December 3, 2023

FRANCE: Man Stabbed A German Tourist To Death, Attacked 2 Others With A Hammer. He Was Already On Terror Watch List For Previously Planning An Attack. 6 Youths On Trial For Beheading A Teacher.


9 News Australia published December 2, 2023: One killed, two injured in Paris terror attack. Paris has been rocked by a terror attack, with a man fatally stabbing a German tourist and injuring two other people with a hammer.
9 News Australia is reporting that, "French media reporting that he released this video allegedly pledging allegiance to Islamic State." (emphasis mine)
DW News published December 3, 2023: Paris: German tourist stabbed to death by suspected Islamist known to authorities. A German tourist has been stabbed to death and two others have been injured on a street in Paris. The knife and hammer attack occurred near the Eiffel tower on Saturday night. French authorities say that the attacker reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” – God is great – before being arrested. The French interior minister said the man had already been known to authorities. He'd previously spent four years in prison for planning another attack.

BBC News
written by Christy Cooney
Sunday December 3, 2023

A German man has died and two others, including a British man, have been injured in a knife and hammer attack on a street in central Paris.

The attack occurred near the Eiffel Tower shortly before 21:00 local time (20:00 GMT) on Saturday.

A 26-year-old French man was later arrested, and anti-terrorism prosecutors opened an investigation.

On Sunday, prosecutor Jean-Franรงois Ricard said the suspect had pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

At a briefing, the prosecutor said the suspect had expressed his support for the jihadist group in a video posted on social media.

The suspect has been named in French media as Armand R, a French national born in France to Iranian parents.

Police said he was released from prison in 2020 after serving four years for planning an attack, and was supposed to be following treatment for psychiatric problems.

Earlier, it was revealed that the victim killed in Saturday night's attack was a German tourist who worked as a nurse.

France's Interior Minister Gรฉrald Darmanin said the victim was with his wife when he was attacked and fatally stabbed on Quai de Grenelle.

He said the wife's life was saved by the intervention of a taxi driver and that the suspect fled across a nearby bridge spanning the River Seine.

After crossing to the north side of the river he attacked two more people, hitting the 66-year-old British victim in the eye with a hammer.

The suspect was then Tasered by police and arrested on suspicion of assassination - defined in French law as premeditated murder - and "attempted assassination in relation to a terrorist enterprise".

Video published online appeared to show the moment the suspect was apprehended by armed police not far from where the attack happened.

The two people injured - a Frenchman aged around 60 and a British tourist - were treated by emergency services, with neither found to be in a life-threatening condition.

On Sunday, Health Minister Aurรฉlien Rousseau told French media the pair are "in good health".

A police operation was initiated around the Bir-Hakeim metro station on Saturday night, and authorities urged people to avoid the area.

Mr Darmanin said the alleged attacker was heard shouting "Allahu Akbar", Arabic for "God is greatest", and told police he was upset because "so many Muslims are dying in Afghanistan and in Palestine".

The suspect is also understood to have suggested France was complicit in the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza.

On Saturday, a video was posted on social media in which the suspect criticised the French government and discussed what he described as the murder of innocent Muslims, AFP news agency reports.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, French President Emmanuel Macron sent his thoughts to all those affected by the "terrorist attack" and thanked the emergency services for their response.

"The national anti-terrorist prosecutor's office will now be responsible for shedding light on this affair so that justice can be done in the name of the French people," he said.

It comes less than two months after a teacher was killed in a knife attack at a high school in the northern city of Arras, prompting the French government to put the country on its highest level of national security alert.

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DW News published November 27, 2023: Six minors on trial in Paris over murder of history teacher Samuel Paty. A juvenile court in France is begining the trial of six minors today, for their alleged connections to the murder of a French teacher three years ago. Samuel Paty taught history and geography at a school in a Parisian suburb. He'd used the controversial cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed that apperaed in the Charlie Hebdo magazine to discuss free-speech laws in France. He was killed and then beheaded by a radical Islamist outside his school in October 2020, causing an outpouring of grief in France. The perpetrator, an 18 year-old man of Chechen origin, was shot dead by police. The Paris court is now examining the role of six others.
FRANCE 24 English published November 27, 2023: Six teens go on trial over 2020 beheading of French teacher. Six teenagers went on trial in Paris on Monday for their role in the 2020 beheading of teacher Samuel Paty, the first of two trials in a case that horrified France.

France24 News
written by AFP staff
Monday November 27, 2023

The 47-year-old history and geography teacher was stabbed and then beheaded near his secondary school in the Paris suburb of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

His attacker, 18-year-old ethnic Chechen refugee Abdoullakh Anzorov, was shot dead at the scene by police.

The young radicalised Islamist murdered Paty after messages spread on social media that the teacher had shown his class cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Paty had used the magazine as part of an ethics class to discuss free speech laws in France, where blasphemy is legal and cartoons mocking religious figures have a long history.

His killing took place just weeks after Charlie Hebdo republished the cartoons. When the magazine first used the images in 2015, Islamic gunmen stormed its office, killing 12 people.

Last month another teacher, Dominique Bernard, was killed in Arras in northern France by a young radicalised Islamist.

Like Anzorov, Bernard's suspected killer Mohammed Moguchkov also hailed from Russia's mainly Muslim North Caucasus region.

'Role of the minors'

Five of the adolescents on trial, who were 14 or 15 at the time of Paty's murder, will be judged behind closed doors in juvenile court for criminal conspiracy with intent to cause violence.

They are accused of having been on the lookout for Paty and identifying him to the killer in exchange for money.

A sixth teenager, who was 13 at the time, is accused of false accusation for wrongly saying that Paty had asked Muslim students to identify themselves and leave the classroom before he showed the cartoons.

Paty's family see the trial of the teenagers as crucial, according to Virginie Le Roy, a lawyer representing his parents and one of his sisters.

"The role of the minors was fundamental in the sequence of events that led to his assassination," she said.

During questioning, the teenagers swore that at most they thought Paty would be "flagged up on social media", "humiliated" or maybe "roughed up" but they never imagined "it would go as far as murder".

They now are high school pupils and risk two-and-a-half years in prison.

"It is complicated," said Dylan Slama, the lawyer for one of the accused.

"He will be associated with this for the rest of his life."

The trial is scheduled to last until December 8.

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