June 23, 2024

USA: Dr. Robert Garry Co-Authored An OPINION PIECE Article In 2020 That Was Cited Thousands Of Times In Research Articles, Fauci, And News Outlets To Shut Down And Censor Lab-Leak Theory.

What's astonishing is Fauci and company based their conclusion that covid19 was not a lab leak on AN OPINION PIECE with no facts to back it up that was published in a medical journal and then used by Fauci, news outlets, social media influencers to censor and financially harm people who questioned the origins of the covid19 virus. But I'm still getting censored for "MISINFORMATION" on social media. These aholes can say whatever the hell they want that negatively affects our health and get away with it. They have conspired to lie to the public to push their false narrative for nefarious reasons. 

By the way, this is the same strategy the same aholes used to push the Trump-Russia collusion story. They published the made up Steele dossier story in Buzzfeed and then the FBI used it to go after Trump illegally spying on him and his political campaign.
From Foreign Policy February 12, 2018: For the last six months, a team led by a former top FBI and White House cybersecurity official has been traveling the globe on a secret mission to verify parts of the Trump dossier, according to four sources familiar with different aspects of the ongoing probe.

Their client: BuzzFeed, the news organization that first published the dossier on U.S. President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, which is now being sued over its explosive allegations.

FTI is a Washington-based business advisory firm that specializes in areas ranging from corporate litigation to forensic accounting, and it is a frequent post-government landing pad for FBI officials.

Ferrante, a former top FBI official who previously served as director for cyber incident response at the U.S. National Security Council during the Barack Obama administration, is now at FTI Consulting, where he is leading the effort.

The dossier, which was funded by those connected with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party, has been the subject of ongoing controversy; while some of its claims have allegedly been verified, many others remain unproven. Trump and his allies have repeatedly attacked those involved in the dossier, as well as top FBI officials, as being involved in a partisan witch hunt.

BuzzFeed is being sued for libel by Russian technology executive Aleksej Gubarev, who argues that the news organization was reckless in publishing a series of memos written by former British spy Christopher Steele. Those memos — part of a so-called dossier of information about Trump — include unverified claims that servers belonging to a company owned by Gubarev were used to hack the Democratic Party’s computer systems during the 2016 campaign.
And this is from AXIOS November 14, 2021: A reckoning is hitting news organizations for years-old coverage of the 2017 Steele dossier, after the document's primary source was charged with lying to the FBI.

Why it matters: It's one of the most egregious journalistic errors in modern history, and the media's response to its own mistakes has so far been tepid.

Outsized coverage of the unvetted document drove a media frenzy at the start of Donald Trump's presidency that helped drive a narrative of collusion between former President Trump and Russia.

It also helped drive an even bigger wedge between former President Trump and the press at the very beginning of his presidency.

BuzzFeed News, which made waves in 2017 by publishing the entire dossier, says it has no plans to take the document down. It's still online, accompanied by a note that says “The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors.”

Ben Smith, who was BuzzFeed's editor-in-chief at the time and is now a media columnist at The New York Times, told Axios, “My view on the logic of publishing hasn't changed."

BuzzFeed defended the decision in a 2018 lawsuit by arguing that because the FBI opened an investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, the dossier itself was newsworthy, whatever the merits of its contents turned out to be. It won that case
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Forbes Breaking News published June 18, 2024: Hawley Goes Scorched Earth On Doctor For 'Propaganda Effort' Against Lab Leak Theory. At today's Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) grilled Dr. Robert Garry, about his past statements about the COVID-19 lab-leak theory.
Forbes Breaking News published June 18, 2024: BRUTAL: Ron Johnson Confronts Doctor He Claims 'Engaged In A Cover-Up' With Fauci. At today's Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) grilled witness about the lab-leak theory and how the government approached it.
Forbes Breaking News published June 22, 2024: Ron Johnson Drops The Hammer On Scientist Who Co-Wrote Key Paper Discounting Lab Leak Theory. At Tuesday's Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) questioned Dr. Robert Garry about Dr. Anthony Fauci and the lab leak theory.
Forbes Breaking News published June 18, 2024: Rand Paul Reads Out Secret Communications Of Fauci's Team About COVID-19's Origins. At today's Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke about secret discussions about the origins of COVID-19 from Dr. Anthony Fauci's team.

