April 16, 2024

CHINA: Large Barge Crashed Into Support Pillars Of Bridge In Guangzhou. 1 Bus, 3 Cars, Scooter Fell Off Bridge. 5 Dead. Cut Off Water And Access To Island That Is Home To 8,000 People, Mostly Farmers.

I just found out about this incident. One story leads to another story that leads to another story and so on. That's how I roll. But they are very important stories that need to be shared even if they are not breaking news. This is also my way of saving for the record if I need to reference later. Sometimes info disappears from the internet search engine and even from websites. That is my motivation to have it saved here for everyone to read that finds their way here. (emphasis mine)
Oneindia News published February 22, 2024: China’s Cargo Ship Accident Leads to Bridge Collision, Captain in Custody. In Guangzhou, China, part of the Lixinsha Bridge collapsed after an empty container ship struck it, leading to at least two deaths and three people missing. Five vehicles fell, with two into the water and three onto the ship. Rescue operations are underway as authorities investigate the cause of the tragic incident.
WION published Feb 22, 2024: 5 killed after cargo ship hits Guangzhou's Lixinsha bridge. A cargo ship rammed into a bridge in Guangzhou, resulting in two deaths as three people went missing. The collision broke the bridge, and caused many cars to plunge into the river beneath. The ship's captain was detained, and nearby residents evacuated.
CGTN published Feb 21, 2024: Live: Bridge fracture by vessel collision in south China's Guangzhou. A cargo ship fractured Lixinsha Bridge in south China's Guangzhou City, and an unknown number of vehicles plunged into the water. Casualties from the accident are yet to be confirmed, and rescue efforts are underway.

Associated Press
written by Staff
Thursday February 22, 2024

BEIJING — Five people died after a large container ship hit support pillars for a bridge over a river in southern China early on Thursday, sending a section of the roadway and five vehicles crashing down.

Three small trucks, a bus and a scooter fell off the bridge south of the city of Guangzhou, authorities said. The bus, the scooter and one of the trucks landed inside the empty ship, and the other two trucks fell into the water.

One side of the ship hit a bridge support and then the bow hit another pillar, causing a section of the bridge deck to collapse, authorities said, blaming it on “improper operation by the crew.”

The collapse of the Lixinsha Bridge also cut off water and access to an island that is home to about 8,000 people, mostly farmers, according to state broadcaster CCTV. Temporary water lines and a ferry service were set up for residents.

The bridge crosses a waterway near the mouth of the Pearl River, inland from Hong Kong. The area is one of China’s biggest manufacturing and transport hubs and contains two of the world’s five busiest ports, according to the World Shipping Council.

The dead included the driver of the bus, that of the scooter and three people in the trucks that went into the river, city officials said at a late afternoon news conference. There were no passengers on the bus.

Two other people were treated at a hospital for injuries and were in stable condition. A crew member on the ship had minor injuries.

Authorities detained the owner of the ship, according to Chinese media.

Officials said that reinforcement work, including collision guards around some of the bridge’s pillars had been completed in 2022. Earlier reports said the work had been delayed, but officials explained that the project involved several bridges and the delays did not affect the Lixinsha Bridge.

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