March 4, 2024

USA: Authorities Need Help Finding 15-Year-Old Sebastian Rogers Who Has Been Missing For 8 Days In Hendersonville, Tennessee. He Is Autistic. 😢

UPDATE 3/7/24 at 3:33pm: Added video below.

WKRN News 2 published March 7, 2024: Investigators sift through Kentucky landfill as 'precautionary measure' in search for Sebastian Rogers.
This is where the trash from his neighborhood is taken an hour away across state lines. (emphasis mine)
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WSMV 4 Nashville published March 4, 2024: Sebastian Rogers family discusses his disappearance with WSMV4. The search for 15-year-old Sebastian Rogers continues.
WKRN News 2 published March 3, 2024: Day 7 of search for missing Sumner County teen Sebastian Rogers wraps up. Hundreds of workers are continuing to search for 15-year-old Sebastian Rogers nearly a week after he was reported missing from his home in Hendersonville, TN. 
WKRN News 2 published March 1, 2024: AMBER Alert: Day 5 of search for Sumner County teen Sebastian Rogers.

The Tennessean
written by Katie Nixon and Craig Shoup, Nashville Tennessean
Monday March 4, 2024

The family of Sebastian Wayne Drake Rogers, the missing 15-year-old boy last seen at his family home in Hendersonville eight days ago, is speaking out on social media as Sumner County officials announced Monday they were scaling back search and rescue efforts.

"We've conducted an extensive and exhaustive search around the home, looking for any evidence, any trace of Sebastian," Sumner County Sheriff Chief Deputy Eric Craddock said in Monday's briefing.

"At this time, the decision's been made to scale back on the ground search operations. Let me be clear that this does not diminish our commitment to finding Sebastian. This is simply us transitioning from the ground search to the investigative side. We have no leads, no details to indicate that Sebastian is not alive."

Officials are maintaining a "planned response" in case there are any reported sightings of the missing teen.

Meanwhile, Sebastian's mother, Katie Proudfoot, said in a livestreamed interview Sunday on YouTube that "we love and we want you to come home."

Communication with state officials and consultations with experts remains ongoing, Craddock added.

"This decision does not come lightly," he said, citing the decision to scale back on search efforts.

A local fire station will continue to hold the command post for the search and rescue operation, though it will no longer be manned 24/7, Sumner County Emergency Management Agency Director Ken Weidner said.

K-9 units in the area, along with officers on patrol and search and rescue officials, will be ready to dispatch should officials receive information on Sebastian's whereabouts.

"Any tips we get, we will reactivate to the level we need to respond with," Weidner explained.

Officials from as far away as Knox County have come to aid local agencies in the search for the missing boy, Craddock noted.

"If there was a resource we thought could help locate Sebastian, we've used it," he said.

Officials with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency have recently joined in the search effort.

"Officers in Region II have been coordinating directly with Sumner County EMA to search along waterways and wooded areas," TWRA officials said in a Facebook post during the weekend.

And through it all, Sumner officials have continually asked area residents to search their properties and surveillance and trail cameras. Footage of note will have been shot between Feb. 25 and 26.

"No detail is too small," Craddock said.

"We believe even the smallest detail could be the key to locating Sebastian," a recent statement from the sheriff's office said, noting that any movements, vehicles or individuals captured during that time could aid investigators and should be shared.

When asked whether Sebastian had special interests like trains, parks, a school bus route he might be familiar with, Chris and Katie Proudfoot said on the livestream that the boy loves playgrounds and may have fidgets like paperclips, pennies and Legos he plays with.

"He's an avid Minecraft player. ... He's goofiest and has the quirkiest smile in the world," Chris Proudfoot said. "He loves to dance. That boy will dance his tail off."

His stepfather noted that Sebastian is socially awkward and has a couple of friends at school. He said the boy often asks for friends as birthday and Christmas gifts.

"That's potentially dangerous, because that could open up doors for somebody to say, 'Hey, I'll be your friend,' and potentially cause harm," Chris Proudfoot said.

As a stepfather, Chris Proudfoot said he is "strict" and does not allow Sebastian to use social media or an unmonitored phone.

The family said on the livestream they have been harassed on social media, especially Chris Proudfoot, who said people have been critical of him because he's involved in a custody battle in another state.

"What is factual is the father, the mother and myself have been extremely cooperative," he said. "We have been vetted. We have been checked out. We have been questioned and everything of that nature and literally have been cleared. There is no wrongdoing. There is no negative input from the parents or any of the family."

Nobody would wish what they're going through on anyone, he added.

The search is continuing as Sebastian remains missing for more than a week after the family said he left their home.

Homeowners interested in sharing their video surveillance clips in a bid to help in this case can register at Officials ask that registered users send an email to or call 615-442-1865 so law enforcement can physically retrieve the footage.

Officials also ask that residents continue thorough searches of their properties, including "places where a child might seek shelter or could accidentally become trapped."

Anyone with information on Sebastian's whereabouts is encouraged to contact Sumner County Sheriff's Office Detective Carter at 615-442-1865 or

Tips can be provided to Sumner County Emergency Communications at 615-451-3838 or 1-800-TBI-FIND.

"Thank you for your attention and for all that you're doing to help. Let's keep hope alive and work together for Sebastian's safe return," officials said.

written by Brittney Baird
Thursday February 29, 2024

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Law enforcement agencies across Middle Tennessee are working tirelessly in their search for missing Sumner County teen Sebastian Rogers. The 15-year-old was reported missing Monday from the Hendersonville area of Tennessee.

On Wednesday, crews searched 2,000 miles on foot across Hendersonville. EMA Director Ed Widener said Sebastian’s home has been searched at least 10 times.

Widener is asking residents to check any creeks, streams or bodies of water that may be on their property and to check for footprints, too. Investigators have reason to believe Sebastian may have traveled as far as Clarksville, Tennessee, so they are also checking that route.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released a statement Wednesday to explain Sebastian’s family is unable to share more details about Sebastian.
“Understandably, there is interest in hearing from friends and family to help provide more of a personal context about Sebastian. However, we have been requested by the family to let local media know that they are not in a position to speak to or be available to the media at this time. We have told them that while we would relay their message, it would be the decision of the individual media outlets and reporters to proceed as they see fit.”

Officials put out a call Wednesday for as many mounted patrols as possible, with Hendersonville police and the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office sending extra horses to help.

However, as the search continued Wednesday in 40-degree temperatures, there was still no sign of Sebastian. Officials have received several tips amid calls for people in the area to check their surveillance cameras, but so far none have turned out to be credible.

Several community members and organizations have also coordinated donations of water, Gatorade, food, snacks and other supplies to help support those searching for Sebastian. Officials are asking anyone who wants to donate to drop items off at the Premier Event Centre at 90 Volunteer Drive in Hendersonville to avoid traffic around headquarters.

Anyone with information on Sebastian’s whereabouts has been urged to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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