July 29, 2023

ARGENTINA: Missing Millionaire Crypto Influencer From Spain Found Dismembered In Suitcase By A Group Of Children Playing By A Stream. Argentina News Reporting TransWoman Only Suspect Arrested

New York Post published July 27, 2023: Missing millionaire crypto influencer found dismembered in suitcase.

New York Post
written by Ben Cost
Thursday July 27, 2023

Police have launched a murder investigation after the dismembered remains of missing millionaire Fernando Pérez Algaba, 41, were discovered by a group of children in Argentina over the weekend.

The grisly case came to light after the kids found a red suitcase filled with body parts while playing by a stream in the town of Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires Province, on Sunday, Jam Press reported.

The children’s parents notified the Buenos Aires police, who inspected the package and reportedly found the victim’s legs and forearm inside, discovering another whole arm in the stream.

On Wednesday, authorities discovered the missing head and torso, El País reported.

The body parts were cleanly amputated, suggesting the work of a professional, local media reported.

Meanwhile, a subsequent autopsy revealed that the victim had been shot three times before the dismemberment.

Police identified Algaba by his fingerprints and also by distinctive tattoos on the body parts. The entrepreneur had been declared missing since last Tuesday.

The businessman had accumulated millions renting luxury vehicles and selling cryptocurrency, which he frequently advertised to his 900,000 followers on Instagram.

The influencer, who lived in Barcelona, Spain, had reportedly been staying in Argentina for a week prior to his alleged murder.

Algaba had reportedly rented an apartment and was supposed to return the keys on July 19, but failed to show up or answer the phone, according to testimony by the property owner.

Police have arrested one suspect in connection with Algaba’s death. And while the motive behind the alleged murder remains unclear, authorities suspect that the influencer was killed over his numerous debts.

This marked a tragic end for the businessman, known by friends as Lechuga (lettuce), who started working at the age of 14.

“I started with a bicycle and a box and I started selling sandwiches,” said Algaba, who reportedly graduated to buying vehicles to repair and resell.

The budding entrepreneur’s dedication allegedly paid off, as he had a large warehouse full of high-end cars, motorcycles and jet skis by the time he was 24.

Algaba subsequently founded a luxury car and jet ski rental firm in Miami before picking up and moving to Barcelona earlier this year.

During his final years, Algaba was involved in trading cryptocurrency from an office in Buenos Aires with over 25 employees.

However, the moneymaker’s seeming rags-to-riches story was not all that it seemed.

Algaba had racked up “irrecoverable” debts with Argentina’s tax agency while his company, “Motors Lettuce SRL,” began bouncing checks less than a year after its January 2018 incorporation.

Algaba had also left a note on his phone claiming that he’d lost a lot of money investing in crypto, La Nacion reported.

And Algaba’s troubles weren’t limited to the business sphere.

He had reportedly run afoul of the Barra Bravas, a violent gang heavily involved in Argentina’s soccer scene, which reportedly demanded that he pay them a $40,000 loan.

“If something happens to me, everyone is already warned,” he wrote in a message.

Algaba’s brother Rodolfo Pérez Algaba said he wasn’t sure if his deceased sibling was involved with the criminal ring, but insists that he was “not a scammer” as many had allegedly claimed, local media reported.

The victim’s brother claimed that Algaba was simply a car salesman who “did not do well” in Bitcoin.

Rodolfo also noted that when he was 17, their father died and left an inheritance that Algaba used to start his business, hinting that the influencer didn’t go from poor to posh as he seemed to suggest.

Rodolfo, who reportedly had not seen the vehicle hawker for three months following an argument, claimed that Algaba “was under psychiatric treatment for an anxiety disorder.”

Rodolfo ultimately hopes that authorities can apprehend his brother’s killer.

“I’ve been here for three days and hardly sleep, thinking, breaking my head, how could this happen,” he declared. “But I’m not going to sit still, I’m not going to do justice with my own hands, but I hope that justice will be done.”
A24com published July 28, 2023: Crimen de Fernando Pérez Algaba: "No eran manchas de sangre, era tuco".

Lo dijo Marcelo Ponce, abogado de la chica trans detenida en el crimen del empresario descuartizado: "No hay ningún video de ella con una valija".
Todo Noticias published July 26, 2023: BRUTAL CRIMEN DEL EMPRESARIO I Una mujer trans fue detenida en la causa que investiga el asesinato.

