July 21, 2009

The GREAT American Heist

And another thing, who the heck do you think the democrats, most especially President Obama has supported??? GOLDMAN SACHS and JP MORGAN!

Many Americans thought the Bush/Cheney administration pulled a HUGE HEIST through Haliburton getting the oil contract in Iraq as a result of the war. YET I have NOT ONCE heard one liberal democrat mention the GOLDMAN SACHS HEIST that was just played on us by BOTH SIDES!!! Their tentacles are wrapped around Washington politicians so tightly they've lost the blood flow to their HEARTS. Causing our politicians to lose any CONSCIENCE they had when they decided to SERVE the people. Now it's OBVIOUS they are SERVING the Banksters, mainly GOLDMAN SACHS!

And another thing, WHY does our government feel entitled to give themselves raises as they did AGAIN after President Obama took office. They don't DESERVE a raise! We, the taxpayers PAY THEIR SALARIES! Our government didn't bother asking us for permission. They WORK for us and are supposed to SERVE US, the citizens of the United States of America!

One last thing, I am soooooo TIRED of hearing President Obama and all of his mouthpieces continue to BRAG about the TAX-CUTS for 95% of Americans and how this tax-cut has stimulated the economy! WHAT TAX-CUT? No one I have spoken to across America has SEEN this so-called tax-cut in their paychecks! NOT ONE PERSON has seen the $8, YES $8 increase in their paychecks!!!??? How the heck is an EXTRA $8 EIGHT DOLLARS going to stimulate our economy? You cannot even buy a pizza for $8 dollars!

By NO MEANS have the Washington Democrats rescued the economy! They have most definitely rescued their buddies at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citibank, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the UAW, Chrysler, GM and Homebuilders. They have ALOT OF NERVE claiming to have done so. The 6 MILLION + citizens who have lost their jobs REMAIN UN-EMPLOYED! There are NO NEW JOBS being created that would re-employ these citizens. So humor me please and tell me how is it exactly that the Washington democrats rescued us? Our food cost more, our utility bills cost more, our gasoline cost more and MILLIONS are still un-employed. WE ARE THE CONSUMERS EN MASSE! What is going to happen when their un-employment benefits run out? I'll tell you... the shit is really going to hit the fan full blast!

I am a capitalist with a HEART! I believe in hard work, building a business with a strong work ETHIC and integrity. The goal and end reward is growth and profitability! I don't believe in corporations earning an exaggerated profit on the BACKS OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC! These corporations ARE enjoying the high life while the American taxpayer suffers literally!!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! You cannot even earn a profit without sucking on the government NIPPLE!

This government like the last has been very sly in hiding the facts from the public! This economic rescue is very much like the TITANIC SINKING and ALL of the lifeboats have been used for only the ELITE! All other classes were forced to go down with the ship.

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