September 15, 2023

USA: Officials Annouced Lahaina Burn Area In Maui Is Going To Be Sprayed With Pink Toxic Goo That Will Degrade In 6 Months AND The Blacked Out Dust Screen Fence Will Be Up For A Year Or So.

KITV news published September 14, 2023: KITV4 Interview with Maui Police Chief Jon Pelletier. 
KITV news published September 11, 2023: Maui worker's viral video shows Front Street police roadblock. Local window washer, Jonathan Herzog filmed the Front Street roadblock at 5:30 p.m. the day of the fire. At the same time, evacuees were fleeing into the ocean.
This KITV4 reporter has been doing a stellar job getting evidence from the Lahaina #Maui Hawaii locals who videotaped or photographed the Maui police blockades leading cars out to safety going North and South. The police were trapping everyone in the area of the fire. (emphasis mine)

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