July 11, 2023

USA: Cleveland Mass Shooting Gunman Had LONG CRIMINAL HISTORY. Commie Mayor Is "Sick And Tired Of Getting These Calls Late At Night." Police Say There Is Nothing That Could Have Prevented This.


Well, it's no surprise to me that the gunman has a long criminal history and outstanding warrants and has been released back out to the streets several times. We know this information thanks to the thorough reporting by the local news stations. The Commie Democrat Officials say they are tired of the gun violence in their communities. They are to blame. This gunman should have been kept in prison. But nooooo, the Commie Democrats in charge saw fit to release this obvious violent criminal and allowed him to terrorize this community they claim to care so much about. Watch the news conference. They're acting. It's all fake. They're just saying empty words. Then the Commie City Officials have the gall to say this could not have been prevented?! Really. My gosh. 🙄 (emphasis mine)

👇 back to my regular spiel. 👇
Murder is already a crime. We don't have a gun problem. We have a lack of self-control problem, a criminal supremacists problem and a Commie Democrats local district attorney's, judges, parole officers soft on crime problem, not doing shit to catch the criminals as in crimes go unsolved, and when they do catch the criminals, they immediately release them back onto the streets to allow them to continue terrorizing the community. These same people siding with the criminals want to take away YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to keep and bear arms in order to defend yourself, your business, your family and home against these criminal supremacists and a tyrannical government. Remember, criminals DO NOT obey laws. Therefore, criminals will have access to guns through gun trafficking venues and you will be left defenseless with no guns because the same government siding with criminals THEY'RE ALLOWING to terrorize you with guns said they wanted to keep you safe from guns. The anti-gun prosecutors are not even prosecuting gun crimes. But god forbid you kill an intruder, robber or rapist in self-defense in your home or on your private property, these same Commie Democrat district attorneys or prosecutors will charge you with murder and have you locked up for years in prison. (emphasis mine)
19 News published July 11, 2023: Lorain man arrested for West 6th mass shooting had lengthy criminal background.
ABC News 5 Cleveland published July 11, 2023: Suspect in Cleveland mass shooting arrested after $50K reward offered. A suspect in the mass shooting in Cleveland’s Warehouse District early Sunday morning is in custody, Cleveland Police confirmed at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. 
Forbes Breaking News published July 9, 2023: Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb Rips GOP For 'Dangerous Gun Laws' After Warehouse District Mass Shooting. Earlier today, Clevland Mayor Justin Bibb and Police Department officials held a press briefing on the mass shooting in the Warehouse District.
19 News published July 5, 2023: Data shows violent crime on the rise in Cleveland.

19News, Cleveland, OH local
written by Kelly Kennedy
Tuesday July 11, 2023

LORAIN, Ohio (WOIO) - It only took Cleveland police a few days to track down 25-year-old Jaylon Jennings.

He was caught 30 miles away from where the shooting took place. U.S. Marshals arrested him in Lorain on Tuesday afternoon.

According to neighbors, Jennings had another apartment in Lorain but he mostly stayed with his girlfriend at the house where he was arrested on Toledo Avenue, and as it turns out, this was not his first run-in with the law.

A video from a neighbor’s doorbell camera shows the moments U.S. Marshals arrested 25-year-old Jaylon Jennings.

Jennings is charged with attempted murder in connection to the mass shooting on West 6th Street this past weekend.

Around 8:30 Tuesday night, Cleveland police went into the home with a search warrant assisted by Lorain police, U.S. Marshals, and Cleveland Animal Control.

They came out with two dogs.

“Me and my neighbor was sitting on the porch here and about eight cruisers pulled through and they jumped out of the car,” the neighbor recalled. “Two went this way, two went that way. It was just all at once.”

A neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous for safety reasons, tells me she is still on edge after witnessing the arrest.

“We kind of got scared when they pulled out the big rifle and then he told everybody to get the kids in the house,” the neighbor said. “There were kids playing on the trampoline next door there.”

19 Investigates learned Jennings’ criminal record dates back to at least 2018.

In fact, he was arrested twice before this just this year.

Court records show lots of criminal convictions in Lorain County and Cuyahoga County including several instances of drug trafficking and drug possession.

Jennings is currently facing charges in Lorain for possession of a controlled substance, driving with a suspended license, domestic violence, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and unlawful restraint.

Court documents show those cases are still pending.

Court records also show Jennings doesn’t have the best track record for showing up to court.

He failed to show up in the courtroom at least a dozen times over the years.