Una mujer trans fue detenida en la causa que investiga el crimen de Fernando Pérez Algaba, el empresario cuyo cuerpo apareció descuartizado adentro de una valija en la localidad bonaerense de Ingeniero Budge del partido de Lomas de Zamora. Nicole Chamorro es hasta el momento la única detenida en el caso del brutal asesinato del hombre de 40 años, quien debía volver a España el pasado 19 de julio. Sin embargo, desde la investigación sospechan que ella no estaría vinculada directamente al brutal crimen.
Todo Noticias published July 28, 2023 EMPRESARIO DESCUARTIZADO I Quién es la mujer trans que fue detenida en la causa. Nicole Chamorro es hasta el momento la única detenida en el caso del brutal asesinato del hombre de 40 años, quien debía volver a España el pasado 19 de julio. Sin embargo, desde la investigación sospechan que ella no estaría vinculada directamente al brutal crimen.

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UPDATE 7/29/23 at 5:14pm: Added info below. 
Crónica TV published July 27, 2023: Empresario descuartizado: mujer trans fue detenida acusada de robar la valija en la que lo ocultaron.

Un "ajuste de cuentas", es la principal hipótesis respecto al móvil que podría haber llevado al crimen de Fernando “Lechuga” Pérez Algaba, el empresario e influencer de 41 años, cuyo cadáver fue encontrado descuartizado dentro de una valija, que fue la evidencia clave que llevó a la primera, y por ahora, única detención. No se descarta que en las próximas horas haya más arrestos.

La valija fue clave en la investigación. Es que en el interior de la misma, donde estaban las extremidades del joven, también se hallaron cuatro documentos de identidad de una familia que reside en la localidad de Ingeniero Budge, quienes al prestar declaración testimonial ante el fiscal Marcelo Domínguez, de la Unidad Funcional de Instrucción (UFI) 5 de Lomas de Zamora, este solicitó cuatro órdenes de allanamiento, en uno de los cuales se detuvo a la mujer trans, de quien se presume que no habría actuado sola.

¿Quién es la única detenida por el crimen del empresario?

La sospechosa, identificada por la policía como Nicol Alma Chamorro y que es familiar de las cuatro personas que declararon, fue apresada en su vivienda de la calle Murature al 3000, de Villa Caraza, Lanús.

C5N.com, Argentina noticias
written by Staff
Friday July 28, 2023

What does the report of the forensic doctors who carried out the medical examination of the body found in Ingeniero Budge, on the banks of the Riachuelo, say?

The first results of the autopsy carried out on the body of businessman Fernando Pérez Algaba , found murdered and dismembered inside a suitcase in a stream in the Buenos Aires town of Ingeniero Budge, Lomas de Zamora district, were known .

The report submitted by the forensic doctors who carried out the medical examination of the corpse has the details of the injuries, the medical-legal considerations and the point by point of the injuries that caused his death.

"The businessman was assassinated from behind . Before, he was shot in one of his legs. He lost his life as a result of the two shots he received in the back, to be later dismembered," reported journalist Diego Gabriele in Argenzuela .

What does the autopsy performed on the body of Pérez Algaba say? "The cadaveric bag enters the operating room, with the trunk of a male inside. In addition, upper and lower limbs are found in a suitcase and a head is found in a blue backpack with the longo of the municipality of Lomas de Zamora ," he said. the autopsy.

"After extracting the aforementioned human remains, the following garments are found: placed on the feet are black sneakers with the Nike logo, white sole and upper region, size US 10, 28 cm, black stockings, on the left leg are black pants made of Biscayne brand cotton, with cuffs", details the text written by the doctors.

"On the trunk, at the level of the genital region, there is a black boxer brief, with white elastic and Calvin Klein inscription, size L/G; On the left upper limb, there is the rest of the black jacket, with red and white stripes, Diesel brand, size L, reversible It is brown in color inside. In addition, this limb has a black diver's sleeve. The hands are not preserved, observing their maceration due to prolonged contact in an aqueous medium ," the report concludes.

The detained trans woman denied having had contact with the businessman

One of the lawyers representing the trans woman detained in the framework of the case said that her assistant assured her that she is "totally innocent" and that "she had no contact with the red suitcase" in which the victim's remains were found. .

This is the lawyer Marcelo Ponce, who along with his colleague Leonardo Cáceres, met this Friday with the defendant Nicol Alma Chamorro , after the first of them met with the prosecutor in charge of the file, Marcelo Domínguez, from the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 5 of Lomas de Zamora.

“The accusation that he has is as a necessary participant in a homicide . We have had little communication with her, we assumed the defense yesterday and we are going to speak with her to internalize what is happening," Ponce told C5N .

The lawyer also ruled out that the woman had known or had any connection with the murdered businessman, whom they nicknamed "Lettuce."

Cáceres said that the detainee is a person living on the street and was collaborating with a soup kitchen in Lanús, receives help from Anses, and does not have a vehicle.

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