July 2, 2023

USA: Houston Commie Judge Sentenced An 18-Year-Old To Just 10 Years After He Pled Guilty To Killing 3 Young Men Working As Valets. Suspect Was Doing Donuts And Burnouts In The Parking Lot.

WHAT THE HELL? His deliberate careless actions took 3 peoples lives and his Commie crminial defense attorney is like, "it is what it is attitude. He has to live with the rest of his life is his punishment" is appalling. He didn't care when he killed them and he sure as hell won't care that he killed 3 young men the rest of his life. Why? Because he obviously does not have a conscience. My gosh what a defense and the Commie judge agreeing with the Commie criminal defense attorney proves my argument in my regular spiel below. This 10 year sentence is nowhere near justice. The Commie judge said he is eligible for parole in 5 YEARS. (emphasis mine)

👇 back to my regular spiel. 👇
Murder is already a crime. We don't have a gun problem. We have a lack of self-control problem, a criminal supremacists problem and a Commie Democrats local district attorney's, judges, parole officers soft on crime problem, not doing shit to catch the criminals as in crimes go unsolved, and when they do catch the criminals, they immediately release them back onto the streets to allow them to continue terrorizing the community. These same people siding with the criminals want to take away YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to keep and bear arms in order to defend yourself, your business, your family and home against these criminal supremacists and a tyrannical government. Remember, criminals DO NOT obey laws. Therefore, criminals will have access to guns through gun trafficking venues and you will be left defenseless with no guns because the same government siding with criminals THEY'RE ALLOWING to terrorize you with guns said they wanted to keep you safe from guns. The anti-gun prosecutors are not even prosecuting gun crimes. But god forbid you kill an intruder, robber or rapist in self-defense in your home or on your private property, these same Commie Democrat district attorneys or prosecutors will charge you with murder and have you locked up for years in prison. (emphasis mine)
FOX 26 Houston published June 30, 2023: Houston family devastated by 10-year sentence after teen killed 3. A criminal district court judge sentenced an 18-year-old to just 10 years after he pled guilty to killing three young men. Family members of the victims are devastated. FOX 26's Randy Wallace has more with the exclusive story.

Fox26 News, Houston TX local
written by Randy Wallace
Friday June 30, 2023

HOUSTON - The 230th Criminal District Court Judge Chris Morton has been the subject of many of our Breaking Bond reports.

He has a history of granting multiple bonds to violent offenders who go on to become murder suspects.

"Why did he do that to us," said Rose Orduna who lost her 22-year-old Eric Orduna. Eric's relatives say instead of justice what they got from Judge Chris Morton was a slap in the face.

"10 years? Three lives were taken," Orduna said.

That's right.

Judge Chris Morton sentenced 18-year-old Ahmedal Modawi to 10 years after pleading guilty to killing Orduna, 18-year-old Fnan Measho, and 23-year-old Nick Rodriquez.

All four were valets and Modawi was doing donuts and burnouts in the parking lot. An officer had seen the car and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.

He took off at a high rate of speed to avoid the police and crashed into the others.

"Eric was like their shield," his mother said. "Fnan and Nick's shield,"

Eric took the brunt of the impact of the crash. He was dismembered.

"Every part of his body," said Orduna.

She says the case was set for last week, but Judge Morton left court because his son was in an accident.

"You would think it would have made a difference, but it didn't," Orduna said. "His son was ok, ours was taken."

"Actually that day he was taken from us was the last day I saw him," said Eric's aunt and godmother Debra Argueta.

She says Morton cried during her victim impact statement.

"I really thought he was going to get at least 50 years or 30 years not 10. It's just a slap in my family's face," Argueta said.

"I think it's ridiculous it's not fair for us, it's not fair for the families," said Eric's aunt Stephanie Guerra. "It's like he got away with murder. Ten years is nothing."

She also says Judge Morton felt Modawi deserves a second chance,

"He's young another chance at life so he's going to give him 10 years," Guerra said, "What about my nephew? What about Fnan? What about Nick? They don't have any more chances.

The DA's office recommended a 35-year sentence. Modawi could be released after serving 5 years.
KPRC 2 Click2Houston published June 30, 2023: Teen facing life in prison gets 10 year sentence for 2021 crash that killed three. A teenager who could have spent the rest of his life in prison for killing three valet workers in an October 2021 crash as he sped away from police could be free in five years. 

Click2Houston News
written by Bryce Newberry, KPRC 2 Reporter
Friday June 30, 2023

Killer is eligible for parole after serving half of the 10-year sentence.

A teenager who could have spent the rest of his life in prison for killing three valet workers in an October 2021 crash as he sped away from police could be free in five years.

18-year-old Ahmedaltayeb Modawi will be eligible for parole after serving half of his 10-year sentence, which was handed down Friday by Harris County Criminal District Court Judge Chris Morton.

“That’s like a slap,” one of the young victim’s mothers, Rose Orduna, told KPRC 2. “I didn’t even know whether to be angry, to cry. I was in shock.”

Orduna’s 22-year-old son Eric, 18-year-old Fnan Measho, and 23-year-old Nick Rodriguez, all valet workers, died Oct. 1, 2021 when Modawi, also a valet worker, crashed into them near the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Fairdale Lane.

The four young men worked on the same street. Modawi worked as a valet at a café and the three victims worked as valet at a sports bar across the street. After parking a car while walking back to the bar, they were struck by Modawi.

Modawi crashed into them while driving a customer’s Infiniti sedan recklessly and speeding away from police at around 100 miles an hour. He had been doing donuts in a nearby parking lot when police started pursuing him.

The crash impact was so brutal that investigators found body parts on a nearby roof as well as hair and teeth on the windshield.

Modawi, age 17 at the time of the crash, had no criminal history. He pled guilty to all three murder charges earlier this year. Prosecutors wanted a 35-year sentence.

Rose Orduno and family attended the sentencing hearing Friday, wearing three ribbons for each victim, as Judge Chris Morton appeared emotional while considering the sentence.

During the hearing, Morton revealed that his son was recently involved in a crash.

“We thought that was ... going to change his opinion on the sentence for this guy,” Orduna said. “It didn’t change anything.”

The sentence for each murder charge was 10 years but Modawi will be able to serve them concurrently. Out on bond, he was taken into custody after Friday’s sentencing and will await transfer to a state prison from the Harris County Jail.
WHAT THE HELL? His deliberate careless actions took 3 peoples lives and his Commie crminial defense attorney is like, "it is what it is attitude." is appalling. This is far from justice. (emphasis mine)
“There was going to be no good outcomes at the end of this, no matter how it panned out,” defense attorney John Floyd said. “Once he’s out of prison, he’ll have to live with this the rest of his life. And I know that this is something he’ll never forget.”

A civil lawsuit in the matter is still pending against the valet company and other liable parties, Floyd said. Modawi has also been interviewed by the U.S. Department of Labor about potential labor violations.

Under City of Houston ordinance, a valet worker has to be 18 or older.

“His employment was illegal. He should have not been in that position,” Floyd said. “As of today, there have been no adults held accountable for that part of this tragedy.”

But now living without her son forever, Rose Orduna will always wonder how the 10-year sentence is justice.

“I never thought I would lose my son,” she said. “Just want the judge to know really, that I don’t know why he would do that.”

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