April 16, 2024

TURKEY: Yang Ming Marine Container Ship Took Out 4 Of The Ship To Shore Cranes As It Was Docking In The Port Of Kocaeli On 3/16. A Maritime Historian Said The Hong Kong Registered Ship Was Speeding.

I just found out about this and thought it was interesting how these large container ship are causing a lot of havoc at critical ports around the world. Is there a connection? I don't know. But this is a legitimate question we should be asking. (emphasis mine)
ABC 7 Chicago published Mar 18, 2024: Dockworker Sprints For Safety as Container Ship Collision Topples Cranes at Turkish Port. A container ship barged into loading cranes at a port in Kocaeli, Turkey, on Saturday, March 3, toppling three cranes and causing extensive damage.
What is Going on With Shipping? published March 17, 2024: YM Witness Damages Four Container Cranes While Docking in Turkey. In this episode, Sal Mercogliano - maritime historian at Campbell University (@campbelledu) and former merchant mariner - discusses the allision between YM Witness and its docking in the port of Kocaeli, Turkey that resulted in the destruction of four ship-to-shore cranes and the injury of one crane operator.

Trade Wind News
written by Staff
Monday March 18, 2024

A Yang Ming Marine container ship has demolished three cranes in Turkey.

The accident involving the 14,100-teu YM Witness (built 2015) took place at 15:45 local time on Saturday, Turkey’s Directorate General of Maritime Affairs said.

The 368-metre container ship hit the port cranes during a docking manoeuvre at Kocaeli’s Evyapport.

The boxship was under the supervision of a pilot at the time, the agency added.

Several containers from the ship fell into the sea, the directorate said.

Mobile phone footage shows the vessel approaching the dock with four cranes to its port side.

Shouts of warning and panic are heard, as well as a dull clang as the vessel appears to hit the second and third in the row.

The third crane topples back into the second, while the fourth falls forward, almost in slow motion.

Other videos show port workers running from the scene.

Police and firefighters were in attendance, and an investigation has begun.

The YM Witness has insurance through NorthStandard, formerly North P&I Club.

The Hong Kong-flagged vessel is chartered by the Taiwanese operator from Canadian tonnage provider Seaspan Corp.

Yang Ming said it was notified by the shipowner that the ship made contact with the pier and gantry cranes during berthing operations.

“Whereas navigational behaviour and seamanship are under the supervision and management of the shipowner, administrative enquiries and a full investigation into this incident are currently conducted in conjunction between shipowner and the relevant maritime authorities,” the company added.

No casualties were reported.

Seaspan Ship Management said the ship was being assisted by harbour tugs when the allision occurred.

“Visual evidence/photographs indicate absence of fuel contaminants, though due to the presence of some solid waste (bottles, cans), the port’s contractor cleaning company will be engaged to address seawater pollution,” the company added.

"The cause of the incident is not known but will be investigated and Seaspan, as operator of the vessel, will work closely with the relevant authorities," the statement read.

The boxship had left Ambarli in Turkey on the same day.

AIS data showed the ship at anchor in the port on Monday morning.

The ship sails on a Mediterranean loop.

The vessel has no port state detentions on its record.

In January, at an inspection in China, six deficiencies were recorded relating to lifeboats, emergency preparedness and abandon ship drills.

Container News
written by Asia Correspondent
Tuesday March 19, 2024

A ship operated by Yang Ming Marine Transport slammed into a wharf in Turkey’s Evyapport on 16 March, while attempting to dock.

The 2015-built 14,000 TEU ship, YM Witness, chartered from Seaspan Corporation, reportedly knocked down three container cranes in the accident.

YM Witness, assigned to Yang Ming’s MD3 Asia-Mediterranean service, had arrived from another Turkish port, Ambarli, had a pilot on board and was trying to berth around 3.45pm local time when the accident happened.

Video footage taken by port staff shows that after the paddle wheel of the YM Witness hit the wharf, a crane swayed to the right, and collapsed after hitting another crane. As the first crane fell to the ground, it hit a second crane.

Reportedly, a worker operating one of the cranes was injured in the accident. Evyapport officials said that several containers on YM Witness also fell into the waters.

The damages are estimated to be in the region of US$50 million.

Information from VesselsValue shows that since its delivery, YM Witness has been on a 10-year charter to Yang Ming.

As of today (19 March), YM Witness remains anchored in Turkey’s Yarimca port pending investigations and repairs.

In a customer advisory issued on 18 March, Yang Ming confirmed the accident occurred and said that the rescheduling of ships and cargo transfers would be made in due course.

The Taiwanese shipping line stated, “Whereas navigational behaviour and seamanship are under the supervision and management of the ship owner, administrative enquiries and a full investigation into this incident are currently conducted in conjunction between the ship owner and the relevant maritime authorities. According to the ship owner, there are no casualties following the incident and no marine pollution has materialized for the time being.”

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