April 2, 2024

USA: LGBTQ+ Veterinarian, Dog Breeder, and Kennel Club Judge With A Glowing Reputation In The World Of Dog Showing Accused Of Child Porn, Bragged About Abusing Infants To Undercover Feds.


Mar 25, 2024: Veterinarian, dog breeder accused of shocking child pornography charges Those who know Adam Stafford King said the allegations come as a complete surprise, as he has had a glowing reputation in the world of dog showing. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports.
WGN News published March 26, 2024: Judge denies bond for Chicago-area veterinarian accused of distributing child pornography. A judge has denied bond for a Chicago-area veterinarian accused of distributing child pornography.

CBS News
written by Todd Feurer, and Charlie De Mar
Tuesday March 26, 2024

CHICAGO -- A Chicago area veterinarian who has judged national dog shows was arrested Friday on child pornography charges, and accused of chatting about planning to sexually assault his newborn son, federal prosecutors announced on Monday.

Adam Stafford King, a veterinary ophthalmologist from Elburn, is charged with one count of knowingly distributing child pornography. He is a staff ophthalmologist at MedVet Chicago, a veterinary clinic in Avondale.

King is also a Havenese dog breeder and dog show judge who frequently travels to dog shows around the country, and had been scheduled to serve as a judge for the 2024 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

According to the charges against him, the FBI began investigating King in October, as part of a child pornography investigation in New York. Agents learned a subject in the New York case had been chatting with King using the dating app Scruff and the messaging app Telegram, and King had sent that person several videos of child pornography.

After that person was arrested, FBI agents posed as him online, and continued to chat with him. During those chats, King used the handle @pervchiguy, and wrote that he prefers children under age 10. In one message, King wrote "0-9 [years old] my fav…B[oy] and g[irl], though prefer b[oy]," according to the charges.

King also allegedly sent the person in New York several videos of child pornography, including at least three different videos of men sexually assaulting preteen boys.

During their chats, King also claimed he had drugged and sexually abused his nieces and nephews.

King allegedly wrote "I generally use Benadryl," noting that it provides a "wide safety margin," and is "easy," claiming, "it generally takes 30-45 min[utes]," and "I usually double an adult dose," according to the charges.

King also allegedly claimed that he and his husband were expecting the birth of a child by a surrogate on March 29, and that he planned to sexually assault the child after it is born. He also allegedly sent the person in New York an ultrasound image of the unborn child, and a photo of a baby outfit he and his husband got for Christmas.

"I do love the idea of inviting a buddy over when I have my boy … just has to be someone I can trust obviously," King allegedly wrote in a message.

According to the charges, when the FBI executed a search warrant at King's home on March 5, they found him in the shower with his cell phone, despite announcing their presence in the home several times.

During the search of his home and a forensic search of his iPhone, the FBI also found images of child pornography, the ultrasound image he had shared, and the baby outfit he had shown off.

King was arrested on Friday, days before he was scheduled to fly to California to visit the surrogate mother ahead of his son's expected birth later this week.

King is well-known in the dog-showing community, and has also been featured on podcasts.

"Because he's so well-known, especially in the Midwest - that's why it's such a shock," said Jessica Deardorff, who also shows dogs.

Deardorff has never met King, but knows of his work as an ophthalmologist and a judge.

Deardorff said she has previously called the American Kennel Club for stronger safeguards throughout the industry – specifically for children.

"You can't keep ignoring it. This isn't the good old boys club anymore," she said. "Like, you can't sweep things under the rug."

At King's initial court appearance on Friday, prosecutors asked him to be held in custody without bond, according to court records. A detention hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday.

The American Kennel Club said late Monday that King has been stripped of all his judging privileges.

Nobody came to the door late Monday when CBS 2 stopped by King's rural home in Elburn. CBS 2 reached out to MedVet and King's attorney, who both had no comment.

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