April 4, 2024

USA: Massive Cargo Ship Sailed Into Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Pillar Causing Entire Bridge To Collapse. 13 CDC Containers Were On Board This Ship. Ship Had Multiple Steering, Power Systems.

This was an economic attack on our country. The Biden administration immediately said it was an accident before any investigation was conducted. Then Biden said that the federal government was going to pay for the rebuilding of the bridge. Shouldn't the foreign shipping company's insurance policy cover the cost of everything affected by their ship Dali? Why are Americans forced to pay for the new bridge? What immediately came to mind is the deep state NWO Commie globalists ensuring economic collapse even if Trump gets reelected. The same way the Commie Democrats in Los Angeles are securing their Commie justice for criminals policies by shutting down the main male prison in Los Angeles. So even if Los Angeles votes in a district attorney that is all about law and order and restoring safety to Los Angeles county, there will be no prison for the criminals to be sent to locally. So basically the Commies will still get their way by hampering anyone who tries to restore public safety to Los Angeles. (emphasis mine)
GlobalAwareness101 published Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse Interesting Information. So all shipping is completely been halted on the east coast from the North of Baltimore Port because of the Key Bridge Collapse. Look at who the drivers of that cargo ship were.

What are your thoughts about why this happened?

1) Was it the good guys to stop the human trafficking going in and out of Baltimore serving Virginia and DC?

2) Was it the bad guys to cause a major distraction from the Diddy homes being raided by Homeland Security and human trafficking allegations?

3) Was it the bad guys to hurt supply chains and ultimately our US economy?

Because now everything is stopped at this important port. What say you? I added harleyjackson50 name to this video and the captions. I stitched together 2 of his related videos about this situation. I added 2 other short vids of Pete Buttigieg and Baltimore Mayor.
RealAmericasVoice published Stinchfield: Some of the Baltimore Bridge Collapse Details Aren't Adding Up. CISA is now investigating the Baltimore bridge collapse but why if there is no evidence of a cyber attack?
Here's a very important excerpt from the video above. Stinchfield says, "Do you know that we are now learning that there were 13 Center's for Disease Control (CDC) containers on board this ship. Those containers are labelled hazmat. We're told that elite coast guard group was inspecting those containers. But we garnered this information from the Cyber Security Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Why is CISA investigating this crash the FBI was very quick to tell us was an accident? So now we've got these containers from the CDC that were headed to Sri Lanka by the way. That's where the Dali was headed to Sri Lanka. What was in the containers? These are things we want to know." (emphasis mine)
Grant Stinchfield published The Ship With Multiple Backups Never Should Have Lost Steering. It turns out the cargo ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing it's collapse, not only had multiple back up power systems, but it had multiple steering systems as well. Both Federal and International maritime standards call for these auxiliary systems. They also need to be completely separated from each other so power and steering is never lost. When you break down the factors surrounding this crash, it becomes more and more suspicious. Investigators originally lied about wind speed on the water that day. It turns out there was very little wind that would have had zero effect on turning the ship towards the main pillar of the bridge. The New Federal State of China, the organization aimed at taking down the Chinese Communist Party, insists the CCP used something called "Remote Towing Technology" to hijack the ship. Whistleblowers inside the CCP believe the crash was a deliberate terrorist attack carried out by Chinese hackers.

Channel News Asia (CNA)
written by Staff
Tuesday March 26, 2024

PARIS: The Dali container ship that caused the collapse of a key bridge in Baltimore is recently built and flies under Singapore's flag.

It was constructed by the Korean Hyundai shipyard in 2015 and is 300 metres long, 48 metres wide and 24.8 metres tall, with gross tonnage of 95,000 tonnes, making it an average-sized container ship.

It had left Baltimore port at 1am local time Tuesday for a roughly month-long voyage to Colombo in Sri Lanka, according to the site Marine Traffic. It hit the bridge at 1.28am.

The ship belongs to Singapore-based Grace Ocean Pte Ltd, which is owned by a Hong Kong group, and was carrying containers on behalf of Danish shipping giant Maersk.

Synergy Marine, the Singapore company that operates the Dali, said it was being controlled by two Baltimore port pilots at the time of the collision.

There were 22 crew members on board, according to the port of Singapore, and none were injured, according to Synergy, which also says no leaking has been detected.

