February 19, 2015

Islamic Terrorists Are Not 'Perverting' The Teachings Of Islam, They Are Applying Them." Excellent Piece!

Investor's Business Daily
written by Paul Sperry
Saturday February 13, 2015

Though Muslim terrorists praise Allah and Muhammad and even recite Islamic scripture when they strike, the White House insists "their actions are entirely inconsistent with Islam" and will explain "what the tenets of Islam actually are" at its summit on "extremism" this week. Good luck with that.

Unless host President Obama plans on misquoting the Quran again, as he did in his Cairo speech when he falsely claimed Islam forbids killing, he'll have a tough sell. Muslim terrorists aren't "perverting" the teachings of Islam, they're applying them.

"There is a very strict interpretation of Islam that is wreaking havoc on all of us, and we have to be honest about it," says Muslim reformer Asra Nomani. "To pretend this isn't a reality of Islam in the world today is just a dance we're playing to our peril."

She says it's hard to argue with the Islamic State's interpretation of Islamic doctrine, because it's the "standard interpretation." And therein lies the larger, unspoken, crisis facing the West:

We're not fighting heretics, or a few wing-nuts here and there. We're fighting tens of thousands of organized, well-funded religious zealots activating a militant theology embraced by one-fifth of the world.

Yet because these fanatics are using religious doctrine as a manual of war and conquest, we don't dare study it, lest we disrespect a "great religion." We even pretend the enemy isn't studying it. As we skip over the first rule of warfare, the enemy attracts more and more recruits to its holy war.

If our leaders want to know what's really motivating the enemy, they'll have to consult the Quran and hadith, the sacred reports of Muhammad's sayings and deeds, which flesh out Quranic injunctions in greater detail. And also the Shariah, the moral and legal code of Islam developed directly from the Quran and hadith, which codifies whippings, amputations, beheadings and other barbaric punishments for "crimes against Allah."

This is the same doctrine the enemy is following. It informs its jihad against the West, its beheadings of infidels and apostates, and even its execution of cartoonists.

Don't be fooled by CNN's Fareed Zakaria and other Islamic apologists who say the terrorists who massacred Muhammad satirists in Paris weren't enforcing Islamic law. The hadith, the second-most important source of Islamic faith and Shariah, clearly mandates the death penalty for blasphemy against Muhammad — a sentence that has "the unanimous agreement of all Islamic scholars in all the ages," according to University of Delhi's Mufti Obaidullah Qasmi.

"According to these hadith, what happened in Paris was justified," agreed Mohammad Zareef, author of "Allah or God?" adding that apologists and so-called moderate Muslim leaders invited to the White House are "deceiving" the American public about the true nature of Islam.

"These hadith are the reason Muslim-ruled countries have laws against blasphemy," Zareef said, noting that Saudi Arabia legislates death for insulting Muhammad, while even relatively moderate Jordan imprisons those who disparage the Muslim prophet.

And don't be misled by Obama, who last week maintained the Paris attack on a kosher deli was a "random" act of violence, even though the Muslim terrorist called a French TV station to say he was targeting Jews, just as the Mumbai terrorists before him targeted a Jewish center, slaughtering a rabbi and his pregnant wife.

Such attacks are scripturally supported, Zareef says, pointing out that the Quran repeatedly curses Jews, referring to them as "apes" and "pigs," while the hadith call for their killing. "Either the president doesn't know anything about Islam and Muslims," he said, "or he is lying."

Zareef adds that the Quran "encourages terrorism" against all infidels — citing surahs 2:216, 243-244; 3:157-158; 4:74; 8:12; 9:5; and 47:4-6 — while repeatedly directing the Muslim faithful to "smite at their necks," which explains the Islamic State's fondness for decapitating its victims.

Of course, Muslims don't call it "terrorism." It's known as jihad, a Quranic duty to physically "fight unbelievers in the cause of Allah."

The Quran promises those who die while fighting a special place in "Jennah," the Muslim heaven. That's why one of the Paris terrorists, Cherif Kouachi, once told French investigators if he died as a martyr in jihad he would be greeted by virgins in the afterlife, a carnal reward explicitly detailed in both the Quran and hadith.

And that's why Muslim youth even in America are taught to be "mujahid," or warriors of Allah, and "shaheed," martyrs for Allah. The most popular 7th grade textbook in Islamic schools in the U.S. — "What Islam Is All About" — lists jihad as a top duty of Muslims. "If anyone dies in a Jihad they automatically will go to Paradise" and receive a "great reward," the text states on page 164, with ample citations from the Quran.

And that's why polls show majorities of Muslims abroad, and sizable shares of younger American and European Muslims, support suicide bombings.

Even so-called mainstream Muslim leaders approve of such attacks. Suicide bombings are "an effective method of attacking the enemy and continuing jihad," said Mazen M. Mokhtar, co-founder of the Washington-based U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations and head of the Muslim American Society.

Added Mokhtar, "These are not people committing suicide because they are fed up with life; these are people who are sacrificing their lives for Allah."

Politically incorrect truth is, terrorists can find more than enough ammo in Islamic doctrine to justify their murderous rampages.

There is a logic and reason to Islamic terrorism, one that we must understand to defeat it. What's irrational is refraining from criticizing a belief system that isn't just antagonistic and hostile toward the societies hosting it, but potentially lethal.

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