August 18, 2023

USA: First Hand Accounts Of Maui Police Blocking Roads And Forcing Cars Back Towards The Fire. In The Aftermath, Police Blocked Roads Not Letting Trucks Carrying Supplies To Lahaina For Days.

UPDATE 8/19/23 at 12:58am: Added top video below.
Here's another West Maui local named Fish explaining how he escaped Lahaina fire. He confirms what Ed in the other video I just shared said. Fish wanted to know why all of the cars were not moving on Front Street. So Fish decided to walk to the end of Front Street. That's when he personally saw that Maui police had BLOCKED OFF FRONT STREET. Fish asked the Maui police, "What are you doing?" and the Maui police replied, "I'M UNDER ORDERS TO KEEP THEM HERE." Fish said that beyond the Maui police blockade on Front Street there was open road with no obstruction heading north to safety. He said THERE WAS NO REASON TO KEEP THOSE CARS THERE. The people trying to escape the inferno WERE DELIBERATELY TRAPPED. I just cannot believe this... wow. This is so unreal and truly disgusting.

I am really starting to believe this was one giant human and animal sacrifice by the Luciferian worshipping deep state NWO globalists. Most of the Lahaina fire victims were elderly and children and animals that not one Maui government official, NO ONE told them to evacuate and died in their homes.  ACTIONS speak louder than words. (emphasis mine)
Hawaii Real Estate published Aug 18, 2023: Maui Police Blocked Escape Routed as told by FISH from Front Street Found ALIVE!
UPDATE 8/18/23 at 10:44pm: Added top video below.
I cannot believe what I just heard this man in the video below explain what happened the day he was trying to escape the West Maui fire by car. The story about the police blocking all the roads leading out of West Maui is actually worse. New stunning revelation. Because I thought they left Front Street open and the cars that burned to a crisp were just stuck from gridlock of tons of cars trying to escape. Well, apparently, and this is just incredible information, the police HAD FRONT STREET BLOCKED OFF AS WELL. The one street the police were directing everyone to take to escape the fire. That's why the cars that were burnt to a crisp were not moving. THE PEOPLE WERE LITERALLY TRAPPED BY AUTHORITIES IN POWER. (emphasis mine)
Hawaii Real Estate published WEDS August 16, 2023: Maui Fire Insurance WARNING. Eric West talks to a local who shares his experience escaping the fire on Maui, Hawaii.

I typed a transcript of the part I'm truly in shock about right now starting at 2:17.

Eric West, Realtor: "So without any further adieu, Ed please tell us a little about what happened. Where you were the morning, the day this fire started and sort of what you experienced?

Ed: "I was in my truck going to check on some customers properties and all of a sudden ALL ROADS WERE BEING BLOCKED OFF right in front of me from the cops and I would go to the next street and that was blocked off and the next one and they just blocked everything off FORCED EVERYONE ONTO FRONT STREET. Which then the flames were coming over our vehicles, not on our vehicles, but the flames were coming over top of our vehicles.

Eric West, Realtor: "What street are you on at this point in time?"

Ed answered: "Front Street."

Eric West, Realtor: "You're on Front Street itself?"

Ed replied: "Yep."

Eric West, Realtor: "So you got directed onto to Front Street?"

Ed replied: "Yep."

Eric West, Realtor: "Where did you start when you started this journey?"

Ed replied: "I was going down the highway and they blocked it off and they wouldn't let me go any further."

Eric West, Realtor: "So you were coming from Launiupoko?

Ed replied: "No. I was coming from Waikuli.

Eric West, Realtor: "So you're heading south."

Ed replied: "I was going down the highway and then they stopped us from going on the bypass. Then they wouldn't let me go passed the bypass to the other exits to go up there.

Eric West, Realtor: "So you couldn't go up the bypass?"

Ed replied: "Nope. Then all of a sudden they said everybody get off this highway. Down this way. Down into town. Then they started blocking everything off there. Then you were down on Front Street. And I got all the way down to Safeway.

Eric West, Realtor: "So you got corralled onto Front Street?"

Ed replied: "Yes."

Eric West, Realtor: "It started on Honoapiilani Highway and you ended up on Front Street."

