June 23, 2024

Watching Karate Kid (1984) On DVD Right Now To Celebrate 40th Anniversary. One Of My Favorite Inspirational Movies. Happy Camper. 😊

Sony Pictures Entertainment published June 18, 2024: KARATE KID – 40th Anniversary Throwback Commercial. Gotta give it up to the OG.
Cobra Kai published June 21, 2024: Ralph Macchio Reacts to His 'Karate Kid' Audition. Watch Ralph Macchio's reaction to his 'The Karate Kid' audition! Join him as he reflects on his journey and shares candid thoughts about the audition process that started it all.
I have felt like God's 'karate kid' for the last several years and now looking back, I am filled with so much gratitude for everyone watching over me in the spirit realm and here on earth. Love you so much! I learned so many new skills and knowledge I would not have if I had not gone through what I did. Wax on, wax off. ;)

The Karate Kid (1984) is an inspirational classic movie that teaches you how to handle bullies that have made you their target. 

The way of the spiritual martial arts warrior is non aggression response.

And for Christians, vengeance is the Lord's not ours.  
Marxist Democrats, Marxist Republicans, Marxist Hollywood celebrities, and the Marxist media are the evil bully Cobra Kai all day every day. These Marxists are part of the NWO globalist agenda.


GlobalAwareness101 published Gay Man Using My Global Awareness 101 Name On TikTok. Click the square button on the lower right to enlarge screen.

This gay guy created a Global Awareness 101 TikTok account after my Global Awareness 101 TikTok account with over 15,000 followers and growing was permanently banned.

Before he posted any videos he had over 150 followers that were people thinking it was my backup account. There was a picture of a Black man as profile pucture before when I last checked.

Someone has been reporting every video I post on my TikTok account. They did that to my my original Global Awareness 101 TikTok account. When I realized the jerks reported my videos all the way to the first one, it was too late to appeal the violation they reported.

I have been using Global Awareness 101 for 17 years since 2007 on my Globalawareness101.org website and all social media platforms.
GlobalAwareness101 published Tiktok Censored By Removing A Video They Said Was MISINFORMATION. Click the square button on the lower right to enlarge screen.

Tiktok has become the most censored social media platform leading up to the election. I am convinced they hired the same people Elon Musk fired when he bought Twitter to set the captives free from their totalitarian censorship.

This same video was approved and allowed to remain on my TikTok account on my original Tiktok account that was permanently banned because some ahole was reporting all of my videos. When I realized they went all the way back to the first video, it was to late to appeal it.

Now, this video is labeled MISINFORMATION by the new TikTok thought police that are not working for the Chinese Communist Party... no no no, they are working for the deep state Communist Party in America.

I even put for entertainment purposes only on the video. But apparently they decide what people can hear or see. The 1984 Thought Police. Tiktok "fact checkers" have done this to several of my videos. Even videos that were reported by ABC news. Apparently, ABC news can report on it but I can't share the same information they don't want a wider audience on Tiktok to see.

Tiktok has 1 billion accounts from around the world and somehow little 'ole me who my haters constantly say I'm a nobody people don't want to hear is being suppressed on their platform. Well, I'm not going to stop doing what I've been doing for 17 years on my website and on my social media accounts because of bullies. Everyone and their mother can give their opinion all over social media but me? Yeah. Okay. Whatever. 🙄

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