March 5, 2024

WORLD: NYT's Interviewed Bill Gates Regarding Climate Policies And Incentives For Changing Behaviors. Very Important Mindboggling Info. See If You Can Identify What's Mindboggling. 34 Mins.

New York Times Event published September 21, 2023: Bill Gates on Climate: “Are We Science People or Are We the Idiots?”

At the Climate Forward event, Bill Gates shares doubts about tree planting, but is bullish about carbon capture and the promise of technological innovation. This interview was with David Gelles of The New York Times.


I just came across this video and wanted to share it right away after listening to him. I'll come back to put in my two cents about some of the absurd and shocking things he said. See if you can catch it in the meantime. He's so nonchalant and contradictory. (emphasis mine)

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