February 10, 2011

Egypt Mubarek Refusing To Step Down

I'd like to share my reaction at 1:05pm pst to the Egyptian President Mubarek speech this afternoon and the exchange I had with friends on Facebook after sharing my thoughts.

Josette (me): WOW! Mubarak is one hard headed ego maniac. He still doesn't get it. He just said, "I never sought any power." He's ruled Egypt for 30yrs! and he was going to pass the reign on to his son! Egyptians need to make sure their Constitution includes TERM LIMITS! So this doesn't happen again!!!

Thomas: Who would you like to take over?

Josette: @Thomas, I would like to see a leader emerge from "THE PEOPLE". Someone who cares about the people and their country and wants the BEST for all. Perhaps a businessman who will step up and make things right for a term and BE THE EXAMPLE for others to follow.

Ira: The denial runs deep in these tin pot dictators, kinda like the one we are nurturing here at home! You HEAR that Obama?

Josette: Agreed!

Thomas: @Josette, we are talking about the middle east. Do you realize that a young woman gets a vaginal circumcission at 90% rate in Egypt. That's after Mubarak out lawed it at the time of 97%.

Josette: @Thomas, Egypt is a mixed pot. It may be the middle east but they are more modernized than their surrounding countries. I am hoping and praying that a good hearted person (a businessman) step up to the plate and honors FREEDOM for all Egyptian citizens. I say a businessman because he would understand import/export and what would revitalize their economy so that ALL Egyptian citizens benefit from a prosperous economy NOT just the government elite.

Thomas: @Josette, I like your optimism about Egypt and I also agree with your out look. However, as we are currently seeing in this world, Islamist are moving rapidly across the globe. Even here in the US.

Josette: @Thomas, oh yeah I am very much aware of their objective. But if a true leader emerges out of THE PEOPLE who has integrity and is committed to the people and their country, this person will NOT TOLERATE any group who is intent on taking away the very FREEDOM the Egyptians are fighting for right now. This has to be a strong person of good character. Who is secure with himself and is SELFLESS not a selfish ego maniac who will sell out to the muslim brotherhood to stay in power.

Thomas: @Josette, All I can say is remember Iran during the Carter time.

Josette: ‎@Thomas, oh yeah I remember. But like I said a STRONG PERSON of GOOD CHARACTER with INTEGRITY who is SELFLESS and is willing to step up to the plate to SERVE for at least a TERM so he can set the example for others to follow. Once the people FEEL what it's like to enjoy FREEDOM and start to see the economic changes and start to see their country become more prosperous for ALL they will want the same in the leaders to follow. They need to get a TASTE and mark my words THE PEOPLE will REJECT anything or anyone who is INTENT on taking that FREEDOM away from them such as the Muslim Brotherhood who is OPPOSITE to FREEDOM.

Thomas: @Josette, As person that served this country for 21 years and has also served many times in the middle east, I have to question anything that happens in the middle east when it comes to so called democracy. I question, why all of the sudden that this is going on?

Josette: @Thomas, I completely understand your concern. I know that the dark forces are salivating at the mouth for the right moment to capitalise on the country's weakness. But I have to believe that the past does not equal the future and THE LIGHT (good forces) will outweigh the dark forces that are circling like vultures over there at this time. So I choose to pray for a positive outcome for the Egyptians, Tunisians and all the other countries that are going through a revolution right now. I sit in prayer.

Thomas: Well Josette, I guess all we can do have that optimistic view that you have, hoping that the dark forces do not pull their ugly heads up once again. Just as we seen this past century. Or centuries before. We humans are such a loving species!

Bill: @Josette, The only hope for any kind of stability is for the Military to take over the country. They are the only respected institution currently and historically. If one has to sum up the problem with Egypt, Mubarak notwithstanding is that since t...he mid 1990s and on especially in the period where Egypt became a country of "choice" for investment. The economic "progress" never was experienced by the general population. Even the privatization of many of Egypt's state owned enterprises were to croonies of mubarak or to mubarak himself through shell companies. In essence the "economic boom" of Egypt as described by rating agencies like Moodys' S&P and Fitch, really wern't a boom at all. The growth in the local stock market was superficial funded primiraly by foreign speculative capital. During all of this Mubarak and his friends padded their pockets. If you have ever been to Cairo, its a dump. The abject poverty is right in your face. When you tip a guy a dollar you might as well be giving him the brass ring because they are so poor there. Unfortunately in all of this Mubarak allowed no opposition and what "loyal" opposition was put in prison. So in the end if one wants Egypt to be even reasonably stable the military has to take over. However even that will be delaying the enevitable. I fear that eventually the Muslim Brotherhood will be in charge and that will probibly mean war with the Israelis.

Josette: @Bill, so let's pray for a positive outcome for ALL of THE PEOPLE of Egypt. To the Egyptian people, I pray that you do not go from the frying pan into the fire. Do not go from a Totalitarian dictator to an Islamic Theocratic nation like Iran that will IMPOSE the man made SHARIA LAW and cause you to live in fear. There is NO FREEDOM in both these states. Please let WISDOM be your guide in choosing your next leader and make sure to have TERM LIMITS added to your Egyptian Constitution!!! I'm sending you much LOVE and RESPECT. ♥

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