wedding dates.

The number Eight (8), considered the luckiest of numbers, is ubiquitous. Eight is the universal number of 2015. Sheep is the eighth sign of the Chinese zodiac; we're in the 8th period of the calendar (years 2004-2024); and, Feng Shui Flying Star #8, the Wealth Star, is in a very fortunate location.

While all this bodes well, remember that Eight is not a number of easy virtue. In numerology, it attunes to material riches but gives nothing for free. Although there are a few happy windfalls, money comes largely from personal effort. For optimal wealth building it's important to focus on work you love.

In 2015-16 The Wealth Star locates in the North, the area of Career and Life Path. It's an auspicious time for money especially relating to business success, entrepreneurship, raises and work-based income boosts, promotions and other positive career developments. If you're looking for your dream job, this could be the year you find it.

Home-based and domestic businesses thrive; so do careers or investments in health, beauty, design, entertainment and socially oriented ventures. In matters of money, don't be too trusting or you might get fleeced. Do your own research, be sure the numbers add up in real time, and avoid emotional decisions. Nonetheless under some circumstances you may just have to trust your instincts and take a leap of faith.

In terms of health, the Sheep year is generally a good one. In 2015 there's a fortunate Flying Star in the East or Health area of the house or apartment. You can enhance its energy by placing crystal objects there. As it's a Wood year, be extra kind to your liver and gall bladder.

Also, watch out for foot problems such as ankle sprains, stubbed toes or athlete's foot. Unhappiness or emotional distress can cause digestive problems, and emotions tend to be sensitive in the Year of the Sheep. Foot massage can help you feel better all over since the feet have pressure points that correspond to various parts of the body. For general well-being, an herbal remedy such as peppermint tea can have harmonizing and healing effects.

The Sheep's motto, "I depend", can be interpreted in different ways. This sign is social and functions best with feedback and support from others. In Sheep years we can make great progress with assistance of family, friends, colleagues or community. Even self-proclaimed loners will find a few well-placed connections helpful. This is a time to build bridges and knock down walls.

The zodiac Sheep epitomizes the dependency of Yin and Yang: dark and light, night and day, moon and sun. As these energies depend on each other for existence, we depend on their balance for harmony, which is the natural inclination of the Sheep. Beware however of unhealthy dependency. If you find yourself clinging to things or people that are useless or harmful to you, you might want to examine the meaning behind it all.

Self esteem issues can crop up this year. Don't fall prey to voices of doubt. Sheep can seem meek or silly but these animals are nimble, adaptable and tenacious. In the wild, they're born survivors and can flourish even in harsh conditions.

This is a fortunate year, but naturally has some ups and downs. If the way is difficult, have faith. You will succeed. Trust in harmony and the beauty of Life. Break free of habits or thought modes that hold you back, and open your heart to the magic of dreams in the wonderful, whimsical Year of the Sheep.

Sheep Years: The Sheep rules every twelve years. Sheep years include 1895, 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027 and 2039.

If you were born in the Year of the Sheep you're attractive, romantic, dreamy, family or community oriented, compassionate and artistic. You have a keen sense of beauty and can always find something good to say about a person or situation. You may be sentimental. You're sometimes stubborn in direction or beliefs, can lapse into pessimistic thinking, or be pouty and petulant if you don't get your way.

Nonetheless you're blessed with a truly loving nature, and are well-liked in social circles as people are drawn to your depth of soul and genuine charm. You can put much effort into making others happy even for little reward. Those born in the Boar, Horse or Rabbit year can be helpful along your life path.

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