The Dali frequently links Asian ports with the East Coast of the United States, and passed through the Panama Canal on Mar 13 before stopping at New York, Norfolk and finally Baltimore.

In 2016, soon after commissioning, the Dali accidentaly hit a dock in the Belgian port of Antwerp, according to the sites Vessel Finder and Shipwrecklog.

It can hold up to 8,344 cubic metres (2.2 million gallons) of fuel, according to Marine Traffic. It is insured by UK-based Britannia.
Redacted published April 1, 2024: Baltimore Bridge was a CYBER ATTACK and an "Economic Nuke" against America. We're getting a clearer understand of just how big the cyber attack was on the Baltimore Bridge and it was an economic nuclear strike against The United States. 
Redacted published March 27, 2024: Something BIG is happening and the Baltimore bridge is just the start.

written by Nick Smith, Taylor Delandro
Tuesday March 26, 2024

The container ship that collided Tuesday with a bridge in Baltimore was headed to Sri Lanka, according to the shipping company Maersk, which charters the vessel.

The ship, known as Dali, collided with a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Synergy Marine Group, which manages the ship, confirmed in a statement, writing, “Whilst the exact cause of the incident is yet to be determined, the Dali has now mobilized its qualified individual incident response service.”

Dali was sailing under the Singaporean flag and was less than 30 minutes into its 27-day voyage when it stuck the bridge, according to The New York Times.

Dali, owned by Singapore’s Grace Ocean Pte, was expected to arrive in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on April 22, according to a schedule on Maersk’s website.

The vessel carried Maersk customers’ cargo but none of the company’s crew or personnel were on the ship, Maersk said.

“We are horrified by what has happened in Baltimore, and our thoughts are with all of those affected,” Maersk said.

Authorities have not said how many crew members were on board, but they have all been accounted for. Crews are searching for at least seven people believed to be in the water, officials said.

NewsNation confirmed the vessel was built in 2015 and, to date, it has logged more than 195,000 nautical miles without a major incident.

Synergy Marine Group has more than 600 ships under its management, according to the company website.

The Dali hit the bridge, also known as the Beltway Bridge, which opened in March 1977 at an estimated cost of $110 million.

According to the Maryland Transportation Authority, the bridge is about 1.6 miles long, and most recent data reveals more than 12 million vehicles used it to cross the Baltimore Harbor in 2019. This includes trucks carrying hazardous materials, as the bridge was also a designated hazmat route. 
GlobalAwareness101 published Baltimore Mayor Equates DEI To N-word. Case in point about the Marxist Left calling everything that is pushing back against their Marxist agenda is racist. Just like we're transphobic for wanting to protect children from mutilation and sterilization being pushed by the trans agenda and defend female rights. According to TechTarget: Diversity, equity and inclusion is a term used to describe policies and programs that promote the representation and participation of different groups of individuals. DEI encompasses people of different ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, disabilities, genders, religions, cultures and sexual orientations. Forbes 3/28/24: Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said Wednesday critics who called him a “DEI Mayor” after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge earlier this week didn’t have the “courage to say the N-word,” pushing back against racist attacks by online right-wing figures who have attempted to blame him for the incident.

written by Ivana Saric
Thursday March 28, 2024

The stunning collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday will have economic impacts far beyond the city of Baltimore.

The big picture: The Port of Baltimore, one of the busiest in the U.S., has halted vessel traffic indefinitely in the wake of the bridge's collapse — which is expected to affect the flow of commerce in the U.S.
  • Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) declared a state of emergency after a cargo ship, which he said issued a mayday call, struck the bridge early Tuesday. Search teams recovered the bodies of two of six missing construction workers on Wednesday. All were presumed dead.
  • The decades-old bridge offered a key transport helping link Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York.
  • It's too early to determine how long the port will be closed, Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld told reporters Tuesday.
The Port of Baltimore is a vital waterway