Neighbors told 19 News they also saw a probation officer show up at the house a couple of times last week.

ABC5 News, Cleveland, OH local
written by Ian Cross , News 5 Staff
Tuesday July 11, 2023

CLEVELAND — A suspect in the mass shooting in Cleveland’s Warehouse District early Sunday morning is in custody, Cleveland Police confirmed at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect was identified and tracked by the U.S. Marshals to a location in the 2900 block of Toledo Avenue in Lorain, according to Brian Fitzgibbon with the U.S. Marshals Service, who spoke at the news conference. The man, identified as Jaylon Jennings, 25, was taken into custody without incident at about 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, Fitzgibbon said. Marshals and Cleveland Police are in the process of obtaining and executing a search warrant at a home for further materials in the crime. Cleveland Police said the gun used has not yet been recovered.

"We're very excited for the partnership and this arrest," Cleveland Police Chief Wayne Drummond said Tuesday. "It's a culmination, again, of the very hard work of the Marshal Service and our officers."

Cleveland business and restaurant owner Bobby George, who had offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect, indicated at the news conference that it was his offer that led to the tip that resulted in Jennings's arrest.

"I look at things from a businessman's perspective, and if you show someone the incentive, I'll show you the outcome," George said. "So I figured someone would be motivated by money, and they were."

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb said Tuesday that it took 61 hours from the shooting to arrest Jennings.

"We got this suspect in 61 hours, 61 hours, and it shows you what can happen when every level of law enforcement is working together," Bibb said. "When you have business owners like Bobby George supporting us with a high donation to get good tips to our law enforcement agencies. This is what community collaboration looks like to solve violent crime in our city. And I know, and I pray I pray that the victims from this mass shooting can feel safe tonight — their families feel a little bit of justice. And I pray that the residents of our city feel a bit safer this evening knowing that we apprehended this suspect."

Drummond said a motive has not yet been established. Jennings has not yet been charged but was arrested on nine counts of felonious assault.

According to the arrest warrant filed Tuesday, Jennings, “after observing several victims inside the Rumor Bar & Lounge, purposely attempted to cause the death of nine individuals by intentionally retrieving a firearm, described by a witness as a Glock Firearm with an extended magazine, from the trunk of his vehicle, located in a parking lot at 1299 W. 6th St.”

After he retrieved the gun, Jennings deliberately approached the individuals and fired shots in their direction, the warrant states. The nine victims were struck by gunfire, causing serious physical harm.

The shooting happened at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, and the nine victims were taken to the hospital.

According to a preliminary investigation at the scene, as the bars let out on W. 6th Street, an unknown person, later alleged to be Jennings, shot into a group of people standing outside before fleeing.

Drummond said in a press conference that officers were stationed in the Warehouse District at the time of the shooting.

"This particular individual started shooting towards the crowd, as we all know, at nine individuals," Drummond said. "The officers immediately ran to the gunfire, ran to the victims and rendered first aid. All the officers rendered first aid to the victims. As I stated, we had nine total victims, seven males and two females ranging from ages 23 to 38 years old."

The victims were taken to the MetroHealth Medical Center. There are no life-threatening injuries. Of the victims, seven are men ranging in age from their early 20s to late 30s, and two are women in their early 20s, according to officials.

Investigators are currently in the process of reviewing evidence and video and have interviewed the victims, police said.

On Monday, downtown restaurant owner Bobby George confirmed to News 5 that he offered a $50,000 reward for information that helps police catch the suspected gunman.

On Tuesday, MetroHealth confirmed that a group of individuals rushed into the hospital hours after the shooting, apparently trying to get to one of the shooting victims. They were stopped by MetroHealth Police officers and fled from the building.

News 5 investigator Scott Noll discovered that a man with the same name and birth date as Jennings was out on bond at the time of the shooting. The man had been arrested and was awaiting trial in Lorain County for drug trafficking and drug possession charges. In that case, Jennings was released on $5,000 bail.

Other records show a man matching Jennings's name and birth date was busted again in Lorain County in a separate drug case in March of this year. In that case, records show Jennings was released on his own recognizance.

In addition, Cleveland Municipal Court Records show a Jaylon Jennings with the same birth date failed to pay all his fines and court costs from a 2018 disorderly conduct conviction and had an outstanding warrant.

News 5 attempted to confirm that the Jennings from these court records was the same Jennings arrested for the mass shooting, but Cleveland Police Chief Wayne Drummond said he did not have that information.

19 News June 27, 2023: Angry mob tracks down, beats Cleveland murder suspect until police arrive.

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