February 17, 2024

USA: Massive House Explosion Outside Of Washington DC Friday Night. When Firefighters Arrived To Investigate A Report About A Gas Smell, A 500-Gallon Underground Propane Tank Exploded.

GlobalAwareness101 published Massive House Explosion Outside Of DC Friday Night. Look Familiar? Original video of first part of my video in tweet below that shows the response. I wrote DC because AP reported in a Washington, DC suburb. I'm not from the area and have never been to the area so I'm not familiar how people refer to the area. I had a person comment that "anything outside of DC in specific counties of Maryland and Virginia is considered a suburb of DC." He said he lived in one of those counties. But seriously, what are your thoughts about this massive response like the Miami mall over the top response.
WBNS 10TV published February 17, 2024: Explosion at a Virginia home kills 1 firefighter, injures 11 others.
We were all wondering who lived in that home and if anyone was inside at the time of the explosion. System Chief Lourdon Fire and Rescue said, "Luckily the two occupants of the home were removed by firefighters upon our arrival, as well as some of the pets." (emphasis mine)
WUSA9 pubilshed February 16, 2024: House explosion in Sterling, Virginia leaves one firefighter dead. Firefighters were on the scene for reports of a gas leak. Moments later a house exploded, leaving multiple firefighters injured and one dead.
WUSA9 published February 17, 2024: Here are the latest updates on the home explosion in Loudoun County Friday night that killed one firefighter. WUSA9's Jacqueline Quynh was live Saturday morning at the site of the explosion in Sterling.
The reporter gave the address of the home that exploded, "Loudon County Fire and Rescue tells us that this explosion, it happened after 7:30 at this home, 347 Silver Ridge Drive." That address helped me find the video below.
Fuquay Fire Buffs published Feb 17, 2024: Massive Gas Explosion Rocks Loudoun County Va - 347 Silver Ridge Drive! WARNING THIS CONTENT MAY BE VERY DISTURBING TO SOME. VIEW DISCRETION ADVISED.
Associated Press
written by Staff
Saturday February 17, 2024

STERLING, Va. — When firefighters arrived at a home in a Washington, D.C., suburb to investigate a report about a gas smell Friday night, they discovered a 500-gallon underground propane tank with a leak on the side of the residence.

Shortly after they arrived, the house exploded and burst into flames, with multiple mayday calls coming from the firefighters trapped inside. Crews rushed in to try to rescue them from the debris that covered them, but one firefighter was killed and 10 others were injured, Loudoun County Fire and Rescue officials said Saturday.

Four of the firefighters hurt in the blast remained in hospitals Saturday morning, according Loudoun Fire and Rescue System Chief Keith Johnson.

Johnson said all four are expected to survive. A total of 11 first responders were sent to hospitals with “varying degrees of injuries” Friday night, including the one who died.

He was identified as 45-year-old Trevor Brown, a volunteer with Sterling Volunteer Fire Company. Brown was married with three children and had been with the county firefighting services since 2016, Johnson said.

“We lost a family member,” Johnson said Saturday. “We lost one of our own. Quite frankly we’re lucky we only have one fatality. Our folks were in that house when it exploded. They did what they had to do.”

Johnson said investigators have not determined the cause of the explosion, but “we can assume it was propane-related.” He said the 500-gallon tank, located outside the house, had leaked the fuel into the house.

Two people inside the house were escorted out before the explosion and suffered only minor injuries from the blast. They were treated at local hospitals, Johnson said.

Firefighters who responded to investigate the gas smell went inside the house to check for occupants and attempt to mitigate any leaks, he said. A hazardous materials team had also been called to the scene.

The explosion occurred around 8:25 p.m., about 37 minutes after firefighters arrived to investigate the gas smell, Johnson said. After the blast, there were multiple mayday calls for firefighters trapped in the home, he said. All firefighters were accounted for and receiving care by 9:15 p.m., Johnson said.

“It was somewhat chaotic as we tried to figure out how many firefighters were trapped under the debris,” he said.

James Williams, assistant chief of operations, described damage to the home in Sterling as “total devastation.”

“There’s a debris field well into the street and into the neighboring homes,” he said Friday night.

Sterling is located about 22 miles (35 kilometers) northwest of Washington, D.C.

A neighbor, John Padgett, told ABC7 News that he had smelled gas while walking his dog earlier.

The blast shook his home, he said.

“It looked like an inferno,” and insulation from the burning home fell like ash, he added. “It was horrific; it looked like something out of a war zone.”

Brown’s body was taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to determine the cause and manner of death.

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