March 28, 2024

USA: There Is More To Actress Brittney Murphy's Death Than Meets The Eye. Border Patrol Officer Whistleblower Was Her Very Close Friend And Brittney Was Going To Testify Against DHS.

GlobalAwareness101 published Actress Brittney Murphy Was Killed By The Feds For DHS Whistleblower Testimony. Great investigative work. I had no idea Brittney Murphy died. The reason behind her death is pretty scary stuff right here and actually affects us all. My goodness. Tiktok video by jk_ultra. I added her name in green to this video. 
PatriotActVictims published January 3, 2012: Julia Davis DHS Whistleblower Case Featured Brittany Murphy. "Top Priority:The Terror Within" tells the story of former DHS whistleblower Julia Davis, who was declared a "domestic terrorist" and subjected to a retaliatory campaign of surveillance and harassment using powers granted under the Patriot Act. It also tells how late actress Brittany Murphy was targeted for refuting a spurious charge against Davis.

grimmlifecollective 👇 is one of my favorite YouTube channels for those of us who like this genre. :)
grimmlifecollective published January 31, 2024: Brittany Murphy - Her Grave and Where She Died 4K. Join us as we visit the grave of Brittany Murphy and the house she was living in at the time of her death in Hollywood, California.

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