February 11, 2011

The Logical Song And Liberals

I'd like to share an exchange I had with a dear friend after posting this video on my Facebook page.

Josette (me): I heard this song on the radio while driving around today! Had to share this CLASSIC with you! Enjoy! :)

Ira: a-a-a-a-Liberal.....

Josette: lol I know I caught that word for the first time when I heard it that day. I've listened to this song numerous times and never paid attention until now. ;)

Ira: I keep this link for when I need refreshing, and the Super Tramp reference is but icing on the cake for me!

Josette: I was born into and raised in a very very liberal household and environment. The Liberals nowadays have been hijacked by the Marxist Progressive Socialist Utopian Clones!!! These are NOT the liberals and FREE THINKERS I grew up with. My mom still insist on calling herself a Liberal based on the true meaning of the word meaning FREE SPIRIT, living as a law abiding citizen and respecting others. We respect your RIGHT to privacy and we expect the same in return. She's a TEA party activist with me.

Josette: I would also like to add that I am a former Democrat turned INDEPENDENT. We don't want the Church (RELIGION) nor the State (GOVERNMENT) to CONTROL every aspect of our lives. That's why we are fighting to preserve the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We want to maintain our PERSONAL CHOICE and INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY!

The Liberals I grew up with have NEVER wanted the Church (RELIGION) to interfere with their "personal" lives. That is why I can't understand why the Liberals nowadays are so sympathetic with the Muslim Brotherhood who literally hate the Liberal way of life and would prefer that you did not exist. In fact, these radical Islamic extremist have been killing the Liberal Muslims and Liberal Muslim LEADERS around the world who refuse to convert to their psychotic interpretation of the Koran. The beautiful Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan whom I greatly respected was publicly assassinated by these psychopaths right before the presidential elections in December 2007.

That is why I know that the Liberal movement has been hijacked because these Marxist Progressive Socialist Utopian Clones are pushing for the muslim religion to prevail here in the United States and are supporting sharia law on one hand and on the other hand they are pushing for a Nanny State and want more government control over the American population!!! Oh and most of these numnuts HATE/ABHOR the US Constitution!!! and HATE America! THESE ARE NOT THE LIBERALS I GREW UP WITH!!!

The Marxist Progressive Socialist Utopian Clones and the Muslim Brotherhood BOTH HATE HUMANITY and want to take away our FREEDOM! It's their way or the highway which means they want it done their way or not at all and won't compromise. These people don't RESPECT the INDIVIDUAL. These people don't believe that the INDIVIDUAL can think for themselves. They honestly believe that you are too dumb to make INFORMED DECISIONS. If you happen to be an INDEPENDENT CRITICAL THINKER, you are immediately BERATED for daring to question their assumptions or beliefs. You must think and act like the collective! You can try to justify this way of living to me until you are blue in the face. The BOTTOM LINE: this is OPPRESSION no matter how you slice it.

Oh and I'd like to point out the so-called "Liberal" media these days has put the government's interest above the people's BEST INTEREST! In other words, their LOYALTIES LIE with government officials and NOT US! They have sold us all out!

UPDATE 7:33pm: I just received an obscene comment that I refuse to publish bashing me for this post. This is my reply to that person and anyone who feels the same. LOOK, I respect ALL religions and I respect your RIGHT to practice whatever religion or spirituality you choose. Like I've said many times before you can worship a rock for all I care. I do however, DRAW THE LINE when a religion ANY religion IMPOSES themselves (their beliefs) on my "personal" INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM and that of my fellow Americans! This is AMERICA and we have Freedom of Religion here to worship or not to worship.

I would also like to add that I am shocked to see the LGBT community supporting anti-Israel/Pro-Palestine protesters when Israel supports and defends gay rights and Hamas wants to see you dead, wiped off the face of this earth. WTF are you thinking? Have you ever stopped to "think" about this at all?! Read this article titled, Ahmadinejad says homosexuality goes ‘against human spirit and humanity’.

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