The Port of Baltimore is the top handler in the U.S. of imports and exports of cars and light trucks, according to a statement from Moore's office last month. His office called it "one of the largest economic generators" in the state.
  • It ranks ninth among U.S. harbors for both tonnage and dollar value of foreign cargo passing through.
  • "The collapse of the Key Bridge is a global crisis," Moore said at a Wednesday briefing. "The national economy and the world's economy depends on the Port of Baltimore," he added.
  • "The port handles more cars and more farm equipment than any other port in the country."
By the numbers: In 2023, the port handled a record 52.3 million tons of international cargo, worth about $80.8 billion, according to state's archives.
  • The port supports more than 15,000 direct jobs and more than 139,000 indirect jobs connected to the port, generating almost $3.3 billion in total personal income.
  • Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson announced Wednesday that he would be introducing an emergency bill to pay workers impacted by the bridge collapse.
  • "The economic and stability loss to the thousands impacted in the days ahead cannot be understated," he wrote on X.
Between the lines: The port's location is a boon for business. 
  • t's closer to the Midwest than any other East Coast port and is within an overnight drive's distance from one-third of the country's population, per the Maryland State Archives.
Significance of the Francis Scott Key Bridge

The Francis Scott Key Bridge opened in 1977 and is the outermost crossing of the Baltimore Harbor, according to the Maryland Transportation Authority.
  • Stretching 1.6 miles, the bridge sees about 11.3 million vehicle crossings per year, per MDTA.
  • The bridge also offers more traffic lanes and lower maintenance costs than a tunnel would have.
What other impacts have been observed?

The bridge's collapse snarled traffic on land and left some ships in the lurch.
  • The Maryland Transportation Authority began redirecting cars to alternate freeway routes after issuing a major traffic alert for Baltimore.
  • At least 10 commercial ships bound for Baltimore were forced to drop anchor in nearby waters Tuesday after port traffic was suspended, Reuters reported.
Between the lines: The bridge collapse just ahead of Easter could mean worse traffic than normal for both families and trucks traveling over the holiday weekend.
  • Several major companies — including Amazon, FedEx and BMW — have distribution warehouses and other facilities at an industrial park at the north end of the bridge, Bloomberg reported.
  • The bottleneck of imports and exports could also spur a shift to moving goods through West Coast ports, according to Bloomberg.
The Jimmy Dore Show published March 28, 2024: What’s The Real Cause Of The Baltimore Bridge Disaster? As information comes out about the recent cargo ship bridge disaster in Baltimore, one area of concern relates to the cargo ship company’s track record of silencing whistleblowers who raised concerns about safety issues. In fact, the company illegally required employees to first come to the company with safety concerns before informing federal authorities. Jimmy and Due Dissidence host Russell Dobular discuss the company, Maersk, and what corners might be routinely cut to deliver its shareholders the $51 billion in 2023 revenue.

Fox5 News, DC local
written by David Kaplan
Tuesday March 26, 2024

BALTIMORE, Md. - While the search and rescue effort remains the priority at the Francis Scott Key Bridge, the broader economic implications of this incident are hard to ignore.

The human impact remains front of mind Tuesday, but the economic impact could be felt as well around the Patapsco River.

The bridge itself carries 31,000 cars a day and is a key thoroughfare. It’s gone.

Operations at the port remain active for the time being, according to the Port of Baltimore, but no ships are coming in and out.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told reporters at a press conference that rebuilding will take time.

"Our maritime administration will help with port, harbor, and supply chain operations," Buttigieg said. "Our Federal Highway Administration will assist when it comes to the bridge itself and anyway, that we can help ease roadway congestion for residents and commuters who can no longer use this major thoroughfare."

"The path to normalcy will not be easy. It will not be quick," Buttigieg added. "It will not be inexpensive, but we will rebuild together."

In the shorter term, Maersk, the global shipping and logistics company, says they are temporarily suspending Baltimore as a stop for containers until safe passage can be re-established.

Nearly 850,000 vehicles passed in and out of this port in 2023, according to President Biden, the most of any port.

The Associated Press reports nearly 450,000 people leave this port on cruise ships every year, too.

George Washington University Business Professor Sanjay Jain stated that the key exports here are paper and coal, imports-gypsum, and sugar, to name a few.

Jain says reopening the port will be a priority.

"If it’s shut down for long, then we have more troubles to worry about," he told FOX 5. "Then, you know, the shippers might start shifting this auto type of cargo to New Jersey/New York and the Port of Virginia. That could have a long-term impact, and I’m sure the port’s operations and authorities are looking at not keeping the port shut down for long and limiting the disruption to the port operations."

For now, those traveling through Baltimore are urged to plan for extra time.

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