October 16, 2011

Intimate Union: Bride of Christ part 6 of 9 Re-Post 10/18/09

I was awakened from a deep sleep earlier this week. When I awoke, I reached for the remote, turned on the television and changed the channel to Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Just at that moment, barely awake, Benny Hinn's program was just starting. As I laid there in bed, I asked God what it was he wanted me to know. This was the message Benny Hinn was sharing that very morning. I was in AWE the entire time. Benny Hinn perfectly describes the beautiful personal relationship I share with my heavenly Father and how this nirvana reached me. It's an ongoing process. Benny Hinn has described this union in a way that I could never put into words the way he has. It's a way of living I wish everyone could truly know deep down in the core of their being. Would you please take a moment out of your day to listen to this most beautiful 9 part message that God wants you to know. God loves you soooooooo much! You have always been His precious precious child and He is just waiting for you to embrace Him right where you are. Open your heart, mind, body and spirit to Him and watch your life be trasformed in total amazement. I have typed a transcript of the first 5 minutes for my international readers who need to translate.


Your spirit becomes so full of His love, you'll be carried into depth unknown. And suddenly the next thing you read is He will draw you. But who's crying to draw her in is the bride. So you experience this depth and suddenly everything in you cries out please bring me closer. Because what you're experiencing is so incredible, so heavenly, so indescribable glory you want more. Because the deeper you go, the deeper you want to go. You start crying out draw me, I'm not satisfied with just this level of depth. I want deeper depth because You are deeper than this. He is called the unsearchable Christ.

Now precious people, some people say wait a minute this kind of relationship belongs in heaven. Oh no it starts right here and continues in heaven. That's why heaven becomes... Why do you think the bride says come to Lord Jesus. Who's crying come, the Holy Ghost and the bride. Right? Why? Because she has experienced this depth. And she wants more of it and so she cries come please, I want more of this come please. The Holy Spirit and the bride say come. Because she is experiencing this depth of love, this incredible oneness with Him. That she wants to be one with Him forever. So she's crying come. And so she's making this request, draw me. She's so overwhelmed by His love that she's crying draw me. Why? That I may go deeper. Let me be guided by Your fragrance. Because earlier she talked about fragrance. She said in verse 3, "Because your fragrance is oinment and Your name heals my being and now please draw me deeper into that fragrance, bring me deeper into Your Self, guide me into Your Self." But where does He guide you? He guides you into His chambers. Because she's asking Him to draw her. She said draw me. I'm going to run. She said you draw me and I'm coming running. The true bride says I love you so much, just pull me in, pull me in. And I won't walk, I'll run towards You. And when I run towards You bring me into Your chambers. Because in those chambers I will experience UNSPEAKABLE JOY.

Now in that chamber what happens? In that chamber He reveals His face. In His chambers He rewards you by revealing His face. Because now you begin to prefer Him above ALL. That's why she says to Him in verse 4, "Draw me and I'll run after You. The King has brought me into His chambers, we will be glad and rejoice." I'm going experience such JOY in You and I'm going to remember You're LOVE more than I remember wine. And the upright love Thee. Therefore, only the righteous only the bride can walk in there.

But watch what happens the second she's in those chambers. Something happens to her. This happens to every believer who goes into this depth. Are you ready for it? The second she's in there she crys out, Solomon 1 verse 5, "I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon." Wow this is awesome. The bride is in the presence of Jesus and He is so, His LIGHT is so penetrating that the only thing she see's is her darkness. She feels unworthy to be there. So she says, "Lord your LIGHT is so bright, Your GLORY is so great that I have just seen my darkness." The hebrew word for I am black is I am dark. Dark because of sin. The opposite of LIGHT is dark. I am dark because of sin. Your LIGHT is so bright ALL I SEE is my flaws, my weakness. But even though I see my flaws, I am in a place that is calmly. I am in a place where it's still lovely because I am experiencing in my INNER HEART such JOY and such LOVE and such BEAUTY. I have been captured by the LORD. Yet LORD, it is lovely even though I can see my sin. That's what happened to Isaiah, he saw the glory of God and he said I am undone. But yet he was emmersed in that glory.

But she says this, "As the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon." The curtains of Solomon speak of your HUMANITY which conceals your beauty inside your spirit. So within your spirit is HEAVEN. Within your spirit there's Jesus. Within your spirit this world unknown is happening. Within your spirit you're experiencing such depth because this is where the oneness is. But now suddenly because of the brightness that's there you see your flaws, you see your flesh, you see your humanity. I've been to that place where the glory of God so shone around me that the first thing I saw was my humanity and I said who am I to be here. What gives me the right to be here. Just like Peter when he was faced with the glory, he said I am a sinner depart from me. Remember that? So you feel unworthy being even in there. Yet it is lovely, because He has allowed you in there. The glory of God has shone while your curtain is still on. The curtain of Solomon, your humanity is still there.

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