December 29, 2023

USA: Trump Hater, Ukraine Enthusiast Tech CEO Accused In A Lawsuit Of Forcing His Assistant To Sign A "Slave Contract" Where She Was Subjected To Years Of Sadomasochistic-Style Rapes And Torture.

KRON 4 published December 12, 2023: Former tech CEO sued over 'sex slave contract'. KRON4's Justin Campbell reports.
Here is an important excerpt from the KRON4 news reporting above, KRON reporter, "In the lawsuit Cooley said, "Executives at Tradeshift knew about the abuse. But allowed it to go on for years." The victim's attorney said, "It isn't just Mr. Lanng. It's the corporate proxies, the corporate supporters that he's had over a period of years that sort of enabled this." (emphasis mine)
written by Justin Campbell and Amy Larson
Wednesday December 13, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco technology company’s former CEO, Christian Lanng, was slapped with a bombshell lawsuit accusing him of sadomasochistic-style rapes and torture.

Lanng’s accuser is identified in court documents as “Jane Doe.” She claims Lanng hired her as his executive assistant at Tradeshift, manipulated her into signing a sex “slave contract,” and sent her life down into a “dark abyss” of “sexual horrors.”

The lawsuit states, “This is a case about Christian Lanng, who was the powerful CEO of a billion-dollar market cap ‘unicorn’ Tradeshift, a cloud-based supply-chain software tech company—entering into a slave contract with a female employee, Jane Doe.”

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in San Francisco Superior Court, accuses Lanng, Tradeshift, and other Tradeshift executives of sex trafficking, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and sexual assault.

A Tradeshift spokesperson told KRON4 on Tuesday, “Tradeshift denies the allegations in the claim insofar as they are made against the company.”

Lanng, who co-founded the business software tech company, was fired in September for committing “serious allegations of sexual assault and harassment,” Tradeshift wrote in a press release.

Lurid and shocking details were described by Jane Doe in the 56-page suit. She said she entered a “24/7 slave relationship” with her “Master.”

According to the lawsuit, the contract’s rules included:
  • “Always be sexually available for her Master when he needs sex and to never refuse him sex even when not wearing the collar.”
  • “Worship her Master and all of his body.”
  • “Every morning to read these rules as her waking ritual to remind the Slave of her ownership and submission.”
  • “To give the Master full insight into any aspect of her life, including her phone, computer, finances and anything else.”
  • “She will endure any pleasure or pain the Master gives her while wearing the collar.”
  • “At work the slave will have freedom to use her own name and act independently as long as she remembers she is her Masters property and she is there to please him and for no other reason.”
  • “She will look pretty and inspiring to her co-workers and dress as feminine as possible, preferably in dresses or skirts.”
Jane Doe is represented by attorneys Bryan Freedman and Miles Cooley. The attorneys said Jane Doe was required to maintain a weight between 130-155 pounds and uphold a public appearance “as a high-end, beautiful woman.”

According to the suit, she endured years of violent rapes involving bondage. Lanng is also accused of sexually trafficking his executive assistant around the world.

Lanng took his assistant to foreign countries “under the guise of various trips for Tradeshift business,” the suit states. Tradeshift has offices in San Francisco, Denmark, Malaysia, China, Tokyo, Paris, London, and Australia.

Freedman and Cooley wrote that executives at Tradeshift knew about the abuse.

“Lanng’s horrific treatment of Jane Doe was known by and tacitly approved of by Tradeshift’s other founders,” the lawsuit claims. The alleged abuse turned “Tradeshift into a literal house of sexual horrors for her.”

Jane Doe claims that when she made complaints to the company’s human resources department, she was “ignored, isolated, marginalized and ultimately terminated with no explanation over the phone,” her attorneys wrote.

Lanng’s accuser believes he victimized more women. The former CEO allegedly “used his power, wealth and influence to traffic various women around the world by coercive means to satisfy his perverse, misogynistic, depraved and sexually violent proclivities.”

The former executive assistant said she suffered years of emotional and psychological stress that required her to seek medical treatment. “Jane Doe ended up bedridden and in a precarious psychological state for almost two years,” her attorneys wrote.

The lawsuit demands a jury trial.

KRON4 reached out to Lanng on Tuesday requesting comment. He referred KRON4 to a communications representative. The representative did not immediately respond to KRON4’s inquiry.

In an article published by TechCrunch, Lanng vehemently denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

On September 3, two days after he was fired from Tradeshift, Lanng wrote that he was leaving the company because of burnout.

Lanng wrote on LinkedIn, “I have spent the last four years, as many CEOs have, in constant fire drills, including Covid, down markets, and new financing rounds. I refused to quit, always finding a way, sometimes at great expense for my family or me. The result was the most severe burnout of my life. I have finally decided it is time for me to be doing something new, and in the meanwhile, spend more time with my family and myself,” Lanng wrote.

