July 14, 2023

Theatres Across America Have Been Sabotaging The Viewing Of Sound of Freedom. Media Calls True Story About Child Sex Trafficking "A Conspiracy Theory", Claim Child Sex Trafficking Does Not Exist

CBN News published July 6, 2023: 'The Miracles Are Insane': Tim Ballard Tells Real-Life Stories That Inspired 'Sound of Freedom'. Former U.S. government agent Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad, pulls back the curtain on the real-life stories that inspired "Sound of Freedom," the new movie from Angel Studios that chronicles his work to rescue thousands of children from slavery and sex trafficking. The "only way" Ballard said he can deal with the dark and difficult work of rescuing children from sex slavery is "through Jesus." Throughout our conversation, he spoke about his personal convictions, his work with Operation Underground Railroad, and "Sound of Freedom," which earned a stunning $14 million in the box office on its opening day, July 4. CBN News. Because Truth Matters™

Praise on TBN published July 7, 2023: Jim Caviezel: Encountering God in "Sound of Freedom". Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard sit down with Matt and Laurie Crouch on TBN's Praise to speak about their latest movie, "Sound of Freedom", and encourage others to support its powerful message. This video was brought to you by TBN Networks®.

written by Sarah Little
Wednesday July 12, 2023

The 2023 box office hit Sound of Freedom took a long time to get released in theaters worldwide – read on for a history of the film’s struggles.

Sound of Freedom, starring Jim Caviezel, has become a surprise hit at the box office, but the journey to success was a long one for the 2023 action film. The movie claims to recount the true story of Tim Ballard, played by Caviezel, who quit his job with the Department of Homeland Security to track down child sex trafficking rings and rescue the kidnapped children. His primary assignments with DHS included tracking down and arresting pedophiles who bought and consumed the content from the rings. But Ballard wanted to do more, as depicted in the film.

Before being released in 2023, Sound of Freedom struggled to be made ready for a theatrical release for many years. The script was written in 2015, and the filming finished in 2018. Then, the movie sat on the shelf for almost five years. Sound of Freedom was created to raise awareness about the difficult truths of child sex trafficking. However, the film jumped between studios, including a Disney-owned company, before the filmmakers could bring their story to life on the big screen.

Disney Acquired Sound Of Freedom After Purchasing Fox - So What Happened?

Following the conclusion of filming in 2018, the Sound of Freedom producers made a distribution deal with 20th Century Fox. The movie should have come out way before 2023, so what happened? The answer is the Walt Disney Company. Disney officially purchased 20th Century Fox in 2019, meaning that the entertainment conglomerate also acquired all the studio's projects that were in development, including Sound of Freedom.

However, following the sale, Disney shelved Sound of Freedom. The producers then tried for many years to get the distribution rights to the movie back, and eventually, in March 2023, Angel Studios obtained the worldwide distribution rights and released the film in July of the same year. According to Newsweek, a Disney spokesperson commented on the matter and shared that a deal regarding Sound of Freedom's international distribution happened before Disney bought Fox. They said, "[Disney] studios had no knowledge of the film given the nature of the international acquisition pre-merger." Therefore, it got shelved, and the rest is history.

Why Sound Of Freedom Has Been So Successful After Years Of Delays

Sound of Freedom became a box office success just a week following its release and five years after filming finished. Despite the movie's many setbacks, the wait has evidently been worth it for the filmmakers and everyone involved. One of the main reasons for its triumph is its great word of mouth (people who have seen it and loved it are very passionate about the movie online). Plus, it caters to a specific faith-based and patriotic audience, so it was wise for Angel Studios to release Sound of Freedom on Independence Day in the United States.
Timcast IRL published July 14, 2023: Former DHS, Tim Ballard, EXPOSES What Grooming Is, Calls Out Predators In Schools.
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