February 22, 2024

SPAIN: A Troupe From The Alicante Town of Torrevieja Carnival Parade Had Little Girls Dressed In Lingerie, Garter Belts, Fishnet Stockings, Nipple Shields, High Heals And LGBT Flags.

EL PAÍS published February 16, 2024: VIDEOANÁLISIS | Polémica de los niños disfrazados con lencería en el carnaval de Torrevieja. Javier Urra, el defensor del menor de la Comunidad de Madrid entre 1996 y 2001 (y también el primer defensor de la infancia que hubo en España), analiza la polémica de los niños disfrazados con lencería del carnaval de Torrevieja, que ha llegado a las redes esta semana. Las preguntas a las que da respuesta Urra es si son lícitas las críticas de sexualización o incitación a la pedofilia, si el problema es de quién mira, o de si puede ser un problema que las niñas jueguen a vestirse de mayores. Además expone su opinión sobre si este tipo de conductas deberían perseguirse legalmente.


Javier Urra, the defender of minors of the Community of Madrid between 1996 and 2001 (and also the first defender of children in Spain), analyzes the controversy of children dressed in lingerie at the Torrevieja carnival, which has reached the networks this week. The questions Urra answers are whether criticism of sexualization or incitement to pedophilia is legal, if the problem lies with who is looking, or if it can be a problem for girls to play dress up as adults. He also expresses his opinion on whether this type of behavior should be prosecuted legally.
GlobalAwareness101 published Little girls and probably boys too dressed in lingerie at Spain annual LGBT parade.

El Pais, Spain local
written by Rafa Burgos
Wednesday February 14, 2024
I used the translate feature for this article. (emphasis mine)
The parade prepared by the Osadía troupe of the Torrevieja Carnival (Alicante, 100,421 inhabitants) was a broadside against all political and social ideologies related to feminism and LGTBI groups. The participants wore a costume that simulated a barely covered body with an open colorful jacket, tie, nipple shields, lingerie, fishnet stockings and heels. On their backs, each member carried a type of flag alluding to right-wing and left-wing parties and the opinions that are generated on gender issues from both sides of the political spectrum. The children's section of the same troupe also walked through the streets of Torrevieja with the same outfit. It didn't take long for the videos that captured the festive parade to reach the networks. And from various groups, especially linked to the extreme right, insults and disqualifications began to rain down on the association that organizes the Carnival and on the City Council, including the mayor, the popular Eduardo Dolón. The ultra-Catholic association Christian Lawyers has already announced that it will file a complaint against the Festival Councilor, Rosario Martínez, and those responsible for the association that organizes the carnivals and the troupe.

Osadía, who already attracted attention two years ago with a virgin costume, went out three times on the street. The weekend of February 3 and 4, in the costume contest, last Saturday, in the night contest, and on Monday, when the children's parade took place, after being postponed on Friday due to bad weather. Her proposal came in fourth place in the contest. But with the minors' parade, everything overflowed. The social networks of the Torrevieja Carnival Association were filled with accusations of pedophilia. They have already responded on their Instagram account : “The Torrevieja Carnival Cultural Association will always support all the troupes and participants of our carnivals. And we will always defend freedom in our carnivals,” they write, along with the hashtag #hoysomososadia.

In the social network no one spared. Neither the City Council, which fully pays for a constantly growing carnival, declared of regional tourist interest, nor the mayor himself, who is branded as a “ queer fanatic ”, “sick pedophile” and “the cause of the depravity” of the festivities. Some even recommend that you “check your personal computer.”

Councilor Dolón, representing the City Council, has issued a statement in which he supports “the great Carnival family and the board of directors” of the carnival association. “Carnival is criticism, satire, provocation, fun,” he continues, “and taking out of context and dimensioning an event like the one being criticized is totally out of place.” “I am sure,” says the mayor, “that the intention of the fathers and mothers of these children was not, at all, to hypersexualize their children with their costumes,” but rather to pour out “a criticism of the political and social situation in Spain.” , nothing else". Dolón is blunt in his response: “The Torrevieja City Council does not and will not come in to censor or monitor the costumes that the troupe creates each year.” In his opinion, Osadía “has complete freedom to decide what they want to represent.”

