July 21, 2009

The GREAT Pretender, Motives Are Known!

If President Obama really cared about fixing ALL THAT IS BROKEN in our country, then why is he NOT focusing on our public school system where our youth cannot even read or write PROPER english, medicare/medicaid that is in the hole $10 TRILLION already, the government run nursing homes that treats the elderly like trash and how about the foster care system where our ophans are being treated as meal tickets and mattress pads by their state appointed guardians. Folks these are ALL government run programs that have grossly FAILED society as a whole!

Obama doesn't give a crap about the poor, sick and needy! If he did, he would NOT have SIGNED the bills (that NOBODY READ) passed by congress WASTING over $2 T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N dollars that could have gone to IMPROVE those areas I mentioned that need HELP NOW!

Obama is NOT a savior! He is a SELF SERVING POLITICIAN! Understand that first.

If a person is employed they usually pay a portion of the monthly healthcare expense. My personal health insurance totalled $50 before taxes taken from my monthly salary. When I attended my 4 yr university, healthcare was included in my tuition fee. Therefore, I could visit the on-campus medical clinic for my regular check-ups! When I graduated I joined my Alumni and ELECTED to participate in our Alumni group health insurance coverage! I would also like to mention that I had major surgery over 10 years ago. I was covered by Met Life that my employer chose as our carrier. ALL of my medical expenses including my hospital stay were covered by my insurance plan and I ONLY had to pay $500 out of pocket!

Let's get real here, if President Obama genuinely CARED about the poor, sick and needy then he would FIX medicare and medicaid PERIOD end of story! With ALL of the TRILLIONS he has been BLOWING, he could have OPENED a medical center in EVERY URBAN and RURAL community across America! Just with the $7 BILLION + the $12 BILLION he lost in both the Chrysler and GM bankruptcy, he could have fully funded these Medical Centers for at least 10 YEARS or more! The MAIN REASON why the poor, sick and needy keep showing up in emergency rooms across America is because they are NOT able to get an appointment at any government funded medical facility in a reasonable time. If it's not the appointment, it is most definitely because there is NOT a government funded medical facility in their local urban or rural community! Mr. President FIX THIS FIRST and you can solve the problem IMMEDIATELY!

One of my reader's shared a story with me regarding their father. This is a story about our government run Medicaid program here in the United States that is available to ALL UN-INSURED CITIZENS. He said that his father was having trouble breathing that was quite painful. He had no personal insurance coverage and had to call the government run medicaid program to schedule an appointment to see a doctor. His father was scheduled to wait 6 MONTHS in PAIN to see a doctor. Then his father had to wait another 3 MONTHS for a diagnosis. His father was diagnosed with lung cancer. After receiving his disagnosis his father had to WAIT almost ONE YEAR to have his lung surgically removed. In the meantime, his father's cancer spread! This is a TRUE STORY! NO I DON'T WANT GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE PERIOD END OF STORY! and NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Mr. President you NEED to FIX Medicare and Medicaid FIRST!

Don't forget folks ALL CHILDREN are ALREADY COVERED in America!

The government cannot FORCE a person to be healthy! In fact no one can! It is the individuals PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to want to be healthy! You can't change somebody's eating habits or exercise habits ONLY they can! President Obama wants to USE our taxpayer money to pay for this benefit? There are many non-profit organizations that do this already. Mr. President you can LEAD a horse to water, but you CAN'T FORCE them to drink!

I pay almost $200 per month for full coverage AUTO INSURANCE. Is the government going to INSIST on paying for our AUTO INSURANCE COVERAGE TOO because it is too expensive? If you can't afford auto insurance, then you should NOT drive a car PERIOD! That is why we have PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Suck up your pride and take the bus, the metro train, ride a bike or walk. Where is the LOGIC in our government wanting to play big brother in an individuals financial decisions?

Do NOT listen to President Obama and the other democrats INSISTING that our TAXES will NOT increase. This government is really sly in every which way imaginable! The middle class and lower class will feel the pain of TAXATION by way of a national sales tax, a cigarette tax, an alcohol tax, a gasoline tax, a utility tax, an internet tax, a cell phone tax, etc. etc. etc. TRUST ME when I tell you that these new crooks are taking us ALL for a BIG RIDE! Here in California, our auto registration has gone up $150 per year. We are paying a higher utility tax, a higher gasoline tax, and newly added HIGHER sales tax 9.75%. Just take a good look at your bills and receipts and this is only at the state level. Although, President Obama passed a bill that has increased the national tobacco tax and alcohol tax.

In the end, when you add up the taxes already taken from your paycheck PLUS all the new additional taxes I mentioned above our government will be taking 50%+ from our HARD EARNED MONEY! Don't you think we, ALL OF US, need to hold them accountable how they have been and are spending the taxes they are WASTING?!?! YES YES and YES! Eventually the taxes we must pay will be equal to slavery. Every dollar that YOU worked hard to earn will be TAKEN AWAY by our government in the form of TAXATION leaving you a pittance to get by! That's NOT FREEDOM... That is SLAVERY!

Listen I don't have a problem paying MY SHARE of the taxes that are supposed to go to pay for the social services we all benefit from. It is my contribution for the greater good of society as a WHOLE! I do however, have a problem watching our so-called PUBLIC SERVANTS aka POLITICIANS living large at our expense, enjoying a lavish lifestyle at our expense, using our taxpayer contributions to fund special interest projects that ONLY benefits their political career and NOT SOCIETY as a whole! YES I HAVE A PROBLEM when our government takes away more and more of our hard earned money to SIMPLY SERVE THEMSELVES! Meanwhile ALL and I mean ALL of our PUBLIC SERVICES are having FUNDING CUT by our FEDERAL and STATE GOVERNMENT!

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