February 10, 2011

Muslim Cleric Imam Anjem Choudary Says The Flag Of Islam Will FLY OVER THE WHITE HOUSE And SHARIA LAW Will Become US LAW!!!

I shared this interview on my Facebook page today and this was the response:

Josette (me): PLEASE take a moment to watch this interview with this Muslim Cleric Imam Anjem Choudary!!! He says the Flag of Islam will FLY OVER THE WHITE HOUSE and SHARIA LAW will become US LAW!!! ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH! For those of you who have told me this is made up sh*t, hear it coming straight from the horses mouth!!!

Shiraz: @Josette, this is what we call holy shit!!! Absolute cheapness.

Josette: @Shiraz, I can't tell you how HAPPY I am to hear you say that!!! I now have more hope for Egypt! ♥

Shiraz: Though I am not from Egypt , I am from Pakistan. but there are a few sensible people here also. We have to get rid of these kind of fundamentalism and extremism.

Josette: @Shiraz, I am overjoyed right now! That is what I've always felt in my heart. The dark forces will not prevail as long as the good stands up against them. ♥

Josette: @Shiraz, thank you for speaking up! :)

Shiraz: @Josette, we have to speak up, we have to raise our voices. for our survival, for the sake of humanity.

Josette: ‎@Shiraz, I absolutely AGREE! ♥

Johny: An Idiot! interviewing a Idiot!

Josette: @Johny, at least he had the courage to INTERVIEW the idiot so we CAN HEAR THE TRUTH COMING FORTH FROM HIS HEART THROUGH HIS MOUTH. My gosh, listen to what the Imam says forget about the messenger. Please find a way to get BEYOND your narrowmindedness.

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