February 19, 2015

HAPPY Chinese New Year 2015; Forecast For The 12 Animal Signs.

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Get your 2015 Chinese Horoscope right away! 2015 The Year of the Sheep is an excellent period for all the Chinese zodiac signs. According to the Chinese calendar, the element for this year is Wood and the lucky color is Green. This Chinese New Year 2015 starts from February 19th, 2015 up to February 7th, 2016.

The Sheep is the eighth sign in Chinese astrology and number “8” is considered to be a very lucky number. It symbolizes wisdom, fortune and prosperity.

The 2015 Chinese zodiac predictions for the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig signs will predict what this year has in store for you.

Find out how you will fare in terms of love, relationships, finance, career, health, family and education with the 2015 Chinese Horoscope.

This year will be especially lucky and rewarding for people who are born in the Year of the Sheep or Goat! So make the most of it foretells the Chinese Horoscope 2015!

Let’s take a look in brief at the individual 2015 Chinese astrology forecasts for all the signs right away!

Rat Horoscope 2015: The Chinese Horoscope 2015 predicts that this will be an innovative and refreshing year for the Rat people. You perception of looking at things will change this year. Always remember that there are two sides to a coin before making important decisions.

Career: The Year of the Sheep predictions for the Rat zodiac sign forecasts that this will be a hectic year. Do not let stress control your life.
Finance: Money might be a little tight for the Rat in the coming year. Do not indulge in unwanted expenses.
Love: The 2015 Chinese astrology predictions for the Rat foretell that you will be demanding in relationships.
Health: Do not neglect your health in the coming year as this might have dire consequences.
Family: Learn to enjoy life with friends and family.
Travel: The Rats will not have time for vacations this year. Business travel is predicted.

Ox Horoscope 2015: The Ox predictions 2015 forecast that this will be a fulfilling year in terms of love, business, career and finance. Your tenacity and doggedness to get things done will work in your favor.

Career: Business will prosper. Oxen in jobs can look forward to salary hikes and promotions.
Finance: The Year of the Green Wood Sheep will be excellent for you in terms of money.
Love: Relationships for the Ox zodiac sign will flourish. Sex will be more important than real love.
Health: You might be affected by stress and mental ailments. Be sure to take precautions in 2015.
Family: Ox horoscope 2015 foretells that you will be the go-between for all conflicts between family members.
Travel: Travel for fun and work is on the cards this year.

Tiger Horoscope 2015: The Year of the Goat can be a difficult one for the Tigers. You need to be at your diplomatic best in order to come out a winner this year. 2015 Chinese zodiac predictions for Tiger forecast, that overall this period will be favorable.

Career: Your hard work will bear fruit this year. Your seniors will be impressed with your job.
Finance: Chinese astrology 2015 for the Tiger predicts a year of indulgence and excellent fortune.
Love: Commitment and marriage is on the cards this year.
Health: Health and well-being will be good. Do not let tension or strain get to you.
Family: Expect a lot of social occasions and partying. Do not get into unwanted conflicts.
Travel: Adventure trips to new destinations can happen in 2015.

Rabbit Horoscope 2015: 2015 will be a peaceful year for the Rabbits. The 2015 Chinese horoscope predicts that because of your tact and diplomacy you will be able to avoid unwelcome situations at work and home. This year you will be interested in spiritual awakening and understanding more about your inner soul.

Career: Excellent growth in jobs and business is forecast for this year.
Finance: Earnings will be positive for the Rabbit zodiac. Invest in secure funds when cash is in excess.
Love: New relationships will bloom. Marital peace will be maintained, forecasts the Chinese zodiac 2015 predictions.
Health: Be careful of unexpected accidents.
Family: Domestic life for the Rabbit will be calm and peaceful in 2015.
Travel: No journeys or trips are forecast for this year.

Dragon Horoscope 2015: The Year of the Sheep will be a busy time for the Dragons, predicts the 2015 Chinese zodiac forecasts. You will have a hectic time throughout the year in terms of work and family. Do not let lack of time ruin your relationships. Some minor problems or obstacles might stop you, but do not lose focus.

Career: Learn to control your feelings at work and when dealing with clients.
Finance: This year might be good for investing in risky ventures, forecasts the Dragon 2015 predictions.
Love: Passion, romance and commitment are on the cards for the Dragon in 2015.
Health: Some health problems might afflict you. Be sure to maintain a proper routine and exercise regularly.
Family: Family time might be limited due to excess work pressure.
Travel: Take small breaks to relax your mind from your busy work schedule.

Snake Horoscope 2015: Chinese astrology predictions 2015 for the Snake forecast a prosperous year. Use your smartness to make the most of the opportunities in personal and professional life. Do not lose out on them just because you did not want to ask others for their opinion.