The Federalist
written by Arianna Villarreal
Wednesday June 19, 2024

Senators grilled a scientist involved in efforts to discredit the Covid-19 lab-leak theory for receiving millions in National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing this week.

Robert Garry, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and Associate Dean for Biomedical Sciences at Tulane Medical School, co-authored an article in 2020 that was cited thousands of times in research articles and news outlets to shut down and censor proponents of the so-called lab-leak theory.

“There is no lab leak scenario that can accommodate all the available scientific evidence,” Garry stated in the article published in Nature Medicine. Co-author Kristian Andersen, professor in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at Scripps Research, wrote in a February 2020 email that they were “focused on disproving any type of lab theory.”

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., pressed Garry, asking, “How much have you received from government grants in your career?” Garry claimed he did not know. “I have information that between you and Dr. Kristian Andersen between 2020 and 2022 you received $25.2 million in grants from the NIH,” Johnson continued. Garry admitted “that’s possible.”

Richard H. Ebright, another witness at the hearing and Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University, accused Garry of scientific misconduct.

“The misconduct of highest importance was stating conclusions the authors knew at the time were untrue,” said Ebright. “This is the most egregious form of scientific misconduct.”

Garry said he did not intend to mislead people and was simply using the scientific evidence to form his conclusions at the time. Because of the paper, however, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., said innocent people were ridiculed for raising questions, often at great professional detriment.

Hawley asked, “Do you regret being part of this propaganda effort?”

“I was simply writing a paper about our scientific opinions about where this virus came from,” Garry said.

“The reason why the American public does not trust scientists and the federal health agencies is because of people like you,” Johnson said. “You violated the public’s trust.”

Throughout his career, Garry has received approximately $60 million in government research funding and owns a vaccine company, which Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., argued represents a “conflict of interest.”

Since the start of the pandemic, the lab-leak theory has been a controversial topic in Washington, largely due to government agencies and academic figures coordinating to suppress evidence suggesting the virus was a product of Chinese experimentation, potentially funded by US tax dollars, and not a natural phenomenon.

The FBI and Energy Department have since stated there is strong evidence supporting the plausibility of the lab-leak theory.
Forbes Breaking News published June 18, 2024: 'Doesn't Sound To Me Like Open-Mindedness': Rand Paul Rips Opposition To COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory. At a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) questioned witnesses about the origins of COVID-19.

NY Post
written by Josh Christenson
Thursday June 20, 2024  👈

Dr. Anthony Fauci writes in his new “tell-all” that those who argue the COVID-19 pandemic stemmed from a lab leak in Wuhan, China, potentially due to experiments funded by US grants, are promoting a “conspiracy theory” — contradicting his own recent testimony before Congress.

Fauci, 83, writes in his memoir “On Call” of a now-infamous exchange with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) during a 2021 hearing about SARS-CoV-2 possibly escaping through a lab accident.

“The smear campaign soon boiled over into conspiracy theories,” the former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) chief and ex-White House chief medical adviser claims. “One of the most appalling examples of this was the allegation, without a shred of evidence, that an NIAID grant to the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) with a subgrant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China funded research that caused the COVID pandemic.”

“At a May 11 [2021] Senate HELP Committee hearing, Senator Rand Paul fed the conspiracy theory, which he amped up further at the subsequent HELP hearing on July 20,” he goes on. “I was shocked and incensed by this totally inappropriate accusation.”

Fauci also claims Paul “was essentially holding me personally responsible for the creation of the virus that caused the COVID pandemic, saying, ‘You’re trying to obscure responsibility for four million people dying around the world from a pandemic.’”

