June 29, 2024

USA: The Trinity River Authority Of Texas Issued A "Potential Failure Watch" For The Lake Livingston Dam Following Heavy Rainfall And Flooding.

KPRC 2 Click2Houston published June 29, 2024: Trinity River Authority declares 'potential failure watch' on Lake Livingston Dam. The Trinity River Authority of Texas has issued a "potential failure watch" for the Lake Livingston Dam following heavy rainfall and flooding. Residents are urged to stay alert as the situation develops. Tune in to KPRC 2 for updates and insights from our reporter, T.J. Parker, on the measures being taken and the potential risks involved.

KPRC2 Click2Houston, Texas local
written by Michael Horton, Digital Content Producer
Friday June 28, 2024

The Trinity River Authority of Texas has advised people to be aware of a potential dam failure at the Lake Livingston Dam.

The TRA announced the “potential failure watch” declaration on Friday.

A video shot earlier tonight by Drone Bros shows the current state of the dam:

“Although there is no immediate danger of either failure or breach of the dam, the potential does exist however remote it might be,” the TRA said in a statement on the matter. “The day-to-day operation of the dam will continue as necessary, although normal gate operations may vary as conditions dictate.”

For more information, you may contact the TRA directly at 877-352-3247, or visit their website here.

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