Career: Criticism is a part of the job and you shouldn’t feel bad when your work is rated as below acceptable levels. Work harder and show your capabilities.
Finance: Income will be good. Don’t forget to save some money for the future warns the Chinese Horoscope 2015.
Love: Understanding in relationships will increase for the Snakes in 2015.
Health: Do not suppress your feelings and emotions. This will only affect your mental health.
Family: Support and love from family is predicted by the 2015 Snake horoscope.
Travel: Take out time to go to nearby places for short vacations.

Horse Horoscope 2015: Horse 2015 predictions warn you to be a little selfish this year. This is the period when you need to make the most of your talents and save for the rainy day. In the Year of the Green Wood Sheep, expect to be confused. Overcoming your weaknesses will be the key to success.

Career: Success will be yours in this Chinese New Year. Tough jobs will be handled with ease.
Finance: Chinese Horoscope 2015 financial forecasts are not too good for the Horse sign.
Love: Learn to be stable in matters of love and romance. Flings will be the order of the day.
Health: Overall health will be excellent. You might have some fitness issues.
Family: Your charismatic personality will mean a happening social life.
Travel: This is an excellent year to travel abroad and explore new cultures.

Sheep Horoscope 2015: This is your year, people born in the Year of the Sheep 2015. Be it business, love or health, everything will be in your favor this year. Take calculated risks to succeed. The Chinese astrology 2015 predicts that your courage, optimism and enthusiasm will be infectious to people around you.

Career: The Sheep or Goat people will be extremely successful in their career and in all business ventures in 2015.
Finance: Money will be good this year. So do not splurge all of it.
Love: Only serious relationships have a chance of survival.
Health: Your physical and mental health will be positive this year.
Family: Family members will connect with you on a spiritual level.
Travel: The Year of the Sheep 2015 predictions forecast business trips, family vacations and short weekend breaks.

Monkey Horoscope 2015: Get serious Monkey people in 2015 that is if you wish to make the most out of it. Use your intuition and charm to see when people are misusing your innocence. Channelize your energies and success will be yours forecasts the 2015 Chinese Horoscope.

Career: Your adaptability will be the reason behind your progress in 2015. So do not be stubborn and change your outlook when it comes to work.
Finance: Monetary position will be a bit tough, forecast the Chinese zodiac predictions 2015 for the Monkey sign.
Love: It is better for the Monkey people not to get into any serious relationships this year.
Health: Depression might be a reason to worry in the Year of the Goat.
Family: Problems with family need to be sorted out at the root level.
Travel: Business trips will be profitable.

Rooster Horoscope 2015: The Rooster predictions 2015 forecast, that you can reach the sky, if you can be a little bit more adaptable to your surroundings. Being diplomatic can prove to be favorable. Be prepared for unforeseen happenings.

Career: Your excellent oratorical skills and logic will play a major part in helping you clinch new deals and move up the corporate ladder.
Finance: Your financially sound investment decisions will come to your aid this year.
Love: New romantic affairs will keep the rooster busy in the Year of the Green Wood Sheep foretells the 2015 Chinese Horoscope.
Health: Prevention is better than cure, especially in your case. Do not neglect routine checkups.
Family: You will share pleasant relations with your loved ones.
Travel: Holidays with family as well as business trips are forecast for the Rooster animal sign this year.

Dog Horoscope 2015: The loyalty, knowledge and love shown by this Chinese dog sign will help them in going far ahead in 2015. Business and personal relationships will be excellent this year. Charity and philanthropy will be high on your to-do list this year.

Career: If you are flexible, then there is no stopping you from being a leader in this Chinese New Year 2015.
Finance: The Dog in 2015 Chinese astrology will be in for excellent financial windfalls.
Love: New love affairs will be filled with excitement, passion and pleasure.
Health: Old ailments will come back to torment the Dogs in 2015.
Family: Do not let jealousy creep in and spoil your personal relationships.
Travel: This is a good year to go on that long-planned world trip.

Pig Horoscope 2015: The Pigs will have an enjoyable and social Year of the Green Wood Sheep. Your positive personality will help you to achieve all your objectives in the coming year.

Career: Boar People – Success is yours both in business and career. Hard work and patience will be responsible for your progress.
Finance: This is a year when you need to consolidate all your funds and plan for the future.
Love: Singles will fall in love. The Chinese horoscope 2015 for the Boar sign predicts over expectations in matters of the heart.
Health: The Pig people may suffer from some minor digestive problems.
Family: You will be devoted to your family and enjoy good times with them.
Travel: You should take a short rejuvenating trip that will help calm your mind.

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