June 29, 2024

USA: 28yo Man Went On A Killing Spree Targeting Women Who Hurt His Feelings/Ego. He Killed His Mother. Then Tracked Down His Female Cousin, Killed Her. Then Killed Ex-GF's Female Partner.


10 Tampa Bay published June 25, 2024: Updates: 3 women dead, accused gunman killed in shootout with deputies. A man in Manatee County responsible for tracking down and killing three women is dead after exchanging gunfire with deputies as he tried to cross the state line, the sheriff said. It started Monday night at an apartment complex in Palmetto, Sheriff Rick Wells said at a news conference Tuesday morning. Javontee Brice, 28, reportedly went to the apartment where his sister and one of his ex-girlfriends, also the mother of one of his kids, were.
WFLA News Channel 8 published June 25, 2024: Shooting spree leaves 3 women dead in Manatee County; suspect killed by deputies. The Manatee County Sheriff's Office is investigating after three women were shot and killed Monday night.
ABC Action News published Jun 25, 2024: Man recalls hearing shots and helping victim at Motel 6 after triple murder in Manatee county.
You have to listen to this witness interview. He said his wife called 911 and it took emergency response from paramedics and police 15 minutes to arrive to the scene and they're supposedly right around the corner. Unbelievable. His mother took her last breathe when the paramedics arrived. That response time is unacceptable. This is what happens when Commie Democrat city officials lower hiring standards for police, fire, and paramedics training. They claim the testing qualifications were too high and discrimated against what they like to refer to as "people of color" which is offensive to me.

Peoples lives are on the line and all these stupid, abtuse Commie Democrat officials care about is focusing on imaginary discriminatory policies. They should be lifting up the community by recruiting students early on and providing training in schools or after school to join the police force, fire department, and paramedics. Get recruits educationally prepared to take these emergency responder enrollment tests. Don't say "people in our community are too dumb to pass the testing qualifications. Therefore, we must lower the testing standards in order to hire people within our community." Stop it. My gosh people are literally dying because of these community organizers who become elected officials who don't give a shit about their community. Only want the status. It's all about the ego. Results matter. (emphasis mine)

So after going on that rant, I find out that Manatee County is mostly Republican. However, looking into City of Bradenton where this all went down tells another story. The mayor of City of Bradenton named Wayne H. Poston held on to that title for 20 years and recently retired. He was a Republican and I can't find what the current Mayor's political affiliation is. So my rant applies to Commie Republicans too or Republican In Name Only (RINO) since this guy received a "Diversity Award" from the NAACP who most likely encouraged him to lower the testing standards. Thereby hurting the communities they claim to be helping by getting the city to hire lower quality police, firemen, and paramedics. Imagine thinking hiring a mediocre policeman, mediocre fireman, and mediorcre paramedic is a good idea and then complain no one cares about them when the crime goes through the roof and they get slow emergency response times and cases go unsolved. You hired lazy people who were already just getting by in life. Now they're enjoying the status of having power and union job security, but don't want to do the work they were hired to do. But the community organizers keep insisting it's the White Supremacists keeping them oppressed. Really?
So according to The Bradenton Times, Mayor "Poston is a Martin Luther King Jr. Outstanding Citizenship Award in Government recipient and achieved the NAACP Diversity Award in August 2007. He is currently involved in the community as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Bradenton, Hernando De Soto Historical Society, Manatee County Republican Party Executive Committee, Florida Fire Chiefs Association and Manatee County Tourist Development Council." But prior to him becoming Mayor of Bradenton in 2000, Poston began serving in the U.S. Air Force in 1967 and received an honorable discharge as Staff Sergeant after his fourth year. With his degrees in journalism, Poston went on to become Managing Editor for the Bradenton Herald until 1972, when he began working with Virginia’s Roanoke Times as Assistant Managing Editor, reporting and editing newspapers in Ohio, Indiana and Alabama. 1974 brought Poston back to the Bradenton Herald and his previous job position, later becoming Executive Editor and Vice President of the publication."

I looked up Kiwanis Club because I remember there was news in the past about them. It's important I add this information to this news. I'm just putting this out there for you to make of it what you will.

What is the Kiwanis controversy?