According to Lanng’s LinkedIn page, he is currently working in London for a company building AI native software. His biography states, “I’m unstoppably curious, a serial entrepreneur, an incurable nerd, and always think about the big picture. I’m a Sociologist by training, and a rebel by nature.”

In the wake of the CEO’s firing, Tradeshift pledged to address employees’ complaints of workplace misconduct. The company’s website states, “Ensuring a safe and supportive working environment for our team is our paramount priority. Our company handbook and code of conduct outline clear behavioral expectations and policies, and all employees participate in mandatory annual training on the prevention of workplace harassment.”

The Daily Mail, UK
written by Will Potter
Tuesday December 12, 2023

A fired San Francisco tech CEO accused in a shocking new lawsuit of enslaving his assistant with a 'sexual slave contract' has hit back, claiming he is being 'shamed' over his private life in a malicious campaign for 'personal financial gain.'

Christian Lanng, 45, the former head of billion-dollar software firm Tradeshift, allegedly coerced an unnamed staffer, identified only as Jane Doe, into a 'dark abyss' of sexual abuse and sadistic torture.

A lawsuit filed on Thursday, reported by Mercury News, alleged Lanng forced his assistant to sign a contract allowing him to inflict 'physical pain on her by various means, urinating on her and routinely penetrating her person with foreign objects.'

Lanng was fired from the Bay Area startup in October for 'gross misconduct on multiple grounds', with Tradeshift saying it made the decision following 'serious allegations of sexual assault and harassment' against the CEO.

In a statement to, Lanng claimed he and his accuser were in a consensual relationship, and he said the lawsuit was fueled by 'malicious motives' that 'underscore an ugly paradox in our society.'

'We celebrate sex so long as it’s contained in fiction for our entertainment. But in real life, we condemn and pass judgment. I’m hopeful that one day, shaming consenting adults for what they do in their bedrooms will be seen as despicable, like “outing” someone’s sexual orientation in the 20th century,' he said.

'Words cannot adequately express how disheartening it is that a highly distorted version of the extremely intimate details of a private consensual sexual relationship is now not only in the public domain but also being used to defame me for personal financial gain.'

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in San Francisco County Superior Court against Lanng and Tradeshift, claiming the abuse started within months of her being hired at the tech firm.

Tradeshift is a cloud network that services over 1.5 million businesses.

A copy of the alleged slave contract reported by Mercury News was purportedly nine pages long, and included provisions ordering Doe to serve as a sex slave for the CEO and perform demeaning tasks while at work.

This reportedly saw her instructed to be 'always sexually available for her master when he needs sex and to never refuse him sex even when not wearing the collar.'

Another stipulated that whenever she saw Lanng 'in private for the first time, she is to kneel and ask if there is anything she can do for him.'

In one chilling order in an 'at work' section of the lawsuit, Doe was told she was free to 'act independently as long as she remembers she is her master’s property and she is there to please him and for no other reason.'

It is also claimed that she was given mandatory sex acts to complete, had to keep her weight between 130 and 155 pounds, and was ordered to dress in 'a proper, feminine way, preferably skirts, dresses and stockings.'

She was reportedly given a 'day collar' to wear when out with Lanng', and the alleged contract said he would 'work to shape the slave towards his goal of the perfect woman.'

The purported contract allowed 'any punishment the master decides to inflict, whether earned or not', which allegedly included spanking, slapping and electric shocks.

The alleged contract cited Lanng's 'responsibility' not to kill Doe or inflict permanent bodily harm as he doled out the punishments.

'The slave agrees to always taking her punishments without being angry, sullen or frustrated with her master and thank him after,' the document allegedly ordered.

Doe also claims she was 'beat to the point of bleeding', and she was abused with 'inanimate objects.'

The lawsuit alleges that Lanng forced Doe to deep a 'diary' of 'his subjugation and enslavement of her', and he would 'beat Jane Doe with a cane if she did not write submissive entries in the 'diary.''

Lanng has previously denied allegations of sexual misconduct following his firing, telling TechCrunch in October: 'There has never been an HR case, complaint or formal allegation filed against me at Tradeshift.'

However, Doe alleges that she did tell the company's human resources department and warned officials about her 'suffering at the hands of the CEO under the slave contract', per the lawsuit.

The filing claimed that Doe signed the 'slave contract' because she 'loved her job, was accomplishing important work in her new role and did not want to lose the opportunity to work a Tradeshift.'

However, she claims that the firm retaliated to her filing a complaint by firing her in 2020. It is unclear how long she had worked at the company.

Doe alleges that she tried to leave the contract several times over the years, 'but when she did, Lanng would become enraged, even violent.' This allegedly included one incident where Lanng assaulted her in Davos, Switzerland.

