May 27, 2024

USA: NYC Rabbi Discusses Necromancy Rituals They Perform Underground After A Mattress Was Found In Underground Tunnel With Blood Stains On It.

GlobalAwareness101 published NYC Rabbi Discusses Necromancy Rituals They Perform Underground.

The new Argentina President Milei went to New York after he won to visit the grave of the deceased Rabbi the Rabbi is saying they keep trying to resurrect by doing rituals of necromancy. Argentina president Milei went to thank the deceased Rabbi for his victory.
GlobalAwareness101 published Well this is an interesting new revelation Milei is related to Netanyahu. Both Kabbalist Jews. The paper adamantly says this is false. So the records show he didn't change his last name. But his father or grandfather could have changed it. That's way too much to be a coincidence the similarity in last name.


I was forced to delete original 2/14/24 post.

Well well well... my Instagram account has been targeted by the ever so fake Lead Stories state funded "fact checkers". Someone reported the original post to Instagram. Based on their conclusion, we are not allowed to ask questions or use critical thinking skills to deduce information we're provided with.

Milei is short Mileikowsky. We should be allowed to ask legitimate questions. You are censoring questions. This is too much of a coincidence. His grandfather could have removed the last half of the family surname. This is not uncommon.

Here you will read Lead Stories state funded "fact checkers" clearly say, "No, that does not SEEM to be true." So because they can't prove or disprove my question, they are FORCING ME TO DELETE ORIGINAL POST.

Well these same "fact checkers" lied to you throughout the lockdowns, covid mandates, pandemic and before and after Trump's presidency. They never retracted any of their lying fact checks. Not even apologized. Yet here they are still able to continue lying to the public.

And I want to point out for those of you who don't know, I was a big supporter of Milei until I saw him hugging Ukraine President Zelenskyy at his inauguration. Major red flag. 🚩 Then I find out Milei invited Zelenskyy to his inauguration. Another red flag.🚩 I became puzzled and did a little more digging and find out Milei had lunch with Democrats Bill Clinton and Chris Dodd after he won the Argentina presidential election. A huge red flag. 🚩

GlobalAwareness101 published Crazy Rabbit Hole That All Porn Websites and Sex Hookups Owned By.

Boy oh boy did I just fall into a strange rabbit hole. First I hear about this. Incredible. Wow.

Did you know about this?
GlobalAwareness101 published Israel PM Netanyahu Displays A Syringe From His Covid19 Vaccine On Display.

Fyi... we have been under MK Ultra mind control. :/
GlobalAwareness101 published How Can We Be Antisemitic When They Are Not Semites? Do you see how they twist everything around.

The Illuminati Kabbalist Talmudic Jews who do not worship the God of King David have been killing the actual "Semites" whose ancestors have lived on that land for millenia or even hundreds of years. Like the United States where people have flocked here from all over the world. Are we not a legitimate nation just because people flocked here from all over the world and ancestors lived here for over 200 years? Well that's the brainwashing they've done to us Goyim aka non-Jewish having us believe Palestine never existed. But how could people have been given passports for a country that never existed? and the other lie they tell us is that the so-called Palestinians are not from that land and came from all over the place so it's not theirs to claim. Unreal. And I believed that stupid bullshit.
A PASSPORT is defined as an official document issued by a government, certifying the holder's identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.
GlobalAwareness101 published I stitched together several videos to help me tell a story. You need to listen to what she says so nonchalantly. Mental gymnastics. She admits she carried a Palestinian PASSPORT from 1921 to 1948 AND at the same time denies Palestine ever existed.

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