June 14, 2009

I Hope You Fail part 2 of 3

This is one powerful message given by Dr. Jamal Bryant that I need to share with all of you. I am so tripping out, I'm beside myself. I have typed a transcript of only five minutes for all of my international readers who need to use Babel Fish to translate. For those of you who understand english, I highly recommend that you take a moment of your time and listen to the entire message.


They did not do. Any good english teacher will tell you when you are giving appropriate credit you ought to put a footnote. You ought to say when somebody compliments you this is not me but there is a God that did it for me. I'm so sick of highfalutin, sadistic, bouguoise saints who every time they get a little piece of a blessing they try to talk above people and they try to talk down to people. God said that is the wrong attitude to have. But everytime I bless you, you ought to give God the glory. Isn't there one thing that God did for you this week?

He failed to keep his focus. Secondly, he failed to have integrity at the last supper. Jesus said one of you is going to betray me. Simon Peter said it's not me, I'm riding with you. Ain't no way I'm going to betray you. And before the cock crows three times, Simon Peter in fact betrayed Jesus. I want to tell somebody this, get ready when you go home. Because your friendship circle is about to shift. People who were with you before the trip are not going to be able to handle your new annointing after the trip. There are some folk who as long as you are depressed as they are, as long as you are as sad as they are, as long as you are as uptight as they are then they don't to have a problem. But when you come back with a new attitude there are some folks who are going to say she think she's all that, he think he the bomb. It ain't that I think I'm all that, it's just I realized the annointing that's in me. God said that 2009 use your haters as elevators. The more you upset me the more I'm going to bless God.

You've got to understand that God has got you in a place. He's got you in a place that you've got to re-evaluate if the people in my circle are going to be able to handle my next level. Not only did he not only keep his focus, not only did he not keep his integrity, he could not handle the next level. Jesus told Simon Peter, it is my appointed time and Simon Peter said don't do it. Jesus' DESTINY was not two fish and five loaves of bread. The DESTINY of Jesus was on calvary. I want you to understand this, the closer you get to fullfilling your PURPOSE, the more haters are going to come out of the woodwork. The more you start hearing from God what you were birthed and created to do that's when the devil is going to have a nervous breakdown. You're saying I must be close because recently all kind of stuff has been jumping off, popping off in my life, folk who I thought were always going to be there walked away from me, something is about to SHIFT.

I don't know who I'm talking to? This week the LORD has been confirming some stuff for you. This week the LORD has been showing you some people. This week the LORD has been showing you that some stuff is about to change. Do you think the devil is going to let you out without a fight. God help me. This is going to be the roughest summer of your life. I wish I could preach that in 30 days you're going to be a millionaire, etc. I wish I could tell you that. But God says this is the summer you're going to have to fight for it. If you want it easy, it's not going to come. You have got to be willing to be willing to walk away from some people, be willing to shout when nobody is shouting! If you really want it, you've got to be willing to fight for it.

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