October 16, 2011

Intimate Union: Bride of Christ part 7 of 9 Re-Post 10/18/09

I was awakened from a deep sleep earlier this week. When I awoke, I reached for the remote, turned on the television and changed the channel to Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Just at that moment, barely awake, Benny Hinn's program was just starting. As I laid there in bed, I asked God what it was he wanted me to know. This was the message Benny Hinn was sharing that very morning. I was in AWE the entire time. Benny Hinn perfectly describes the beautiful personal relationship I share with my heavenly Father and how this nirvana reached me. It's an ongoing process. Benny Hinn has described this union in a way that I could never put into words the way he has. It's a way of living I wish everyone could truly know deep down in the core of their being. Would you please take a moment out of your day to listen to this most beautiful 9 part message that God wants you to know. God loves you soooooooo much! You have always been His precious precious child and He is just waiting for you to embrace Him right where you are. Open your heart, mind, body and spirit to Him and watch your life be trasformed in total amazement. I have typed a transcript of the first 5 minutes for my international readers who need to translate.


Now look what it says in Song of Solomon 1 verse 6, the bride is still speaking, "Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me, my mother's children were angry with me, they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept." Dear God this is magnificent. Dear Lord give the people a heart to understand this. Now I am going to explain this to you.

When God's intimate LOVE envelopes you, where you are experiencing depth that you cannot experience out there. When God's intimate LOVE becomes real in your heart and your fellowship becomes abiding. This happened to me for a whole year, I could not get away from the presence of God day and night. That's what birthed the ministry. Because this is the abiding, remember I said earlier two unions. One that can last for moments or hours and one that can last permanantly. The practice of God's presense. I practiced the presense of God for a whole year. I couldn't get away from Him. I couldn't sleep. I would fall asleep at 2 and get up at 5 and feel as strong as though I had slept for 10 hours. Literally. The presence of God was so on me that things began to happen in our home and I'm leaving it right here.

Suddenly your weakness is revealed by the sunlight inside of you and all others see is your weakness. So they look at you and say "who do you think you are?" Because they can't see what is concealed. All they see is your outer being. All they see is your flesh. And they look at you and begin to urge you to focus on earthly things. You are so caught in this so-called experience of yours why don't you just come down to reality. My cousin walked into my bedroom and the presence of God was so strong that he began to mock what was going on. And I stood there and smiled at him. Because I was in a place that I could not get angry. Are you listening. Because when the presence of God is so deep on you there is no anger. They can curse you, they can say the nastiest things to you and to your shock you are loving them beyond description. Love is coming out of you and they start to INSULT you because you love them. My dad did the same thing with me for an entire year. I would come downstairs, the presence of God on me like a robe and my father would actually cus me out and I would stand there and just love him. Love him with a smile on my face, in other words heavenly and he would get angry that I was smiling. The glory of God got him angrier than calmer. I was the one in heaven, he was not in heaven because he was in a different world. But then when he got saved God began to change him.

But now she says, this bride who is in this atmosphere of glory, she says, "Don't look upon me because I am black, because the sun has looked upon me. So don't criticize me for my faults and weakness. My mother's children were angry at me." That's what happened to me in my house. So they begin to urge you to focus on your outward life. This is exactly what happened with Mary and Martha in Luke 10:40. Let's look at that verse Luke 10:40 when Jesus went to the house of Lazarus. I'll show it to you. You get so captured by the LORD you don't want anything else. "But Martha was cumbered about much serving and came to him, and said, Lord dost thou not care that my sister Mary hath left me to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me." Luke 10:41-42, "And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha thou art careful and troubled by many things. But one thing is needful: And Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her." She is so captured by heaven don't criticize her for what she is experiencing Martha. Martha you are on a different world, on a different planet. And now she is so taken by me and you want to steal me from her. It will never happen. Because I am looking for a people who are just like Mary that want to sit at my feet and not go any place else. How many people are like Mary?

That's what happened to me, I was so captured they began to get angry with me, they would say why don't you just focus on this and that. But I was as calm, nothing bothered me. Because I was in that realm.

But then she says this, "They were angry with me, they made me the keeper of their vineyards." So they begin to urge her to focus on your outward life, focus on your vineyard and focus on my vineyard. Vineyard means my life. Why are you so caught up in heaven, you ought to help me. That's what Martha said, come help me in my vineyard. But the true bride says I'm so caught up in Jesus I have no time to fix your vineyard, fix your own. And I'm so caught up in Jesus that I am not fixing my own vineyard, he'll fix it for me.

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