June 2, 2023

USA: Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood Has Scheduled An LGBTQ+ Pride Assembly Which Will Include A Gay Pride Parade. Schools Like Work Should Be A Neutral Space For Children To Thrive.

FOX 11 Los Angeles published June 2, 2023: Dueling protests erupt at North Hollywood school. A protest by parents and others upset about a Pride Month assembly at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood turned confrontational Friday, as protesters and LGBTQ advocates engaged in a tense standoff that led to some shoving and angry shouting before police formed a skirmish line to separate the sides.
The far-Left Antifa LGBTQ female they interviewed said the following, "Queer people are not inherently sexual. We are just like every other person and the fact that out here they're trying to harass these poor children into being in their world view is atrocious." What does this woman think she and the other far-Left LGBTQ people are doing? This person has no consideration for other people as she and her far-Left LGBT goons are FORCING THEIR WORLD VIEW AND GAY LIFESTYLE ON CHILDREN that don't belong to them on school grounds. This is why parents are rightfully outraged at this blatant disrespect toward their beliefs. There is a person in the crowd wearing a bandana covering their face with an Antifa symbol on it. This far-Left LGBT Commie Antifa DO NOT represent the Gay and Lesbian community at all.

By the way, these same aholes would never allow a MAGA school assembly. They wouldn't allow a child to wear a red MAGA hat or t-shirt. What does MAGA stand for? Make America Great Again. On that note, I bet you these far-Left gay teachers don't fly the American flag in their classrooms and don't have the children say the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning. Leave your lifestyle and personal lives out of K-12 schools.  You were hired to teach children not be a selfish self-centered punk that so desperately needs childrens attention. They don't need to hear about your personal dramas at home or the club and that you are a gay man that needs their acceptance.

I'm a 53yo Lesbian that doesn't need acceptance or approval to feel okay about myself. I'm private about my personal life. I've always been taught to leave religion and politics out of the work environment. Why? Because you were hired to do a job and sharing your religious or political ideations may create unwanted friction in WHAT SHOULD BE A NEUTRAL WORK ENVIRONMENT. I never thought that I would find myself publicly declaring as often is necessary on social media, I AM A 53yo LESBIAN that doesn't agree with the LGBTQ+ psychopaths in order to defend the Gay and Lesbian community from the far-Left LGBTQ+ Commie self-avowed Satanists who are intent on going after children that don't belong to them in order to harm the family unit and help the medical industrial complex profiting off a child's misery.

The LAUSD Superintendent defended the LGBTQ Pride assembly and hypocritically said, "As a parent and an educator WE SHOULD NOT ACCEPT CHILDREN BEING USED AS POLITICAL PAWNS." What they hell do these far-Left psychopaths think they are doing? That is exactly what they are doing what the Superintendent claims PARENTS ARE DOING who are protecting their children. The far-Left are taking away parents rights and they want parents to just accept it. As if that will ever happen. Because parents who love and care for their children will not take this far-Left indoctrination sitting down. The psychopaths have woken up mama bear and papa bear from their 9-5 daily grind hypnosis. (emphasis mine)
KTLA published June 2, 2023: Dueling protests ahead of Pride event turn contentious at North Hollywood elementary school. At Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, days of controversy over a Pride month event came to a head Friday morning, though it remains to be seen if this will be the end of the debate over teaching LGBTQ topics at schools.
Hey everybody, there is a CA state senator Caroline Menjivar who is at this protest WITH THE far-Left LGBTQ Commie self avowed Satanists Antifa goons defending the gay pride assembly at this elementary school. She needs to be voted out of office. She was recently voted in last year 2022 and from what I just read she is an LGBTQ+ advocate. But she is also pushing the far-Left transing of vulnerable impressionable children AT SCHOOLS that these parents are fighting to protect. (emphasis mine)

Oh dear Lord, she represents the 20th senate district 😩 that is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley and includes the cities of Burbank San Fernando and the communities of Arleta, Canoga Park, Lake Balboa, Lakeview Terrace, Mission Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pacoima, Panorama City, Reseda, Sun Valley, Sunland-Tujunga, Sylmar, Toluca Lake, Van Nuys, Winnetka.
I added the pictures above to point out far-Left Antifa are behind this push. Notice how she is wearing a full head ski mask that criminals use with a face mask that has the Antifa logo on it. Why is she hiding her identity? These are the radical far-Left who rioted and burned down cities across America in 2020 remember? (emphasis mine)

KTLA5 News, Los Angeles
written by Cameron Kiszla
Friday June 2, 2023

At Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, controversy over a scheduled Pride event came to a head Friday morning when parents on both sides of the issue squared off in dueling demonstrations that turned violent.

Supporters and opponents of a Pride month assembly gathered outside the school with city and school police stepping in to separate the sides.

Officers were on the scene to “facilitate a peaceful and lawful exercise of constitutional rights,” the Los Angeles Police Department said on Twitter.

The two sides traded arguments and insults over the officers’ heads. Helicopter footage showed the war of words turned physical at one point, with multiple punches thrown. After a few moments, other members of the crowd were able to successfully separate the combatants, and police swooped in to maintain order.

The controversy began with an announcement that for Pride month, teachers at Saticoy Elementary would read students Mary Hoffman’s book “The Great Big Book of Families,” which Goodreads called “a celebration of the diverse fabric of kith and kin the world over.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District agreed, telling KTLA last month that the event is intended to highlight diversity.

Some parents, however, claim the discussion of same-sex relationships and other topics during the Gay Pride and Rainbow Day assembly is not appropriate for young children and should be taught at home by parents, not at school by teachers.

An Instagram account called Saticoy Elementary Parents called the subject matter “an inappropriate topic for our kids!” when promoting their protest.

On Friday, demonstrators held signs alleging that the supporters were “sexualizing” and grooming children for pedophiles. Supporters of the school’s program held up pro-LGBTQ messages and flags, and others showed up to support the school and its attempts to teach diversity.

The controversy also led to a possible hate crime in late May when a burned Pride flag was discovered at the school. Police are investigating the incident as a “vandalism hate crime,” but no suspects have been identified.

Those protesting the assembly denied responsibility for burning the flag.

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