January 16, 2024

NICARAGUA: Free Trade Agreement Between Nicaragua and China Begins. The President Is In 4th Consecutive Term. His Wife Is VP. He Jailed Presidential Challengers Campaigning UNOPPOSED.

60 Minutes published July 10, 2022: How Daniel Ortega tossed democracy aside to maintain power in Nicaragua. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has had his political opponents beaten and thrown in jail and passed legislation making criticism of the government a form of treason. Sharyn Alfonsi reports on the loss of democracy in Nicaragua.
NBC News published November 10, 2021: Nicaragua President Ortega Reelected Despite Worldwide Scrutiny. President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, is celebrating his re-election marking his fourth consecutive term but leaders from around the world are calling the election a sham. NBC News’ Tom Llamas reports.
I couldn't find any news outlet reporting any news regarding this free trade between Nicaragua and China. Usually I will find an economist interpreting this move to help us understand the consequences. I'm sharing the videos above to give you an idea of who the Nicaraguan president is and his stronghold on the country. I feel bad for Nicaraguans because this president is ruling with an iron fist. He claims to care about the people as he takes away their freedom. He's a narcissit on steroids.

I typed a transcript of an excerpt from the NBC reporting above, "Daniel Ortega overwhelming winning the presidential race. His wife the vice president. The power hungry couple now in charge for 5 more years. But don't credit their campaign, rather crack down. Ortega was first voted in in 1984. Ruling until 1990 and most recently reelected in 2007. But now the 75 year old  has done anything and everything to stay in power. From reportedly launching political troll farms on social media to promote his agenda and crushes critics, to jailing dissidents and even detaining several presidential challengers. Effectively destroying the opposition AND CAMPAIGNING UNOPPOSED." (emphasis mine)
Reuters News
written by Ismael Lopez
Monday January 1, 2024

Nicaragua and China on Monday formally started trading under a new free trade agreement, allowing the Central American country to export some 71% of its products into the largest Asian market and free of tariffs.

The exports will include meat and seafood, such as fish, shrimp, lobsters and sea cucumber, as well as sugar, peanuts and rum, state media reported. Among non-food items included in the agreement are leather, charcoal and wood, and automobile parts.

The agreement excludes Chinese goods that could be problematic for the key Nicaraguan industries, such as meat and its offal, coffee, rice and sugar.

President Daniel Ortega, who has governed Nicaragua for the past 17 years, defying protests and cracking down on dissent, called it "the best Christmas present" during his speech on Dec. 22.

"Our brothers are here to shake hands, not to attack us," he said. "Let the imperialists of the land learn how to govern, how to work for peace."

Nicaragua ended diplomatic relations with Taiwan at the end of 2021 and has since increasingly turned to China. The agreement was signed on Oct. 31 in a virtual meeting and few additional details have been made public since. Ortega's son, Laureano Ortega, an adviser to the president who oversees the country's relations with China and Russia, at the time said he was convinced the trade agreement would "generate economic and social benefits for Nicaraguan families, new investments and jobs, and transfer technology from China to Nicaragua."

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