“We don’t know that [SARS-CoV-2] didn’t come from the lab, but all the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab, and there will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself,” Paul said at the time.

Omitted from the account is Fauci’s unequivocal response to Paul: “Senator Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely, entirely and completely incorrect … the NIH [National Institutes of Health] has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute.”

Though Fauci has stuck by that claim in subsequent congressional hearings, NIH principal deputy director Dr. Lawrence Tabak told members of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic last month that US taxpayers did fund gain-of-function research on bat SARS viruses at the WIV.

Manhattan-based EcoHealth has denied that its work met the controlling definition for that research — or that the experiments could have led to the pandemic.

A spokesperson told The Post Thursday that Tabak’s “testimony was clearly in error.”

Earlier this week, two scientific experts testified before another Senate committee that evidence points to the experiments at the Wuhan lab as the most likely cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of the Royal Society and US National Academy of Sciences had even “singled out” the WIV’s work in 2015 as the “most likely of all research in the world to trigger a pandemic,” noted one of the experts, Rutgers University molecular biologist Dr. Richard Ebright.

Fauci has denied that he had ever smeared lab-leak proponents as conspiratorial in congressional testimony this year — despite prompting a scientific paper in early 2020 aimed at debunking them — and insists he has an “open mind” about COVID origins.

“I’ve not used that language,” he said when asked during a January transcribed interview whether he agreed with NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins that the lab leak theory was a “destructive conspiracy.”

“It’s a possibility,” he added. “I think that in and of itself isn’t inherently a conspiracy theory, but some people spin off things from that that are kind of crazy.”

Collins had made the remark about the “destructive conspiracy” in an April 16, 2020, email to Fauci, who responded that the lab leak theory was a “shiny object that will go away.”

Two months before that in a podcast interview with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Fauci had said it was a “conspiracy theory” to question whether SARS-CoV-2 escaped from the WIV as a result of potential bioweapon experimentation.

The US intelligence community confirmed in a June 2023 report that the lab did research on behalf of the People’s Liberation Army “to enhance China’s knowledge of pathogens and early disease warning capabilities for defensive and biosecurity needs of the military.”

“Fauci continues to resort to ad hominem attacks instead of arguments of substance,” Paul told The Post Thursday.

“The preponderance of evidence points to a lab leak: no identified animal reservoir, lack of genetic diversity in viral RNA sequence, and a furin cleavage site in COVID-19 never before found in this family of viruses,” he said. “Even Fauci in private admitted the lab leak was plausible and not a conspiracy theory.”

NIH, which oversees NIAID, awarded more than $500,000 to EcoHealth between 2014 and 2020 that was funneled toward risky viral research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Tabak revealed in an October 2021 letter to Congress that the “limited experiment” tested whether “spike proteins from naturally occurring bat coronaviruses circulating in China were capable of binding to the human ACE2 receptor in a mouse model.”

The research resulted in a modified virus that was 10,000 times more infectious in lungs, 1 million times more infectious in brains and three times more lethal in humanized lab mice, Ebright testified earlier this week, based on NIH disclosures of the experiment.

Collins has said the resulting virus was “genetically far distant from SARS-CoV-2,” but another EcoHealth proposal, which was never funded, is seen as a potential way in which the virus could have been created.

In drafts of that proposal, EcoHealth Alliance President Dr. Peter Daszak also encouraged collaborators to downplay Wuhan researchers’ involvement.

The WIV has since been barred for the next 10 years from receiving US funding, and EcoHealth has been suspended and proposed for debarment based on failing to report on or explain why the research, which “likely violated protocols of the NIH regarding biosafety,” was not gain-of-function.

Daszak testified to the House COVID subcommittee last month that he had not received any samples from the Wuhan lab since before the pandemic.

At a Senate hearing earlier this week, Dr. Robert Garry, who argued that SARS-CoV-2 spread from animals to humans naturally, also acknowledged that the Chinese have not provided any results of their research in that time period, despite requests from the US.

The Post has reached out to Fauci’s publisher, Viking, for comment.

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