September 15, 2023

USA: Commie Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom Officially Calls For Convention To Change US Constitution. He's Proposing 28th Amendment To Distroy Gun Rights And Disarm Americans. Ugh 😩


Ugggh! 😒 God help us. The Commie Democrats who don't prosecute gun crimes across America want to kill our second amendment "right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." Look it up in our US constitution. What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED do these Commie assholes not understand?

How about the Commie Democrats start locking up criminals. Instead of terrorizing neighborhoods with their no cash bail, no jail justice for criminals policies. Murder is already a crime across America. The Commie Democrats across America don't even bother prosecuting gun crimes and release the murderers, even the child murderers. They claim to give a shit about "oh the children are dying from guns." Then why do they not prosecute the murderers? I'll tell you why, because the Commie Democrat District Attorney call it EQUITY. That's a result of their justice for criminals policies.

They keep releasing criminals who have killed a person with their gun. Put them on probation, then they get multiple warrants for not appearing at their scheduled court appointment, and continue reoffending.

The Democrats have stated they wanted to defund the police. Some even went so far to say abolish the police. Many police departments across America in Democrat strongholds stopped hiring or hired very few new officers to replace the retirees or those who left. So the police forces in those communities were inadequate for the crime wave caused by the Commie Democrat no cash bail, no jail justice for criminals policies. Because the Commie Democrats don't respect their police force, no one wants to put their life at risk in their crime ridden neighborhoods. So because the Commie Democrats LOWERED HIRING STANDARDS so anyone breathing qualifies to become a new police recruits making matters worse for corruption and bad actors within the force.

Oh I have to mention the 911 call center cuts as well. In my Commie controlled city, they shut down our local neighborhood 911 police dispatch units in our local police stations because they claimed not to have enough money. Now ALL of the 911 calls for the ENTIRE COUNTY which is big go to one damn 911 call center who don't answer right away because they don't have enough staff. But the Commie Democrats have money for a high speed train that goes to nowhere. They tax tax tax us up the wazoo and they never have enough money for the most important expenses such as safety and infrastructure.

And these same people who let criminals go free and want to disarm Americans call Republicans tyrannical and dictators and fascists.
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The Western Journal
written by Richard Moorhead
Friday September 15, 2023

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is eyeing a change to the United States Constitution.

The state’s legislature on Thursday approved a resolution in support of Newsom’s call for a 28th Constitutional amendment, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The amendment would enshrine a list of Democratic gun-control policy priorities into federal law.
California is requesting a Constitutional convention to enshrine the amendment. For the amendment to be considered, two-thirds of state legislatures would have to vote in favor of a convention, according to the Times.

The proposed “Right to Safety Amendment” would limit legal gun ownership to adults 21 and older, enact universal federal background checks on gun sales, create a mandatory “reasonable waiting period” for gun purchases, and ban the purchase of many forms of semiautomatic rifles.

Newsom started touting the idea behind the amendment earlier this summer.
The governor claims the new amendment would co-exist with the Second Amendment despite the proposed amendment’s changes to the American legal understanding of gun ownership.

“The Right to Safety Amendment would preserve the integrity of the Second Amendment, while enshrining in our Constitution commonsense safety provisions that are supported overwhelmingly by the American people,” the progressive governor said in a news release.

“In the face of decades of Congressional inaction and unelected judges that are putting Americans in danger, it is time for citizens to stand up for common sense to protect us against the uniquely American epidemic of gun violence.”

The prospects of the planned amendment eventually being enshrined into law are slim.

Three-fourths of state legislatures need to approve any amendment to the Constitution before it becomes law, and Republicans control a majority of state houses.

Many of the amendment’s provisions already are law in California, but that state experienced the most mass shootings in the nation between 1982 and August of this year, according to Statista. However, the nation’s most populous state had the eighth-lowest gun-death rate among the 50 states in 2021, according to Giffords Law Center.
California’s Assembly passed Newsom’s proposal via a 51-14 tally on Thursday, with several Democrats declining to vote, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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