May 27, 2024

ISRAEL: Minister of Defense Said They "Are Putting A Complete Siege On Gaza" With A Population Of 2 Million Innocent Civilians. "No Electricity. No Food. No Water. No Gas. It's All Closed."

GlobalAwareness101 published I put together this 10 minute video to help me tell a story. Incredible how Israel keeps repeating how "humanitarian" they are and how much they care about the civilians in Gaza. Bullshit.

Okay, so I looked up the population in Gaza strip. There are 2.048 MILLION people living in the Gaza strip. Now I looked for a comparison to give you and me an idea of what they claim is a reasonable request so Israel can go after the Hamas terrorists embedded throughout Gaza.

The population in San Diego County is 1.381 MILLION people. So imagine the United States government warning everybody living, working, going to school in San Diego to get the hell out before they start bombing San Diego County.

The state of Maine has a population of 1.385 MILLION people and the state of New Hampshire has a population of 1.395 MILLION people. Again, imagine being told leave your home now because we're going to bomb the shit out of your entire state in order to kill 100 or 1,000 criminal terrorists. There are people who can't leave like those sick in hospitals and people who can't afford to leave or are old people. They are being massacred by Israel in Gaza. Israel has decimated two thirds TWO THIRDS of the Gaza strip killing over 7,797 innocent children, 4,959 innocent women. Then I hear the media paid by the people killing the innocent civilians en masse that Israel ONLY KILLED 7,000 children in Gaza. ONLY? What the hell kind of response is that? Where's the humanity? (emphasis mine)
GlobalAwareness101 published I Put Together A Few Short Videos To Help Me Tell A Story.

The Minister of Defense of Israel said they "are putting a complete siege on Gaza. No electricity. No food. No water. No gas. It's all closed."
GlobalAwareness101 published This Is How Israel Hunts For "Hamas" By Annihilating Two Thirds Of Gaza.

This is how Israel hunts for "Hamas". Israel annihilated two thirds of Gaza. Israel doesn't give a shit about civilians in Gaza. Israel calls every person in Gaza, animals, savages.

The people who have murdered over 7,000 innocent children in Gaza call Palestinians animals and savages.

The people who literally kick non-Jewish people out of their homes THROUGH VIOLENT MEANS, homes they've owned for generations call Palestinians animals and savages. This is sanctioned by the Israel government too.

🚨👉IMAGINE the Mexican Cartel attacked a US city for 7 hours straight and then was allowed to kidnap 200 Americans back into Mexico. Then when US military finally arrived 7 hours later they carpet bombed the areas where the Mexican Cartel was inside the US city killing Americans too. That's what Israel military did bombing where Hamas was inside Israel killing Israeli Jewish people and ordered to shoot every person on sight including Israeli Jewish people. A soldier said it was better to kill Israeli Jews instead of letting them become captive by Hamas. What the hell kind of response is that?

Now back to my Mexican Cartel example, imagine then the US government declares war on the Mexican Cartel who are in Mexico and carpet bombs two thirds of Mexico to kill the Mexican Cartel members killing scores of Mexican innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the attack.

A COMMON RESPONSE we're brainwashed with by the people killing the innocent civilians en masse, I used to say this myself, is well Hamas uses civilians as human shields. Okaaay, let's stop and think this through. Imagine in the United States, in your local city if there were terrorist criminals the police or swat were going after. WOULD YOU BE OKAY if the police or swat team bomb an entire city or apartment complex or hospital or school or place of worship with scores of innocent civilians inside and around just to get to one or two of those terrorist criminals? WOULD YOU BE OKAY if a criminal was holding a baby, child or even an adult and the police or swat team killed the baby, child or adult to get to that one criminal? WELL that is exactly what Israel ruled by Illuminati Kabbalist Talmudic Jews is doing right now in Gaza. They do not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Not even the God of King David. This is not a revised version of the Israel ruled by King David. The Star of David has nothing to do with King David. It is the magical seal of Solomon who fell from grace and then became a powerful magician that witchcraft today is based on. 👈🚨 (emphasis mine)
GlobalAwareness101 published Kabbalist Talmudic Jewish Settlers Attacked Aid Trucks Heading Gaza.

Zionism is not Judaism and it is antisemitic to say that it is.

Everything they accuse Arab Muslims and Christians they are. It's the other way around. They have been gaslighting us about everything since the creation of Israel.

Recent updated figures for how many human beings Israel has massacred in the Israel controlled city of Gaza are 4,959 women, 7,797 children and 10,006 men. And what appear to be Freemasons in the West are supporting their Illuminati Kabbalist Talmudic Jewish kill every human being living in the Gaza strip.

I couldn't believe what Rudy Giuliani screamed on his show last week about wanting all Gazans killed. I was waiting for him to flash the Illuminati one eye sign. Same for all of the rest of the heartless cruel people okay with what Israel is doing.

CBS 5/14/24: Israeli activists attack Gaza aid convoy, drawing U.S. condemnation and highlighting risk to aid work.

Right-wing Israeli protesters blocked trucks carrying food supplies that were headed into Gaza on Monday in the latest disruption to humanitarian relief for the war-torn Palestinian territory. The trucks were attacked by an Israel group called "Tsav 9" at the Tarqumiya checkpoint, a border crossing from the Israeli-occupied West Bank into Israel, west of the city of Hebron.

