September 20, 2013

USA: Grumpy Cat Endorsement Deal Landed With Friskies :)

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written by Staff
Tuesday September 17, 2013

Grumpy Cat has landed an endorsement deal with Friskies.

The cat whose real name is Tardar Sauce is probably more famous at this point than Britney Spears, thanks to endless memes about a grumpy cat who only gives “no” for an answer. Yes, the Grumpy Cat is actually gaining more fame as she has just landed an endorsement deal with the cat food company Friskies.

Apparently Friskies is looking to add some humor to their commercials.

Only one year old, and this cat is already an award winner on the internet, having snagged a 2013 Webby Award for Meme of the Year. Perhaps the only celebrities to even compare with this are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who had starring roles in one of the most watched sitcoms of their time, Full House. Tardar Sauce even has a movie deal in the works, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, meaning that Garfield won’t be the only cat with his own film.

The Grumpy Cat endorsement deal has already landed a pair of web videos coming in March where the cat food brand asks, “Will Kitty Play With It?” It might even end up a series if it proves a success. Tardar Sauce has already become the new official Friskies spokes-cat.

Tardar Sauce, the Grumpy Cat, is also set to win another award coming mid-October, hosted by Friskies, where she will receive the Friskies lifetime achievement award. We imagine that if the internet sees her even the least bit excited, it might ruin the moment

What kind of commercials might be in the future for Miss Friskies? Perhaps a few comparison videos will show her reaction to competing brands and then her going to town on a bowl of Friskies. It would certainly put a new spin on cat food commercials, starring the world’s least interested cat.

Tardar Sauce certainly has her work cut out for her with the new Grumpy Cat endorsement deal. It’s doubtful she’ll be impressed with even this much fame, though.

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