The lawsuit also reportedly included Tradeshift's termination letter to Lanng, which cited 'a pattern' of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

It allegedly claimed the firm was in possession of 'detailed evidence' from a different woman, but Lanng had failed to pay a settlement agreement in May 2022.

Doe also claims in her lawsuit that she is in contact with 'other victims... in connection with Lanng, under the aegis of Tradeshift.'
San Francisco Standard
written by George Kelly
Tuesday December 12, 2023

A tech CEO who was fired from San Francisco-based Tradeshift for sexual assault allegations and is now being sued by a former employee who claims she was held in a sex “slave contract” says the allegations amount to defamation for personal financial gain.

The assistant leveled stunning claims in a lawsuit filed Thursday about her tenure under former CEO Christian Lanng, claiming that company human resources staff, co-founders and members of its board directors knew of what she describes as "rape, sexual abuse, torture and assault ... occurring within the course and scope of her employment" before firing her. She further alleges she was held in “a dark abyss of unwanted sexual horror” at the cloud-based supply-chain software firm.

The assistant, identified only as Jane Doe, reported to Lanng and said she felt "shocked and frightened" by a document he gave her several months after joining the company. The document, attached in the lawsuit which was first reported by the San Jose Mercury News, lays out terms for a "24/7 slave relationship" requiring submission, recognizing no boundaries, as well as requiring sexual availability, the wearing of a collar, physical bondage restraints, inflicting physical pain on her by various means, urinating on her and routinely penetrating her person with foreign objects.

The suit includes a lengthy bullet-point list of commands under the heading “Slave’s Rules.” The list includes three subheadings, “Always,” “In Private or wearing her Slave Collar,” and “At work.” The rules list a secrecy clause, requiring that "if the relationship is discovered at work, the slave will deny everything and quit her job."

In October, Lanng denied the allegations against him to TechCrunch. When asked Tuesday for a statement, Lanng shared a statement through a representative that called the lawsuit’s claims defamatory and “not reflective of my past relationship with the plaintiff,” adding that Tradeshift never condoned or concealed sexual harassment claims.

“In 2014, I made the grave error of judgment to hire someone I was dating and with whom I was engaged in a consensual sexual relationship,” Lanng said through a public relations firm. “While this did not constitute a violation of Tradeshift’s human resources policies, it was irresponsible to employ someone with whom I was romantically involved.”

Lanng added that the hiring of a lover was “a foolish mistake that I will not repeat.”

“The plaintiff went on to work for Tradeshift for approximately five more years after our relationship ended, rising in the ranks, outside of my purview, through a series of promotions as Tradeshift grew from a dozen employees to over 1,000 across multiple cities around the world. Her position was eliminated during one of several rounds of layoffs Tradeshift has unfortunately had to undergo,” Lanng added.

“Words cannot adequately express how disheartening it is that a highly distorted version of the extremely intimate details of a private consensual sexual relationship is now not only in the public domain but also being used to defame me for personal financial gain. This is a cynical and callous affront to victims of sexual violence and human trafficking.”

In a Lanng-rented apartment described as not far from company headquarters, the suit further alleges he carried out acts of bondage, restraint, degradation and penetration by foreign objects.

Outside the apartment, while earning awards and promotions on the job, she endured attacks, including an episode where Lanng allegedly "insisted that if she was going to work at Tradeshift, Plaintiff would have to remain his slave."

After years of the alleged conduct, including travels to foreign countries she describes as trafficking under color of work duties, the assistant says she told the company's human resources department, two company co-founders and its board. In response, she says she was "ignored, isolated, marginalized and ultimately terminated with no explanation over the phone," leaving her "bedridden and in a precarious psychological state for almost two years."

The lawsuit adds that company leadership knew of the conduct as far back as December 2019 but did not want to jeopardize sought-after outside investment and hoped to deny the firm might face litigation that could affect that investment. It also alludes to a May 2022 settlement agreement between Lanng and the assistant, which the lawsuit said is mentioned in a September termination letter Lanng received.

The assistant, who says she was fired in 2020 during a call with a former Tradeshift human resources leader, claims she required "years of medical, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric care," forcing her to sell assets that would have appreciated if held, and "bears numerous scars and bodily damage, remnants from the actual, physical sexual torture" from Lanng. Accordingly, she seeks restitution, damages and lost wages.

Tradeshift announced Lanng's separation from the company in October, saying that its "newly constituted board and management team became aware of serious allegations of sexual assault and harassment" before dismissing Lanng "for gross misconduct on multiple grounds, including the allegations above, and formal steps commenced to remove him from the board."

A spokesperson reached for comment Tuesday said Tradeshift "denies the allegations in the claim insofar as they are made against the company" and referred The Standard to its prior separation statement.

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