Ed replied: "Yes. Couldn't go anywhere. They (the police) just kept saying, 'go north. go north. go north. When we go on Front Street, like I said the flames were coming over, the embers I don't mean flames. The embers were coming over the buildings and landing on our vehicles. And so we're all in a line trying to get the end of Front Street to go north like they told us too NOT KNOWING THAT THE POLICE BLOCKED OFF THE END OF FRONT STREET SO NOBODY COULD MOVE. Then everyone panicked and they all started, everyone went on the sidewalks, through yards, took out the other lane, then all of a sudden nobody could move anywhere. So all I did was try to inch my way to another yard, drive up through a sidewalk, come back around. The cops were moving around one exit. So I ended up getting up on the highway and they tried to direct me another way and then I hightailed it to home.

WOW just WOW police did block all paths to safety and forced cars to turn back toward the fire!!! Here is video evidence! Maui and Hawaii authorities have lied about everything. First the Mayor of Maui lied said the sirens were not used because the power lines shut off the power and then the Maui Emergency manager lied about the sirens not used for fires and then the Maui Police Chief lied at the news conference yesterday when he said only one road was blocked by police when in fact it was many roads leading to safety were blocked by police. People were burned to death in their cars waiting to get out because of authorities. Authorities were all so arrogant, offended and confrontational toward honest questions being asked by reporters about their response to this atrocity at the news conference Wednesday night patting each other on the back for their "enlightened leadership" and stellar emergency response. I hear people saying we need to show these officials respect. Well, they didn't respect the people they were in charge to protect and serve during an emergency situation and allowed them to die a horrible death. They need to be fired for their incompetence, ineptitude, gross negligence, and callousness. All of Hawaii should be outraged, especially Maui residents. Actions speak louder than words. (emphasis mine)
Jonathan Petramala published August 17, 2023: Chaotic Maui Evacuation: Police Block Exits As Wildfire Forces Ocean Escape. Firsthand accounts of survivors from the deadly wildfires that devastated Maui in August 2023 are in part 2 of my documentary "Hell in Paradise" (part 1 here: • Families flee wildfires into ocean as... ) Includes dramatic video footage showing the chaotic evacuation of Lahaina as police blocked streets, forcing residents to abandon vehicles and jump into the ocean to escape the raging flames. Interviews with teens who escaped with their mother by swimming out to sea, a survivor who huddled under a wet blanket in a canal, and others who recount their harrowing stories of survival. The fast-moving wildfires leveled most of the historic town, killing over 100 people. It's the deadliest wildfire in over a century in the United States. Also we take a close look at the iconic 150-year-old banyan tree that had become a symbol of Lahaina. A heartbreaking look at the devastation from Hawai'i's worst wildfire disaster.
KITV published WEDS August 16, 2023: Tempers flare at Maui disaster response press conference. Governor Josh Green, Mayor Richard Bissen, and emergency officials held a press conference with updates on the ongoing disaster response on Maui. Things turned contentious, however, when the head of MEMA was questioned about the county's decision-making in not sounding the tsunami sirens.
CBS reports that according the Hawaii state's own emergency response website, "The all-hazard siren system can be used for a variety of both natural and human-caused events. including tsunamis, hurricanes, dam beaches, flooding, WILDFIRES, volcanic eruptions, terrorists threats, hazardous material incidents, and more."

And I would like to point out the Emergency Manager continued to say toward the end of this crazy news conference after saying the sirens were only used for tsunamis that it wouldn't have mattered if they sounded the sirens because people wouldn't be able to hear the sirens with their air conditioners on or their TVs on because of the high winds. So, if he believes people will not hear the sirens at all during a fire and high winds, then how would the people hear the sirens in a tsunami emergency evacuation? Unbelievable response. Hawaii should have made some type of LOUD ANNOUNCEMENTS that interrupts their tvs or blasts their cell phones or some kind of loud communication system that alerts the neighborhoods to immediately evacuate. (emphasis mine)
UPDATE 8/18/23 at 4:51pm: Added info below.
UPDATE 8/18/23 at 5:14pm: Added info below.
What do you see?
I pointed to the two areas that were destroyed by fire.

UPDATE 8/18/23 at 5:33pm: Added info below.

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