Sapir Sluzker Amran, an Israeli peace activist who opposed the protesters and witnessed the incident, told CBS News on Tuesday that the group that halted the trucks and then threw the food all over the ground were mainly Israeli settlers and extremists.

"Most of them were settlers. They also live there, they are settlers in the settlements in the area," she said. "The common theme among all of them is that they are from the right wing Zionist groups. The religious nationalist stream, as we call it."

At the White House media briefing on Monday, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan slammed the attack.

"It is a total outrage that there are people who are attacking and looting these convoys coming from Jordan going to Gaza to deliver humanitarian assistance," he said. "We are looking at the tools we have to respond to this and we're also raising our concerns at the highest level of the Israeli government. It's something we make no bones about — we find it
GlobalAwareness101 published I put together to help me tell a story. Israel is not a Democracy. It's a cult.

But the Illuminati Kabbalist Talmudic Jews don't want to stop there, they want to continue spreading out and conquering Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. Land they claim belongs to them from 3,000 years ago. Imagine every ancient tribe of the past confiscating land and killing people that live there that initially belonged to them for millinia. Every person that governs Israel came from Europe whose ancestors lived in for millinia.
GlobalAwareness101 published We Were Told Lies About Creation Of Israel In 1948.

FIRST VIDEO is a short clip of President Harry Truman discussing the challenges establishing Israel in 1948.

SECOND VIDEO is an excerpt from The Jimmy Dore Show, talks about a documentary called, Birth of a Nation.

We were lied to about what happened in 1948. I was told the same lie as Kurt Metgzer that it was the Arabs who refused to live with Jews and ran off so the Arab nations could annihilate Israel. ALL LIES!

It was the other way around. The Kabbalist Talmudic Jews refused to live with the Arabs and told them to leave. If the Arabs didn't, the Kabbalist Talmudic Jews slaughtered them in cold blood.

Solomon fell from grace when he lusted over a pagan woman who said if he wanted to have sex with her he had to bow down and worship her demonic gods. At first he said he couldn't because he loved his God. But overtime his last for her became too much that he lost everything including God's covering to have sex with her. He went to the dark side known as Illuminati Kabbalah Talmud and Zohar. Has nothing to do with Judaism even though they have the nerve to call the righteous Jewish people who love the one true God and not Lucifer, the fake Jews. Imagine that, the people born Jewish but worship Lucifer by way of Baal, Moloch, Remphan and Lilith call righteous Jewish people who love the God of Moses, the fake Jews.
GlobalAwareness101 published Illuminati Kabbalist Talmudic Jews Curse At, Spit On, And Assault Christians In Israel happening now and has been happening since the Zionist federation created the new nation of Israel. Compilation I made. I had to hunt for these videos because the cult censors them from public view.

And by the way, those Jewish families that ended up in the NAZI concentration camps were 👉 anti-Zionism. Meaning the National Zionists (NAZIs) allied with Hitler had the God fearing Jewish people who were against their Atheist political Zionist movement sent to the concentration camps. That's what they're doing today in Israel to the God fearing Jews who are not Zionists. They throw them in prison for speaking up in defense of humanity. How is that Democracy? They are a cult. Plus, the Kabbalist Talmudic Jews in Israel have THE LEGAL RIGHT to spit on, curse at, assault Christians, even have THE LEGAL RIGHT to forcefully take the property of Christians. They terrorize Christians whose families have been there for generations, even new comers and it's sanctioned by the Israeli government.

You need to see the bigger picture to understand that the deep state globalists are on both sides of the coin. Connect the dots, look at the players who are all connected and how we're being manipulated and divided.

For those of you who don't know, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy appointed Marina Abramovic to be an Ambassador for Ukraine for rebuilding schools in Ukraine. She's the "spirit cooker" lady. She was born into an affluent family who held prominent positions in the Communist government of Yugoslavia. The Israel the Rothschild Illuminati Kabbalist Jews were reclaiming is not the Kingdom of Israel ruled by Kind David. Those who reclaimed this Israel do not worship the God of the Bible and the Torah. Even the "Star of David" has nothing to do with King David. It is the Seal of Solomon protected by Remphan demonic general.

to pause the video, enlarge the screen by touching it, then you'll find the video player at the bottom that you can manipulate by touching to pause, rewind, fast forward.

Not all Jewish people are Illuminati Kabbalist Talmudic Jews. There are non-practicing Jewish people looking for the meaning of life like most of humanity, and there are Jewish people who are called Messianic Jews because they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and there are Jewish people who are Atheist who don't care about anything and want to be left alone.

THEN there are those born Jewish but DO NOT worship the Lord God almighty aka the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob like those who practice Jewish Kabbalah Talmudic Mysticism esoteric black magic. They worship Lucifer aka Satan, Baal, Remphan, Moloch like the infamous Rothschild's who head the Illuminati Kabbalists, the famous occultist Nostradamus who wrote prophecies using a bowl of water called a "magic mirror" getting help "seeing" from the dark underworld, the famous master of darkness British occultist Aleister Crowley "who was a practitioner of “magick” (as he spelled it) and called himself the Beast 666", and Anton LaVey, creator of the Church of Satan and who wrote The Satanic Bible

So please don't lump all Jewish people together. That is what the Kabbalists want. They make you believe they worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with their outward presence. It's all a pretense.

I would like to add that the Commie Jews and Transhumanist Jews DO NOT worship the God of the Torah and Bible aka the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They are Luciferians.

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