Later, in statements to the media after Pedro Sánchez's visit to the Torrevieja desalination plant, Dolón confirmed that the City Council is not going to enter into the controversy. “It would be returning to the Inquisition,” he argues. “Or are we considering that we are going to go to the chirigotas at the Falla Theater in Cádiz to say what can be done and what cannot be done?” asks the mayor of Torrevieja, who defends his city's Carnival as “ one of the most important festivals”, attended by “many people, more than 20,000 people saw it in the streets, who were not alarmed” after seeing the proposal of the Osadía troupe. “You have to be calm,” says Dolón, for whom the opinions expressed on networks “are out of place.”

Pablo Samper , a councilor for the Sueña Torrevieja party in the City Council, has also received insults , who defended the Boldness costumes in X “in the face of the threat of retrogrades” posed by “Taliban lawyers.” Since then, his account has been filled with expletives like “pedophile” and “bastard.” He is even accused of “liking Michael Jackson,” in reference to the accusations of pedophilia received by the late king of pop. “Almost all of them come from anonymous bot accounts,” emphasizes Samper, to whom the explosion of the networks seems like a “quite serious” matter. “Osadía is a very groundbreaking troupe that always tries to use costumes that move away from the classic, from the traditional,” he explains. He maintains that the online harassment that the organizers and participants in the parade are suffering is terrible. “We must defend the freedom, transgression, satire and sarcasm that characterize all carnivals,” he says. The Osadía costumes were not the only ones that appealed to the exhibition among the thirty troupes, with more than 2,000 participants, that paraded during the festivities.

In the barrage of messages on The second thing is that they are disguised as Aitana Ocaña, the singer, who is a champion of many causes and not prostitutes, as you say, it smells like misogyny to me…”
InviertetumismoTV published February 13, 2024: Nino Disfrazados en el Vergonzoso Carnaval de Torrevieja. Un controvertido vídeo del carnaval de Torrevieja (Alicante) se difunde rápidamente en las redes sociales, mostrando a niños disfrazados de manera provocativa. En el desfile, organizado por la comparsa 'Osadía', los menores llevan banderas del movimiento LGTBI y visten lencería, incluyendo medias, ligueros, pezoneras y tacones altos. La actuación, llamada "Prometer hasta meter", ha generado una avalancha de críticas, mientras el alcalde del PP elogia el evento, causando indignación tanto a nivel local como internacional.


Children Dressed Up In Costume at the Shameful Torrevieja Carnival. A controversial video of the Torrevieja carnival (Alicante) spreads quickly on social networks, showing children dressed in provocative ways. In the parade, organized by the 'Osadía' troupe, minors carry flags of the LGTBI movement and wear lingerie, including stockings, garter belts, nipple shields and high heels. The performance, called "Promise until you put in," has generated an avalanche of criticism, while the PP mayor praises the event, causing outrage both locally and internationally.

Voz Media, Spain local
written by Staff
Tuesday February 13, 2024

The hypersexualization of children by the Osadía troupe in the Torrevieja Carnival parade has unleashed a strong controversy due to the clearly pedophile content chosen by the organizers . The very name chosen for the performance abounds in provocation: "Promerse hasta meter" (promise until you commit)."

The organizers dressed the children in adult erotic clothing, such as garter belts and nipple shields among other items and had them parade swaying and with provocative gestures through the streets of the Alicante town. Among the audience, more children, even babies, watched the spectacle. In addition, the participants carried flags of the LGBT movement on their backs while several adults instructed them how to move.

The mayor, from a center-right party, delighted with the spectacle

The mayor of the town, Eduardo Dolon , of the Popular Party (PP), a center-right political formation, far from asking for explanations, applauded "all the award-winning troupes and the participants," as well as the work of the Festival Councilor, Rosario Martinez , "for the great work done to make our carnival shine and position itself as a national benchmark."

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