December 19, 2023

UKRAINE: Military Asks Zelenskyy To Mobilise Half A Million More Ukrainians To Defeat Russia. They're Going To Round Up 25 Year Olds. Zelenskyy Cconfident’ US Funding Will Come Through.

UPDATE 12/19/23 at 8:20pm: Forgot to add this vid below.
I watched this last video last week and was shocked to find out that LUXURY CARS and LUXURY GOODS are crossing Ukraine border headed for Kyiv during this war. (emphasis mine)
Redacted published December 13, 2023: BREAKING! Poland just backed down to Ukraine, police removing trucker blockade. Poland just “elected” Donald Tusk, as their new Prime Minister. THIS IS NOT GOOD. Donald promises to roll back many of the Conservative policies that have reigned supreme in Poland for a long time. He said he is going to open up the country to MASS MIGRATION from many third world countries, and work to “forge closer ties to the European Union” He is totally liberal & RADICALLY so. Make NO mistake, this guy is an abject DISASTER for Poland, who until Tusk was only one of two European countries that was totally OPPOSED to mass migration, Hungary also.
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written by Natasha Turak
Tuesday December 19, 2023

U.S. aid to Ukraine is running low and will soon expire, the White House warned, stressing that it has just enough pre-authorized funding for one more aid package this year before the administration needs to get Congressional approval again.

That task has become increasingly difficult as a growing number of Republicans block Ukraine aid, demanding that Biden put more focus and resources toward domestic issues like securing America’s southern border.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy nonetheless told a press conference Tuesday afternoon he was confident the U.S. would “not let us down” and more aid would come “very soon.” He also expressed optimism the European Union would approve the 50 billion-euro ($54 billion) financing package that was blocked by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban last week.

Ukraine’s top general earlier in the day issued what appears to be clear criticism of Zelenskyy over difficulties in recruiting new soldiers.

Meanwhile, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a Russian-led military alliance of post-Soviet countries, announced plans to carry out seven drills in 2024, Russian state outlet Tass reported.

On Monday, the EU approved its 12th package of sanctions on Russia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin registered his candidacy for his country’s 2024 elections.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr said he was confident the United States and European Union would agree to provide funding packages that are currently stuck in limbo due to political opposition.

Zelenskyy gave a wide-ranging press conference Tuesday afternoon in which he took a host of questions from reporters for more than an hour.

“I am confident the United States will not let us down and what we have agreed will be agreed in full,” he said, according to a live BBC translation. “As for the European Union, the stakes were very high, we have acquired one victory as to the EU, as for the 50 billion [euro financing package] I am confident we can achieve all of that.”

Zelenskyy separately said military leaders had asked for an additional 450,000 to 500,000 people to be mobilized into the army, but stressed that he required more arguments and a “comprehensive” plan before approving the costly move.

In response to a question about the difficulties faced by Ukraine this year, he stressed that Russia had failed to achieve its aims.

He said Ukraine had seen a “big victory on the Black Sea” where it was able to trade again and Russian vessels had been withdrawn.

Asked whether Ukraine was beginning to lose the war, he replied: “No.”

However, he did discuss the shortage of items including artillery shells, ammunition for air defense and anti-tank grenades.
GlobalAwareness101 published Ukraine President Zelenskyy Refuses To Negotiate Peace. Calls Putin Murderer.

Zelenskyy has massacred his own Ukrainian people since 2014 US funded overthrow of the elected Ukrainian president.

BBC News
Ukraine war: Putin says Russia does not reject peace talks
July 30, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he does not reject the idea of peace talks on Ukraine. Speaking after meeting African leaders in St Petersburg, he said African and Chinese initiatives could serve as a basis for finding peace. But Mr Putin also said there could be no ceasefire while the Ukrainian army was on the offensive. In the hours after he spoke, Russia said a Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow had damaged two office blocks. Flights were briefly suspended from Vnukovo Airport, south-west of the city centre, and one person was injured, Russia's state news agency Tass reported. 


Anadolu Ajansฤฑ News
Russia sets conditions for peace talks with Ukraine
March 30, 2023

Russia said Wednesday that Ukraine must be “neutral” and refuse to join NATO and the European Union in order to begin peace talks on the war.

“We need a neutral and non-bloc status of Ukraine, its refusal to join NATO and the EU and confirmation of Ukraine's nuclear-free status as well as recognition by Kyiv and the international community of new territorial realities,” Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin said in an interview with Russian news network RTVI.

Galuzin said that Moscow believes a “comprehensive, just and sustainable peace in Ukraine and Europe” is possible once clashes between Russian and Ukrainian troops end, in addition to the supply of weapons by Western countries.

He said Ukraine has refused to consider a diplomatic settlement to the war and there have not been “significant changes” in Kyiv’s position as it “continues “to rely on a military solution to the conflict.”

“It seems that much will depend on how quickly Kyiv and the West realize that the recipe for a peaceful future for Ukraine lies in a return to the origins of its statehood recorded in the 1990 Declaration on State Sovereignty, which provides for a neutral, non-bloc status of Ukraine with respect for the rights of the Russian population of the country and its national minorities,” he said.

Galuzin also said that Russia “will not tolerate the existence of an openly anti-Russian state” on its borders, adding the main obstacle to reaching an agreement on establishing a security zone around the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant “remains the position of Ukraine.”

GlobalAwareness101 published Ukraine President Zelenskyy. What nerve! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‘ ASK your buddies at Blackrock. TikTok video by ultraspartacus I added the top NBC, date and Instagram stickers.
GlobalAwareness101 published Ukraine President Zelenskyy.
GlobalAwareness101 published Ukraine.

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