June 28, 2023

USA: Suspect Arrested In Oakland, CA For Robbery And Savage Murder Of Anarchist Bakery Owner Whose Family Stated They Don't Want Her Killer Imprisoned To Support Her Social Justice Beliefs.

These are the same people who are changing laws across America TO FAVOR THE CRIMINALS. They clearly don't give a shit about "THE COMMUNITY" when they allow criminals to terrorize "THE COMMUNITY" and do as they please WITHOUT ANY PENALTIES. These people are okay with people who live and work in "THE COMMUNITY" to live in fear and to feel unsafe. That is screwed up thinking. It is basic human instinct to want to feel safe and to feel protected in some way. These people are advocating the opposite. They want to make the public to feel like prey and make the vicious violent predators feel safe and protected. (emphasis mine)
ABC7 News Bay Area published February 10, 2023: Family of Oakland baker seeks 'restorative justice' for her death following robbery. The long lines outside of Angel Cakes bakery in Oakland owe it to the popularity of its products and the creator, Jen Angel. Angel died on Thursday from injuries she suffered following a car break-in near Wells Fargo Bank in Downtown Oakland on Monday. In her passing, her loved ones are focusing on restorative justice, which they say was central to Angel's teachings.
KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco published June 24, 2023: Arrest made in bakery owner dragging death. Friends share their thoughts on the news of Jen Angel's alleged killer's arrest and what she would have wanted for justice.
KTVU2 Fox News, San Francisco local
written by Henry Lee , Jana Katsuyama and Aja Seldon
Friday June 23, 2023

OAKLAND, Calif. - A 19-year-old has been arrested and charged in an alleged robbery and death of a well-known baker in Oakland, according to authorities.

Ishmael Jenkins Burch, 19, of San Francisco, was charged with murder and second-degree robbery by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office in the killing of Jen Angel in February. Burch also faces one battery charge for a second robbery nearby on the same day. He was arrested June 2. Burch is being held without bail at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

Angel was the proud owner of the well-known bakery, Angel Cakes, which sits on the corner of Fifth Street in Oakland.

On Feb. 6, Angel was sitting in her car in the parking lot of Wells Fargo Bank, near 21st and Webster streets in downtown Oakland when someone broke into her car and grabbed her purse. Angel tried to get her belongings back but was dragged by the suspect's car and hit her head on the pavement.

She died three days later.

Detectives identified Burch as the driver of that car, as well as the suspect in a second robbery nearby on that same day.

For months authorities had been working to find a suspect in the case with Crime Stoppers offering a $10,000 reward.

Angel created her famed Oakland cupcake shop in 2008. The community activist credited her mother, Pat, with teaching her everything she knew about baking.

She was also a longtime community activist who did not believe in incarceration. Friends said she would not want those responsible to be in jail.

After news of Burch's arrest, Angel's estate released a statement that read in part:

"To believe in restorative justice and transformative justice is to believe in a deeper and more effective form of accountability than is possible under our current criminal legal system," the statement read. Later adding," We honor Jen Angel’s life, legacy, and values by saying no to incarceration, policing, state violence, and perpetuating cycles of harm in her name."

Friends say the Burch's arrest reopened painful memories as they try to heal from the loss.

"It brought up a lot of more memories and emotions about the loss of Jen. I think for myself, I was starting to get to a place of still having moments of grief hitting me," said Angel's close friend Moira Birss.

Friends say Angel loved life and reached out to find humanity in everyone she met.

"Hopefully…we're not defined by the worst thing we've ever done, and that the possibility for redemption and for her healing and care for each other and mutual support is really, was really, important to Jen," said Birss.

Angel's friends say that they have been working with restorative justice organizations, including Restore Oakland.

Angel Cakes bakery remains open with support from her estate.

Burch has a plea hearing scheduled for July 14.
written by Jarryd Jaeger
February 10, 2023

An anarchist bakery owner in Oakland, California who believes in the abolishment of law enforcement has died after sustaining severe injuries during a violent attempted robbery on Monday. Jen Angel, 48, was dragged for nearly fifty feet after struggling with two men in a vehicle who tried to steal her purse.

Angel was a self-described "anarchist" and an avid social justice advocate, and had a strict policy of never calling the police. In a GoFundMe organized to cover expenses, her family said that if police locate the suspects, they are "committed to pursuing all available alternatives to traditional prosecution, such as restorative justice."

According to CBS News, at around 12:30 pm Monday, the suspects broke into Angel's vehicle while she was inside and grabbed her purse. She got out and ran after them, but got stuck in the door of their getaway vehicle and was dragged down the street. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, but the medical team soon revealed she was unlikely to survive.

Angel's family announced Thursday evening that she had been "medically declared to have lost all brain function and will not regain consciousness." In a long statement, they outlined her life philosophy and how she wanted law enforcement to deal with her attack.

"As a long-time social movement activist and anarchist, Jen did not believe in state violence, carceral punishment, or incarceration as an effective or just solution to social violence and inequity," the family wrote, adding that, "Jen would not want to continue the cycle of harm by bringing state-sanctioned violence to those involved in her death or to other members of Oakland’s rich community."

As The Post Millennial Editor-At-Large Andy Ngo reports, Angel had a long history of vocally opposing any method of policing. In one post, Angel wrote, "my policy has always been to never call the cops, and I have trained by staff to call the fire department directly if there is a medical emergency instead of calling 911."

The post later stated, "I really appreciate the downtown businesses who have said they won’t share their security camera footage because it endangers the life of black folks."

After a number of local businesses had their windows broken during a protest, Angel said she "appreciated" those who let it slide because "they undertand why it happened."

According to Ngo, "Jennifer Angel has a long history of far-left organizing in the Bay Area of California. She was trying to proselytize the belief that nation-states, the rule of law, police, etc. should be abolished in favor of an anarchist utopia. She supported the 2020 riots in her community."

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