March 28, 2024

USA: Multiple NYC Women Speak Out On TikTok Saying They Were Punched In The Face On The Street Completely Unprovoked By Men They Did Not Know. NYC Subway Shooter Won't Face Charges


NBC News published March 27, 2024: Multiple NYC women speak out on TikTok saying they were punched on streets. Multiple New York City women are speaking out on TikTok, describing the terrifying moments they were punched in the face on the street completely unprovoked by men they did not know.
TODAY published March 28, 2024: Growing number of women report being punched on NYC streets. The NYPD confirms they are looking into a string of similar cases where women say they have been punched in the face on New York City streets in the middle of the day. At least one person has been arrested and charged with assault. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY.

FOX 5 New York published March 15, 2024: Brooklyn DA: NYC subway shooter won't face charges. The Brooklyn District Attorney's office says the gunman in Thursday's shooting on the NYC subway will not face charges as it appears to have been an act of self-defense. FOX 5 NY's Jessica Formoso has the story.
FOX 5 New York published March 26, 2024: Multiple violent incidents on NYC subways. A man was killed after he was shoved in front of a NYC subway train, police said. The incident follows a violent day in the subway system. FOX 5 NY's Briella Tomassetti has the latest.
New York Post published March 26, 2024: Career criminal accused of fatally shoving straphanger into subway train smiles, shows no remorse.

The deranged career criminal charged with shoving a straphanger to his death at a Manhattan train station showed no remorse as he was led out of an East Harlem precinct Tuesday to face murder charges.

Carlton McPherson, 24, is accused of pushing a 54-year-old Bronx man in front of a No. 4 train shortly before 7 p.m. Monday — the latest in a long line of arrests and disturbing incidents, police said. McPherson, also of the Bronx, was walked from the 25th Precinct just after 9:35 a.m. He was wearing a gray hoodie and black pants.

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