June 28, 2023

USA: Massachusetts Governor Drafted Proposed Revision To The State’s Sexual Education For Pre-Kindergarten To 12th Grade. Pre-K Taught About LGBTQ, Genitalia, "Trusted Adults" Other Than Parents.

Western Mass News published June 21, 2023: Gov. Healey proposes update to school health and physical education curriculum. Governor Maura Healey has announced a new proposed framework which could reshape how students learn about physical and mental health in the classroom.
CBS Boston published June 27, 2023: Massachusetts. looks to expand public school health curriculum to include gender, sexuality.
The CBS article doesn't even give the very important details of this proposal to their readers. I think the parents of children attending these schools would most definitely want to know what this Commie Democrat Governor wants to teach their children. (emphasis mine)
CBS News
written by Brandon Truitt
Wednesday June 28, 2023

BOSTON - Changes could be coming to your child's physical and sexual education for the first time in 24 years.

On Tuesday, The Board of Education and Secondary Education met to officially begin the public comment period for a proposal to overhaul the physical and sexual education framework for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The existing framework has been in place since 1999.

Governor Maura Healey drafted the proposal, which would not need the approval of the legislature to go into effect.

The revised framework includes changes for all ages, and advocates say it includes medical data that did not exist more than two decades ago.

"It's a really big deal," said Megara Bell with the Partners in Sex Education organization. They help school districts draft curricula based on existing DESE framework and are in support of the proposed changes. "Since the last frameworks were updated, we have had a million students go from kindergarten to twelfth grade and not get updated health education."

Part of this revised plan includes working gender and sexuality language into the curriculum - a hotly debated topic in states across the country. Some organizations, like the Massachusetts Family Institute, spoke out against the proposed plan. Michael King is with the MFI and said, "If this framework is passed and implemented, it will only increase the growing opt-out-of-sex-ed movement across the state, not just in Worcester."

BESE voted to open the public comment period for this proposal for 60 days. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will be taking feedback via email or snail mail. After the public comment period, the board will vote whether or not to send the recommendations to the governor's desk for a signature.

Incredible. Far-Leftist and media DENYING the grooming of children and how the far-Right are stoking fear and hysteria. Parents need to get involved because these psychopaths are seriously after your children. They want to confuse them and convert them and sterilize them. The far-Left psychopaths are teaching very young children about suicide. THEY ARE INTRODUCING THE SPIRIT OF SUICIDE TO VULNERABLE IMPRESSIONABLE CHILDREN. They are the people putting this idea of suicide in their head claiming it is "health care". You children are being INFLUENCED BY THESE FAR-LEFT PSYCHOPATHS IN SCHOOL. Suicide is a concept never fathomed by an innocent child. But these psychos want to utterly destroy your child's innocence. They're teaching children they were born in the wrong body and they are teaching them about suicide which means ending their own lives. Their "Sex Education" is causing MENTAL DISORDERS on impressionable innocent children who would never have otherwise been exposed to at home. Either get together with other parents and stop them or pull your children out of public schools and find a way to homeschool with other parents at parks or each others homes. You need to protect your children from these sick twisted people who don't give a shit about your child's wellbeing. (emphasis mine)
CBS Boston published May 25, 2022: Keller @ Large: Rayla Campbell's claims about sex education in Mass. don't hold up.

๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿ‘‡ JUST BECAUSE ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿšจ
Whatever happened to indecent exposure laws?
THIS IS GROOMING CHILDREN so if a naked guy approaches them or a strange creepy predator man shows a child their penis they have been desensitized not to be afraid and run for help. (emphasis mine)
UPDATE 6/28/23 at 8:22pm: Added info below.
"Trusted Adults" other than parents. This is textbook grooming. (emphasis mine)

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