Sexual Abuse at Kiwanis International’s Vocational Homes

Attorneys at PCVA have already settled multiple lawsuits against Kiwanis International for alleged sexual abuse of boys placed in the organization’s “vocational” group homes at the Kiwanis Vocational Home (KVH or Coffee Creek Center) and the Olympia Kiwanis Boys Ranch (OKBR).

We believe dozens, if not hundreds, of men were abused as children at the Olympia Kiwanis Boys Ranch and the Kiwanis Vocational Home." (emphasis mine)
LiveNOW from FOX published June 25, 2024: Florida man kills 3 women, dies in shootout, deputies say. A Florida man went on a shooting spree in Manatee County, killing three women, including his mother and cousin, then attempting to kill two of his ex-girlfriends, according to the sheriff’s office.

10 Tampa Bay
written by Claire Farrow
Tuesday June 25, 2024

The suspect shot three women at three different locations before traveling north toward Georgia, the sheriff's office said.

BRADENTON, Fla. — A man in Manatee County responsible for tracking down and killing three women is dead after exchanging gunfire with deputies as he tried to cross the state line, the sheriff said.

It started Monday night at an apartment complex in Palmetto, Sheriff Rick Wells said at a news conference Tuesday morning. Javontee Brice, 28, reportedly went to the apartment where his sister and one of his ex-girlfriends, also the mother of one of his kids, were.

Brice reportedly said he needed to kill the ex-girlfriend, Wells said. However, the sheriff detailed that Brice's sister was somehow able to convince him not to go through with killing his ex.

The night didn't end there, however. Shortly after 9:15 p.m., Wells said Brice went to the Motel 6 on 67th Street Circle East in Bradenton. His mother, her boyfriend and two of Brice's young sisters were staying there, Wells explained.

Brice went into the room and reportedly told his mother, "I'm sorry."

"What did you do?" replied his mother, 48-year-old Titimysha Scott. That's when Brice took out a gun and shot Scott three times, Wells said.

Brice left immediately after that and Manatee County Sheriff's deputies and first responders arrived at the motel minutes after getting the 911 call. His mother was dead, but the others inside the room survived, Wells said.

His motive? Unknown, the sheriff said. Brice wasn't done with his killing spree, however, the sheriff continued.

Less than a half hour later, around 9:40 p.m., one of Brice's cousins was leaving a family cookout on 26th Street Court East near 9th Avenue Drive East in Palmetto and getting into her SUV. The sheriff said Brice went up to his 29-year-old cousin, identified as Sacouya Starquez Jonquila Brice, and shot her inside her car. She died about an hour later despite live-saving measures from first responders.

Just after 10 p.m., Wells said deputies got word of another shooting in Bradenton. The sheriff says Brice went to a home on 51st Street, where another one of his ex-girlfriends was living with her new partner. When he got there, Wells said Brice shot his ex-girlfriend's partner, 31-year-old Charel Carter, and left. The woman later died at the hospital.

A statewide BOLO was issued for Brice's car and multiple law enforcement agencies came together to track Brice to Hamilton County, not far from the Florida/Georgia state line, the sheriff's office said.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office deputies confirmed they located Brice's car driving around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday on Interstate 75. Deputies reportedly followed it to a closed service station where Brice got out of the car and started shooting at deputies.

Returning fire, deputies shot and killed Brice.

Wells confirmed a woman was inside Brice's car at the time of the shooting and ran away from the gunfire exchange. Deputies reportedly found the woman and are speaking with her. She is not facing charges at this time, Wells said.

Detectives said they believe Brice was driving to Georgia with intent to kill a fourth person.

Brice appeared to have made posts on social media last night. One post read, "Pig I love you but you had to go." Another post tagged who appeared to be his cousin.

Wells said the social media posts may play well into learning more about the motive.

Brice has had a history of domestic battery in the past. A 2023 police report accuses him of striking a woman in the face and later strangling her. In 2021, a detective petitioned for a risk protection order stating Brice posed a danger to himself or others.

"We need to take this crime seriously," Murphy, president of The Spring of Tampa Bay, an organization supporting domestic violence survivors, said.

Murphy said it's important for survivors to know resources for help are always available.

"This is not your fault," she said. "There are services available."

Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis is urged to reach out for help. You can contact the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay at 211 or call 911. The National Domestic Violence Hotline can be reached 24/7 at 800-799-7233. Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis can contact the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

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