August 13, 2023

USA: 71yo Man Who Was A Firefighter For 12yrs In California Charged With Arson In Oak Fire July 2022 Near Yosemite National Park. Commie Democrats And UN Blame Wildfires On Climate Change.

KCRA 3 published June 17, 2023: 71-year-old accused of arson in Oak Fire that destroyed more than 100 homes near Yosemite A 71-year-old man faces arson charges in connection to a fire in Mariposa County last year that destroyed more than 100 homes. Edward Wackerman is accused of starting the Oak Fire last July.
ABC30 Action News published June 21, 2023: 71-year-old man suspected of starting Oak Fire in Mariposa County enters no plea. The man accused of starting the destructive Oak Fire last July was arraigned Tuesday afternoon. The 71-year-old did not enter a plea, but did answer a few questions from the judge.
The Post Millennial
written by Jarryd Jaeger
Tuesday July 25, 2023

An elderly California man has been arrested in connection with a massive forest fire that swept through Yosemite National Park in July 2022. Edward Fredrick Wackerman, 71, was taken into custody on June 16 following an investigation that lasted nearly a year.

The blaze, known as the Oak Fire, was originally attributed to climate change by many Democrats, including California Sen. Alex Padilla, who used the incident as an opportunity to push his environmental agenda.

Wackerman appeared in court on June 20, and is being held on a no bail detention order. Wackerman will next appear in court on September 14, 2023, according to Mariposa County District Attorney Walter Wall.

In a June press conference, Wall revealed that Wackerman has been charged with one count of aggravated arson, and three forest land felonies, including arson that caused great bodily injury and arson that caused damage to an inhabited dwelling. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

Wall explained that four separate fires had been "intentionally set" in Mariposa County, leading to the Oak Fire, which went on to consume 127 residential structures, and engulf nearly 19,000 acres of land.

The blaze resulted in $8.3 million in property loss, and cost CalFire close to $100 million in response costs. Thankfully no lives were lost.

Sheriff Jeremy Briese reiterated that the fires were "deliberately set" and "not accidental." He said that Wackerman became a suspect early on in the investigation, and authorities were able to attain probable cause to perform an arrest.

At the time of the fire, however, many Democrats pushed the narrative that it had been caused by climate change.

"Worsening drought and severe weather will only continue to put lives and property at risk from wildfire if we don't take climate action NOW," Sen. Padilla said on Twitter.

Climate crusader Al Gore said "the survival of our civilization is at stake" in an interview discussing how quickly the blaze had spread.

The investigation is ongoing, as authorities try to uncover a motive. A date for Wackerman's arraignment has been set for September 14.

Wackerman is a longtime member of the Mariposa County community, and has experience as a firefighter. According to the Washington Free Beacon, he was also a Democrat, and gave money to many left-wing causes, including a $1,000 donation to Tim Ryan's 2022 Senate campaign, and a $400 donation to the Lincoln Project.

The news is blaming it on "Global Warming"
causing hot weather and dangerous temps.
👉 "Climate scientists" at the UN conveniently said, 👈
"The heating of the planet is turning landscapes into tinderboxes."
TODAY published July 26, 2022: California’s Oak Fire Is So Large It Can Now Be Seen From Space. California’s Oak Fire near Yosemite National Park has quickly become the state’s largest fire of the year. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY on the fire’s current containment levels and WNBC’s Janice Huff tracks the forecast across the country.
CityNews published July 24, 2022: What makes California’s Oak Fire one of the worst this season. An emergency has been declared in California over an “explosive” wildfire. Caryn Ceolin with what makes the Oak Fire one of the worst in the state this season, and how the International Space Station has described it.

GlobalAwareness101 published UN worship Lucifer aka Satan. Fyi... very important information that affects us all. This is Mel K giving this presentation. You can find her channel at
GlobalAwareness101 published Luciferians control UN.

X-Factor winner Altiyan Childs explains who controls the world and subliminal programming. He exposes Freemasons and their worship of Lucifer. This is a snippet of his documentary is 5 hours long that I have shared with you here on my Rumble channel. I typed a transcript for you below:

Altiyan Childs: This is Lucis Trust. The Lucis Trust is a non for profit service organization incorporated in the United States in 1922. Their objective from the Lucis Trust website, "Dedicated to the establishment of a new and better way of life for everyone in the world based on the fullfillment of the divine plan for humanity."

The divine plan. A new way of life. Like a new world system? Like a new order?

Now do you want to see who they work for? "The Lucis Trust has consultative status with the economic and social council of the United Nations."

The United Nation. The UN. They consult the United Nations of the world. They advise the United Nations of the world.

Now look at this. The Lucis Trust publishing company was founded in the early 1920s as Lucifer Publishing Company. The Lucis Trust says the name was chosen to honor Lucifer.

What on earth does a modern day consultant to the most powerful and progressive force engaged in uniting all nations under one banner, the UN, have to do with the fallen angel of the Holy Bible? The one that Jesus Christ told us would manifest on earth as a world ruler to deceive the whole world into a new world system. Yes that angel. Why on earth would they honor that angel?

Well that's easy. They were founded by Freemasons. Incorporated into the United States by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster. Here's a book by Foster the Freemason, "The Spirit of Freemasonry" published by Lucis Press also known as Lucifer Publishing.

One last thing. If you dig a little you'll find an article on their website, "The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer". On a modern company website with consultative powers to the United Nations of all things.

Wow. I really hope you're seeing this. In the article it states that the Bailey's had enormous respect for H.P. Blavatsky who stated in her renown occult book, "The Secret Doctrine", on page 245 in a chapter called "holy Satan", "It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God."

Then the article goes on to say that, "the Bailey's sought to elicit a deeper understanding of the sacrifice made by Lucifer."

Everything has been reversed. Evil is good. Jesus is the enemy. And Lucifer sacrificed himself for you not Jesus Christ the one who washed the feet of his disciples and the only one they fear.

Modern progressive atheists do not influence world events people. Satanists do.

Remember the goal of Lucis Trust? "The fullfillment of the divine plan for humanity."

Yeah, the divine plan exposed by Jesus Christ in the gospels. Hence their war on the bible and the abolition of it from the school system and even from the modern Christian churches that dare not preach from the Book of Revelation.

Your most highly evolved and contemporary leaders of society secretly believe that, "In the theosophical perspective, the descent of the solar angels was not a fall into sin or disgrace. But rather an act of great sacrifice."
GlobalAwareness101 published Symbolism of the United Nations (UN). Fyi...😩 Walter Veith gives a lecture on the symbolism of the United Nations (UN). This documentary aired in 2004. First time I hear his lecture.

1. The New Age agenda was to merge god and nature.
That's what Tyler de Chardin, the father of the philosophy of the UN said

2. We must become pantheistic eradicate male and female distinction.

3. World peace and nuclear disarmament.

4. One world government

5. One world religion.

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